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Top 5 I Quit matches

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Top 5 I Quit matches
We have extreme rules, last man standing and we have the I Quit match. No match is more brutal imo than the I quit match. To win an I quit match you need to make your opponent say the words I quit.

This time I’m going to rate the top 5 I quit matches in the wrestling history. This is my opinion about the matches so take your time and share your own opinion about this topic. As always I am not going to spoil anything from the match. Comment if I should spoil anything on my later posts.

Nr.5 November 28, 1985 Greensboro NC (NWA Starrcade) Tully Blanchard vs Magnum TA for the NWA US Title in a Steel Cage

I was not born when this feud was on but i tried to get some information about it. This feud started sometimes between March and July 1985 when these two wrestlers started to feud about the NWA US Title. Magnum who won it in March hold it for 4months until Blanchard won it from him in July. For a couple of months they had a couple of matches but the match of the match was the I quit match at Starrcade. This match was the first ever televised I quit match and a good one too. I rate this match a 3,5 out of 5 stars because this match is a classic wrestling match and two very good in ring wrestlers.

Nr.4 May 22, 2005 Minneapolis MN (WWE Judgment Day)
John Bradshaw Layfield vs John Cena for the WWE Title

I don’t remember this feud so much, but I remember that this feud started before WrestleMania 21. John Cena won the WWE Title from JBL and they were no contender for Cena’s title. For the upcoming weeks on Smackdown prior to Judgment Day 2005 8 wrestlers demanded a title shot against Cena. JBL won the matches he wrestled and earned a title shot. At this time they both hold the WWE Title since Cena introduced the spinner belt and JBL used the old design of the WWE Title. The match they had at Judgment Day wasn’t one of the best one but I put it on nr4 because of the two brawlers they both are. Both Cena and JBL were pretty bashed and the blood just dripped from the head. I rate this a 3,5 star out 5 and I think this is one of the best matches Cena had.

Nr.3 November 22, 2008 Chicago IL (ROH Rising Above)
Austin Aries vs Jimmy Jacobs

I’m sorry but I haven’t watched a show from Ring of Honor and I wanted to include one match from them. I know that they produce very technical and fast wrestling matches and I think many of you guys haven’t watched this. I tried to find some background story from this feud and I found a little information about it. This feud began when Austin stole Jacobs valet from him. Jacobs got angry and they wanted to end this in an I Quit match. This is one of the brutal matches I have ever seen from Ring of Honor. The ending in this match just left me speechless and is a must see for you wrestling fans. I rate this match a 4,5 star out of 5 because in my opinion these two wrestlers just wanted to kill each other. This is a very technical match and just showed me that I need to watch a show sooner or later.

Nr.2 January 24, 1999 Anaheim CA (WWE Royal Rumble)
Mankind vs The Rock for the WWF Title

This rivalry started in 1998 Survivor Series when these two met in the tournament final for the WWF Title. The Rock won the title thanks to the McMahons who helped him. The Rock became the poster boy for the stable The Corporation and Mankind the “rebel” who wanted to remove the stable from the WWF. These two later wrestled on the IYH Rock Bottom PPV for the WWF title and in the end Mankind became the new champion. The rivalry did not stop there and they challenged each other in an I Quit match at Royal Rumble 1999. That match was gruesome and very brutal. These two could really wrestle each other with excellent storytelling and two good brawlers. I rate this match a 4,5 out of 5 star because of the ending. If the ending was better I would rate it a perfect 5 star. But those chair shots was a OMG moment.

Nr.1 November 15, 1989 Troy NY (NWA Clash of the Champions IX)
Terry Funk vs Ric Flair in a non-title match

I wasn’t born at this time and I have never watched a NWA PPV. I tried to find some information about this feud but it’s the match that made it to the Nr.1. Ric Flair the face in this match who was the biggest star at the time (Maybe Hogan) and Terry Funk one of the greatest wrestlers ever in my opinion. These two technical wrestlers made this I Quit match and showed that an I Quit match doesn’t need the brutality in it nor the blood. The match had it all, the brawling, the technicality and the excellent timing between these two excellent wrestlers. As I said I’m sorry for not telling the feud in the beginning but you guys need to watch the match and tell your own opinion about it. I rate this match a perfect 5 out 5 star because the technical and the storytelling between these two wrestlers. Two guys with a charisma some of the wrestlers don’t have or had.

If my grammar or my english is bad don't blame me blame my english teacher and the swedish schools.

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  1. Dr. Death's Avatar
    You did a good job on this blog rhyno535, congratulations. Here's some more I Quit matches to check out.

    Date Event Winner Loser
    September 22, 1970 Raleigh NC Paul Jones &
    Nelson Royal
    Ole & Gene Anderson

    * * * NOTES: For the Atlantic Coast Tag Titles.
    November 27, 1974 Lubbock TX Ricky Romero Karl Von Steiger
    July 17, 1975 Corpus Christi TX Jose Lothario Terry Funk
    August 15, 1975 Atlanta GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
    September 15, 1975 Augusta GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
    January 27, 1976 Augusta GA Dick Slater The Spoiler
    April 5, 1976 Augusta GA Stan Stasiak Dick Slater
    September 6, 1976 Augusta GA Dick Slater Mr. Wrestling II
    October 15, 1976 Atlanta GA Dusty Rhodes Missouri Mauler
    July 11, 1977 Augusta GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
    * * * NOTES: This was a Lights Out Match.
    August 19, 1978 Chattanooga TN The Beast Bobby Eaton
    February 18, 1983 Hollywood FL Midnight Rider Kevin Sullivan
    * * * NOTES: This was a Lights Out Match.
    June 29, 1983 Lubbock TX Kerry Von Erich Terry Gordy
    July 8, 1984 Orlando FL Barry Windham Dick Slater
    January 20, 1985 San Antonio TX Kevin Von Erich Chris Adams
    February 25, 1985 Dallas TX Kevin Von Erich Chris Adams
    January 23, 1985 Lauderdale FL Brian Blair Jesse Bar
    November 28, 1985 NWA Starrcade Magnum TA Tully Blanchard
    * * * NOTES: This match took place inside of a Steel Cage.
    November 15, 1989 NWA Clash IX Ric Flair Terry Funk
    August 8 & 9, 1992 Smokey Mountain Wrestling Tim Horner Buddy Landel
    April 2, 1995 Wrestlemania 11 Bret Hart Bob Backlund
    March 15, 1997 ECW Shane Douglas Pitbull #1
    * * * NOTES: For the ECW Television title.
    December 6, 1997 Music City Wrestling Flash Flanagan Wolfie D
    January 24, 1999 WWF Royal Rumble The Rock Mankind
    * * * NOTES: For the WWF Championship.
    January 25, 1999 WWF RAW is WAR The Rock Triple H
    * * * NOTES: For the WWF Championship.
    November 21, 1999 WCW Mayhem Bill Goldberg Sid Vicious
    January 7, 2001 ECW Tommy Dreamer C.W. Anderson
    August 31, 2001 IWC Shirley Doe Chris Hero
    June 29, 2002 NWA Main Event Jason Cain Chris Champion
    June 14, 2003 CZW Rockin Rebel John Zandig
    October 19, 2003 WWE No Mercy Vince McMahon Stephanie McMahon
    October 26, 2003 PCW Australia Slikk Steev Limit
    * * * NOTES: Ended in a No Contest.
    January 16, 2004 IWA Mid South J.C. Bailey Ian Rotten
    August 21, 2004 WXO TV Taping Tom Horner Lance Erickson
    * * * NOTES: Ended in a Time Limit Draw.
    October 16, 2004 Ring of Honor Alex Shelly Jimmy Jacobs
    October 22, 2004 IWF New Jersey Roman Shane O’Brien
    March 12, 2005 NEPW Glenn Spectre Chris Hamrick
    May 22, 2005 WWE Judgment Day John Cena JBL
    * * * NOTES: For the WWE Championship.
    July 8, 2005 IWA Mid South Ian Rotten Eddie Kingston
    * * * NOTES: This match took place in a Steel Cage.
    June 25, 2006 WWE Vengeance Ric Flair Mick Foley
    October 20, 2006 WWE SmackDown! Chavo Guerrero Rey Mysterio
    September 7, 2007 WWE SmackDown! Rey Mysterio Chavo Guerrero
    September 13, 2009 WWE SmackDown! John Cena Randy Orton
    * * * NOTES: For the WWE Championship.
    June 1, 2008 - One Night Stand - Beth Phoenix beat Melina
    July 2, 2010 - Over the Limit - John Cena beat Batista
    June 27, 2010 - Backlash - Jeff Hardy beat Matt Hardy
  2. rhyno535's Avatar
    hehe Thanks Dr.Death, but i used that list for some inspiration and watched almost every match that i could find in that list. Ill thank you again Death , i hope you were serious and did not troll me
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