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List of great Latino and Latina americans in wrestling.

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In my last blog i talked about TODAYS best afrian american wrestlers and really enjoyed reading the comments but i recieved an intersenting comment to do one on latin americans. I saw it as a challenge so since last week i been paying close attention to the Latins in wrestling and this is just my take on it.

Essa Rios-
One of my favorites from the attitude erra. Amazing high flyer and could mat wrestler with some of the best. His taunts usually keep me laughing but he knew how to be serious when needed and got the job done on big matches.

In my opinion is the best pound for pound female wrestler of all time. The chrisma she has is remarkable and i love the dance she does. Can take to the air with esse and can wear down any part of your body with submission holds. I'm really am sadden that she hasnt recived more shots at the knockouts title but she still young so you never know and may i say i'm in love with her as well.

I miss him in TNA. He brought a certian spark to the X division. He has great grappling skills but gets in trouble against much bigger opponents.

Juvented Guarrea-
I first remember seeing him in wwe. His chrisma and high flying skills made me wanna watch some of his matches in wcw. Has some ground game when on the offense but on defense is when you can tell he's at his worst.

Ultimo Dragon-
When in wcw he became a house hold name and ran through his competition. Has one of the moonsaults and neckbreakers i've ever seen. I still remember when he beat triple HHH in 5sec look it up it really happened.

Chavo Guerrero-
Wwe biggest lost. He has more talent in his left pinky than half thier roster. Good high flyer and can technical wreslte anybody a true underrated man.

Speed-strength-agile-chrisma and a awsome moveset why does he not have a heavyweight title on his record?

Super crazy-
One of my favorite especially when he was in wwe. Never understood what he was saying but always kept entertained. Loved his crazy entrance and his explosive offense.

Blue Demon-
Is known as icon and a fast rising star. Great high flyer and perfect suplexs. Wows the crowd with his promos and never backs down from a challenge.

The sexy cousin of sarita has shown alot of promise. Can strike a bit and has some wear down holds over time she well get better and i can see her as a knockout's champion.

Alberto Del Rio-
Love the cross armbar and the his striking abilty but asset is his technical game. Not many people know alberto can actually fly but for some reason dosent show it. His chrisma is lacking but soon enough he'll shine threw like wwe expects him to.

Ultimo Guerrero-
Has been blowing up in the Lucha Libra world and has a sensation. I will not be surprised if he shows up in wwe or tna. Has a nice moveset and can be very evasive and hard to catch. This guy can keep a crowd on its feet and leave it wanting more.

Didnt much of him till he ditched the sin cara feud. I've become a fan of his because of his skills on the mic and his change of style. He normally runs around the ring creating moves as he goes along but lately he slowed down and gone for more of a ground game weakening his opponents with holds and attcking limb to limb and then when he's ready will show case his ariel skills.

Rey Mysterio jr.-
The man from the 619 never been much of a fan of his never bought into his gimmick and saw him as soft and a push over but kids like him so whatever. Has inovative moves and speed thats hard to match but he's on his last string with both knees pretty much done but atleast he left his mark on the business.

Mercedes Martinez-
For a small girl she packs a punch. Has nice technical ability and can wear down her opponents in seconds. Has a nasty neckbreaker and is known as a sensation and threat to any title no matter where she is.

Eddie Guerrero-
On the verge of tears writing this. He is the best wrestler of all time with moves like the top atomico-three amigos and the frog splash. Kept the crowd laughing and on the edge of thier seats when he performed or just simply cutting a promo. He had it all and will truly be missed by all. VIVA LA RAZA.

Thanks for reading and look forward to comments and please dont hesitate to demand a certian blog i like a challenge.

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