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A Dissection of The Divas of Doom

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During the Summer of last year we saw the heel turn of beth pheonix on RAW, just after she had earned title shot at divas champ kelly kelly. She claimed that the days of the cute, perky and ridiculous days of champs like Kelly were over with.

Hope within wrestling fans rose.

That following Smackdown, Natalya turns heel also, when she turns her back on AJ and Kaitlyn and proclaims her alligience to Beths conquest.

Hope rose even further.

Together they made up the Divas of Doom. Claiming to be "Pin-Up Strong", they vowed to bring prestige back to the Divas division as well as maintaining the beauty.

With the Current Punk angle in effect and now this, Wrestling seemed to be improving beyond comprehension

The Divas of Doom - Where did it all go Wrong?
For weeks leading into Summerslam, Beth and Natalya dominated all divas they stood in the ring with, providing them with the image that this duo would be unstopppable. When Summerslam came around, many of us knew that kelly would retain her title, as it was still fairly early in her reign and her only competition was the Bellas (Time filler, that's all it was).
But how the match would play out was a different story. This match, in my opinion, was a success in many ways as it continued the dominance of Beth, as she controlled the entire match basically, but also allowed Kelly to hold onto her title and develop some more champion credibility albeit by simply reversing a glam slam into a roll up from nowhere. a healthy balance was maintained and helped carry this feud onwards whilst adding a little more personal vengeance to the mix.

Between the two weeks of Summerslam and Vengeance, the diva duo began a process of executing submissions on their fellow divas in an effort to "Make Them Cry". This made them seem more relentless and added something very much needed in terms of diva feuds (as many simply followed the same repetitive formula).
They then decided to make Eve, Kellys B.F.F to even out the score. Natalya was then sent out and jobbed to kelly and eve on every occasion.

Cracks in the Foundation.

Come Vengeance, Beth Pheonix entered as the hometown favourite to a heros applaud from the thousands in attendance. However, WWE decided to enforce their rule of "no talent is to go over in their hometown". In a match where kelly improved her defense greatly than their previous bout, they rehashed the exact same ending from two weeks prior.

Kelly Retains again. Fans Boo the roof off the Place. Nice One Creative

Hell in a Cell
Beth and Natalya continue their crusade on Kelly and her title. Natalya Jobs, Beth beats Eve. two more weeks of this rehashed storyline.
In what we all knew was finally going to be Beths win, was overshadowed by creative incompetence. Despite both Beth and Kelly provided a well balanced match that provided more than what we expected, was all ruined by a horrible finish. Natalya takes out Eve and taunts Kelly as Beth locks in her submission in an effort to make her cry and tap, Kelly gets the Rope.
It should have ended there, but rather than allow Beth to be the better Diva EVERYONE knows she is and win cleanly, the finish comes as while the ref. pulls Beth away after the submission break, natalya hits kelly with the mic.

decent match + horrible finish = credibility derailed.

following the fact Beth Pheonix needed weaponry assistance from an outside Party just so she could beat Kelly "I've been working here 6 years and still can't run the fucking ropes" Kelly. The divas of Doom could simply not be taken as serious anymore. Although the feud continued, only with Eve taking the title shot at survivor series as Kelly was having a nervous breakdown by overpowering beth and beating her relentlessly (yep, that's actually what happened), the Divas of doom were already running on fumes. Beth retained her title obviously, while natalya jobbed to everyone who would go on to challenge Beth in any simple match-up.

Come TLC, Creative decided to milk this EVEN FURTHER by simply inserting Alicia fox periodically in matches, nobody cared.
Kelly vs Beth Pheonix IV, 4th time in five consecutive PPVs.Came about after a terrible Slammy Award segment where Kelly sends both Beth and natalya packing after a single slap. *facepalm*
This all culminates in a completely forgettable match used mainly as Diva filler.
The very next night, Alicia Fox "potato shots" Beth Pheonix in a 45 second match that leaves Beth on the sidelines for a month because of swelling. In the meantime, Natalya jobs to every diva.

8 diva tag match at the Royal Rumble. the name of the match is most interesting thing about those three minutes the fans will never get back.

Come Elimination Chamber, The Divas no longer accompanied one another to matches. beth engages in a two week feud with Tamina which simply wasn't long enough to establish her as a credible threat to the Champ. Creative then realised that apparently when you job a wrestler out so many times in a row, the fans no longer care about them. Their solution to get her back over.
Farting.*Entire IWC facepalms*
it was like they lifted the idea from the Disney Channel

this would continue for weeks and lead to many distinguished wrestlers and legends to voice their disapproval. it was dropped and has yet to be mentioned again.

Beth Pheonix would go on to wrestlemania to wrestle a pointless tag match against Kelly, AGAIN!?!,and an injured "celebrity" Maria Menounos, while teaming with a now heel Eve, who would be having her wrestlemania moment later that night, thus making her participation redundant. the highlight of this match would be Eves tan on the back of Menounos white pants resembling a "number 2" accident.

a better idea for Wreatlemania that was pitched by almost the entire IWC was Beth vs Natalya. career vs title where nattie finally breaks her losing streak in a wrestlemania moment. all we got was fail and plenty of it.

Natalya - eventually breaks losing streak on NXT, seemingly turned face during the past few weeks. although we're still unsure as she plays the heel still during live events.

Beth Pheonix - continues floundering around between shows. creative almost makes Kelly vs Beth yet again when Kelly costs Beth a match against Nikki Bella in 60 seconds. realising this is not the way to go, they rematch Beth vs Nikki on raw for the title in a lumberjill match, Nikki wins the title which shows that the Beth pheonix as Diva champ had run out of steam.
aLthough one could argue that making Nikki bella diva champ is purely for a Kharma return, since she vowed revenge on the bellas, this pity kill to Beth Pheonix' title reign was the final nail in the coffin.

So where did it all go wrong, right where it all should have began. When The Divas of Doom claimed the Divas Title.
That mic shot to Kelly's head was all that was needed to poison momentum of the duo.

On the 23rd of April 2012, Pin-Up Strong officially died.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I was hoping they would build this Summerslam to have them face one another with Natalya winning so she could fued with Kharma first. Kharma takes the title off of her so the dream match at Mania would be set. I'm shocked that Eve wasn't the one to take the title off of Beth Phoenix. I was scratching my head at one of the Bella Twins taking the title off of Beth.
  2. justinc's Avatar
    Night of Champions, Not Vengeance

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