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Damien Sandow

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I love a good heel. the arrogance, the cowardly nature, always taking the easy way out well being completely oblivious to their own arrogance and cowardly ways. A heel that truly believes they are benefiting the audience with their words and actions. truly feeling they are right and that they should be loved.

I feel that Damien Sandow is a great example of this and I really have enjoyed his first few appearances on Smackdown. He first caught my attention with his vignettes that aired for a few weeks on Smackdown prior to his debut. I liked his look, and I thought he was very well spoken and convincing. I find him to be very believable in his role as the "self proclaimed intellectual savior of the masses". He speaks arrogantly, uses big words and I find it refreshing to see someone annoy the crowd by using big words, treating the fans like they are not any where near his level of intelligence or class.

His debut on Smackdown went very well, He drew instant heat, a very solid showering of boo's. the fact that he refused to face his opponent because he was not a worthy opponent was a clever angle which really seemed to make the WWE universe hate him even more.

Last week on Smackdown we were finally lucky enough to see Sandow perform in the ring. once he was called a "chicken" by yoshi tatsu he completely lost his cool and broke out of his sophisticated, intelligent disposition and turned into a ragging psycho path. the fact that he was wearing a bright pink pair of tights and purple knee pads was hilariously unexpected and not at all what I thought he would be wearing underneath his long robe. He assaulted yoshi and left him laying motionless in the ring. Then as Sandow retreated backstage, he once again adopted his calm, arrogant, sophisticated, intelligent persona.

This week on Smackdown he once again was in a match with yoshi. and once again before the match he cut a promo which got him some pretty solid negative reactions from the crowd. as soon as the match began yoshi quickly tried to attack Sandow, seeking revenge for last weeks beat down. Sandow quickly leaned through the ropes out the ring to avoid yoshi. while doing so he yelled "im not ready" "get him away" "referee please do your job". the cowardly heel at its best. he then used a quick distraction to take advantage of yoshi and the beat down was on, a short time later Sandow pinned poor yoshi for the 1,2,3.

Now for the best part of the match...... what victory celebration would be complete without a ridiculous cartwheel which is of course what Sandow did after securing the win. just the sight of this guy who is the "self proclaimed intellectual savoir of the masses" performing a cartwheel in the ring wearing pink and purple was priceless. it just seems like such a perfect contradiction from what his character is..... when he isn't wearing a robe, and preaching to the masses, hes losing his cool, wearing pink and purple, and doing cartwheels.

I think Sandow has been the most entertaining of the new Smackdown superstars (Ryback and Antonio Cesaro) while drawing the biggest reaction out of three. I look forward to see how his role on Smackdown progresses as the weeks go by.

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  1. Cabers's Avatar
    Have to agree with this blog. Although the writer appears to watch WWE only in FCW he was building that character for close to a year!! So i expected all of what he is doing i'm waiting for him to do even more.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    sandow is boring, cesaro is irrelevant & ryback is useless beating only jobbers with no credibility.
  3. blink's Avatar
    He should lose the pink tights... It's just weird seeing a guy in pink short trunks. Other than that, I'm loving this guy. And I like his variation of the neck breaker. I am admittedly, more interested in ryback at this point though. Dude is big and is intensity personified. I'll always have a soft spot for power houses though.
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Good blog. Sandow is one of my favorite to come out of the FCW crop. I take it you have yet to see his FCW work... I suggest you skip SmackDown this coming week and spend that 2 hours on youtube watching some of his matches as well as some of Claudio's (Antonio). Sandow has some good talent and I am glad they brought this character to SmackDown as it makes the show feel alot fresher than what the past several weeks has offered. I like the point of view as it is always nice to hear a wrestling fan actually appreciate something rather than bash it without reason.
  5. YES! YES! YES!'s Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys!! Its nice to hear some feedback as well as other fans opinions. I haven't seen any of his FCW work unfortunately. I live in Canada and I have no idea where or how to watch it, but I guess that's what youtube is for. I'm really high on him so i'll definitely check out some of his FCW work any suggestions on specific matches??
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
  7. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Pink panties, 'nuff said...

    The minute he dropped that robe I lost all interest in the character. Why would an intellectual saviour of the masses wear pink panties? Breast cancer awareness? Showing that he is in touch with his feminine side? Did he wash his purple bloomers too hot and bleachy?

    As a gimmick, he feels too much like Kizarny: a nice build up of a questionable gimmick that will never pop with the main crowd. In other words, a waste of time and talent. I don't care how good he is supposed to be, if the gimmick is bad, he won't get over.
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