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Thoughts on WWE: Draft, Lesnar, and The Miz.

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Okay. This is my Second Post here, so i'm still learning the ways of it. As I Said In My Last Post, I'm Brazilian and i Don't Speak English very well.
I'm getting straight on this One because i'm damn tired. It's 03:00AM right Now.

Okay. Last Year was when i started to Watch WWE. (Here in Brazil we didn't had a way to watch WWE since 2008. Then i found Live Streams in Many sites so i could start watch.) Then, the thing i was most looking Forward, was the...

1. WWE Draft.

The WWE Draft was the only Time (I Think) that everyone, Cena's Fan, Cena's Haters, Vince's Lovers, Attitude Era's Lovers, EVERYONE, stood Together to watch WWE without giving a damn about the storylines and the other stuff.
I Really don't Know if the WWE Draft was Fake, or Real. But What i Know, is that was the most Surprising moment in WWE. I Mean, Who could Foretell John Cena being Drafted Twice in the same Night?

For Me: The WWE Draft was an interesting way to keep the Fans out of the Boredom. Mixing up the Talents, Keeping things fresh . I Mean, It's good to see Orton vs. Cena Matches, but it goes boring after sometime. They sent Orton to Smackdown and what we had? An Awesome Year for Orton. First he had Two Titles Reigns. Then He Had an Awesome Storyline with Wade Barrett.
You See? Without The Draft, maybe Orton would not have such a Good Year in 2011.

I Don't Know if the WWE Will no longer make the WWE Draft. But If they Do, will be because of this Stupid Supershow Era and that Stupid Thing About Johnny being the sole GM. (Yes. With The Smackdown's superstar appearing in Raw, it loses some of the purpose and the concept of the Brand System. And with Johnny being The sole GM, it's pointless to have such a system. But I Will talk about This in another Blog.)

2. Brock Lesnar

I Don't have anything damn bad to say about Him. But this whole thing of he being an Incredible Amazing Powerbombing Superstar is annoying. I Mean. He's a Good Wrestler and he deserves a push. But Treating him like THE MAN, when he got I-Don't-Know-How-Much-Time Away From WWE, Is annoying to me. You see? While Brock Lesnar is getting so much Hype, other deserving Superstars like The Miz are being Totally Forgotten.
I Didn't Watched WWE in Lesnar's First Run with the Company, But i Know he's an Good Wrestler. (I Stood 10 Minutes here, almost Sleeping. )

For Me: He's a good Superstar and deserves the Push. But i Really expect that he don't do it like The Rock. I Mean, He's getting so much hype from the Fans, so Why don't Put him with some new Talents so he can work them? I Mean, When a superstar like Brock Lesnar or The Rock, get's so much Cheer from the Crowd, But they don't appear in WWE the Whole Time, they could work on the younger talents so they can Grow.

I'm Missing The Point Here so Let Me Try to get the Things Straight: Borck Lesnar is getting so much attention from the Crowd, But the WWE Is Not Using this on their advantage. It Can be too Soon to tell, but that Kind of Hype CANNOT Be wasted. Lesnar could cut some more interesting promos, he could (he SHOULD) not align himself with John Laurinaitis.

P.S. : People should stop cheering him, for what he WAS. That's not something to say right Now because we haven't seen wrestling so far.

(I've Completely missed the point in that part, haven't I ?)

3. The Miz

From WWE Champion, to Dark Matches in Pay Per Views. No One can Deny that his runs as United States Champion, Granted him some Experience and Attention. I Mean, I Really Don't Know what to say.
I Put him here on this post so i could talk about something: Wrestlemania Streak.

And Then you say, What does he have with Wrestlemania Streak?

I Tell You: He's 3 - 0 . I Don't Know if this is really going to happen. I'm talking about this here because after 'Mania 26 he Made a Promo with him saying something Like: "17 More and I'm Tying The Undertaker." Then, in the Following Year we see him Defeating John Cena in Wrestlemania's 27 Main Event. So Far, there's nothing wrong. And then in Wrestlemania's 28 He Pick the Win for his Team.

In 2010 as U.S. Champion and WWE Champion, In 2011 as WWE Champion, Wrestlemania and Awesome Truth, In 2012 With his look for a Wrestlemania Match. HE HAD SOME DECENT PUSH.

WWE Was Investing hard on him, and I Don't think they are wrong. The Miz can be Annoying but he's a great Wrestler. He had some decent push and they are wasting it putting him in Dark Matches. Some posts here in the Site are talking about a possible fight against John Cena. I Just Expect that Miz don't Job to Cena.

For Me: The Miz is an Great Wrestler and I've already spoke this here. He deserves a good Push because he's a great wrestler and have a Decent Mic Skill.
About He Holding a Wrestlemania Streak: Someday, The Undertaker will Retire. And Without Any Doubts, The Streak Is the Most Valuable thing in WWE. We Can Survive Without the Draft, Without John Cena, The Rock, Punk, Lesnar, Stone Cold, But NOT Without the Streak.
So, Someday the WWE Inc. WILL create something as Great as the Streak. Hope That a Good Talent Get's It.


So Now I'm Finishing this Post. Feel Free to comment, to insult me if you didn't like my post, feel free to give me your email or your phone number if you loved my post. Feel Free to comment cheering me up or Booing me down. I'm writing this here so I Can have something good to do. (I Don't Have a Girlfriend so i don't have much GOOD to do. If You Know What i Mean.)

This is My Sole Opinion and I RESPECT The Other Ones. If You Disagree with me, don't insult my Momma. Just Comment Insulting ME if you Want. Or If you are a Respectable Person, you can comment below and start a discussion with me or any other who commented on this Blog.

Thanks For Reading And May Your Relationship With Your Wife DO NOT Be Like Hulk Hogan's 4-Year Title Reign... (Last 4 Year, Then Comes a Giant and Fat man who gets your prize (Your Woman) and Sells Her to a Millionary Man.)

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  1. Vondraco's Avatar
    Your English is better than a lot of Americans' who only speak one language anyhow. My only suggestion is that English doesn't use quite so many capitalized words. First word in a sentence and proper names only, in most cases.

    Draft: Liked it, but it seems that they're doing away with the who 'brand separation' thing. I wouldn't be surprised (though would be a bit bit disappointed) if they unified the Word and WWE titles.

    Lesnar: Disagree entirely. I don't think he's that great. He's supposed to be a heel, and he does "heely" stuff ... but he just comes across as stupid. Bryan, Rhodes, even Kane ... much better heels.

    Miz: Agree. Also a good heel, no idea why they're not pushing him more nowadays.

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