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The Abdominal Stretch: Some Raw, Some TNA, Some of Both

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Welcome wrestling fans to another edition of The Abdominal Stretch. This actually marks three straight weeks that I have included TNA in my weekly blog. And in my opinion, rightfully so because there's some pretty cool things happening over there. I'll also be hitting on some things from Raw and in WWE in general. I won't be talking about Smackdown though, because I feel this past Friday's Smackdown could very well have been the worst I've seen in 2012.

Without a further adieu, let's get ready for The Abdominal Stretch.

is Bobby Roode the Best Heel Wrestler Today?

When I judge a successful heel, I take into consideration, the wrestler's ability to continue to draw more and more heat as the weeks go by. I discount wrestlers who get heat through default, such as aligning yourself with Vickie Guererror, Eric Bischoff, or John Laurenaitis. I think he is the top heel in wrestling. While the top heel drawers do include Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes. Bobby Roode is all around a bigger heel. Of course, this is definitely up for debate. But I feel he's doing an awesome job drawing heat and really irking the crowd on a weekly basis.

It's About Time They're Truly Building This Sheamus/Bryan Feud

All I can say is, "Yes Yes Yes", they're finally bringing legitimacy, *yes I used it*, to the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan feud. Now I'm actually looking forward to the match. Up until last week, I seriously thought Sheamus would Brogh Kick Bryan twice to win in record time again. Now I'm convinced we'll get a very decent match between these two. I think they can work on very well and I'm looking forward to it. I still hate the "Yes" chant though. And to the one who tried telling me in my last blog that's it's "fresh"...WRONG. It's Recycled. It's Refurbished. It's Unoriginal. Just Sayin...

Will TNA drop the ball with Open Fight Night and Open Challenge?

As much as I've been really into TNA lately, I fear the possibility of them bringing the new concept of OFN and then dropping the ball on it. I've been stating recently that TNA is possibly gaining momentum and, in all honesty, I've been digging TNA over WWE. So I'm hoping we'll see a nice mix of established wrestlers joining and some nice new, young talent cmoing aboard. I guess we'll see Thursday. I don't read spoilers so I have something to look forward to.

Please Keep the Mic Away

Okay. The opening of Raw was good. Sort of. I liked seeing Edge. But seriously, John Laurenaitis talks at a 5th grade level. It's seriously a shame and WWE HAS to recognize his failures on the mic. Also, the match between Jericho and Kofi was very good, but would have been even better if it weren't ruined by the commentary. They could have talked about the match a little, and not just debated whether Jericho was right or not abotu the alcoholism thing. It totally ruined an otherwise A+ match. But what's even worse than that, is Brock Lesnar. I seriously think this guy speaks on a 3rd grade level. He's worse than Laurenaitis. All I can do is beg for someone to recognize it and really minimize his mic time. Seriously, SERIOUSLY minimze his mic fact, eliminate it. Altogether. He's so bad on the mic, it's painful.

Three Hour Raw? Or Two Hour Raw, One Hour Brock Hype Show?

I'm clearly not a fan of Brock Lesnar, and I wasn't when he was here 8 years ago. And while he was the biggest draw for UFC, I credit that mostly to Dana White cashing in on Brock's wrestling following and paving a nice, smooth road for him while he was there. I was expecting to see a three hour Raw, and while Raw was decent this week, I think I watched a typical two hour Raw with the rest of the time being spent on hyping the already over-hyped. The bully gimmick on John Laurenaitis was weak and stupid, and as noted above, he talks like a 3rd grader who's trying to use words he doesn't know the meaning of. Whew, that was a mouthful. The best part of anything involving Brock on Raw was near the end, when the crowd was chanting "Brock's a Fake". Because that's all he is. And that is the only legit thing about him. I know he's got a cult following, but I gave a disclaimer above. If you're a Brock mark, you're not going to like my blog.

That wraps up this week's edition of The Abdominal Stretch. I tried to keep things positive this week but ultimately, I have to speak the truth. I know some of this wasn't popular, especially my Brock bashing and TNA praising, but I have to stick to my guns. Thank you for reading.

Have a great week and be safe.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Is Bobby Roode the Best Heel Wrestler Today?; Apart from D-Brian and Chris Jericho, Bobby Roode is hands down the best heel wrestler today. Not only working the mic, but his in ring skills match up perfectly with his gimmick. Being a total "heel fan", I myself have been tuning in to TNA simply to watch him.

    It's About Time They're Truly Building This Sheamus/Bryan Feud; Going to full out agree with your "YES YES YES" chant on this one. With the likes of an amazing on going feud (which IMO has been built for the past 2 years), the E' is finally shedding light on them!!! I will add, if they give us yet another squash match at E.R, I'm seriously going to give up on the E's creative team. Hell!! If these two pair up for yet another Mania match next year, I'm personally going to drive my ass down to Connecticut and beat the ass clown who booked it yet again!!... Worse part is... I see it happening.

    Will TNA drop the ball with Open Fight Night and Open Challenge?
    ; Simple as this, I agree full heartedly with you when you say that TNA somewhat has the upper hand right now. O.F.N/Open Challenge, is something I wish the E had embraced and made it there own. Having the likes of any of the FCW stars being brought on a regular basis would be totally a concept that they could feed off of. Yet IMO TNA is simply doing this so that they can introduce "The Canadian Wrestler" who issued a challenge to Kurt Angle. The O.F.N is merely an "angle" that will be shortly lived and laid to rest. (unfortunately)

    Please Keep the Mic Away
    ; Edges' appearance was totally awesome. Having him take that mic, totally brought back memories as to why I loved him so much when he was around. He puts emotion into whatever it is he has to say. (something the rest of the locker room seems to lack) Not a Lesnar fan, and I try my best to give anyone a shot at grasping my attention on the mic... Shit didn't work 8 years ago...STILL DOESN'T NOW!!!! Between Laurenaitis, and Lesnar's mic skills, I'd rather be hearing Cole and Booker call a WHOLE f'n show!!! Either do more pre-recorded videos, and EDIT the shit out of them, or simply don't give these two down syndrome/one too many hits former football players a mic... Simple as that. It's painful... Almost makes me want to youtube Steiner and Vicious....

    Three Hour Raw? Or Two Hour Raw, One Hour Brock Hype Show?
    ; Something tells me that Brock and the changes he planned on making to his contract, were infact all true. We did indeed get a "Monday Night Raw" feat. Brock Lesnar... See up north here in Canada, they air Raw on the score. Roughly fifteen minutes prior to the show, they do a Raw recap. Showing everything that has happened in the past week of wrestling (Smackdown included). Therefore I was subjected to watching "Lesnars Promo" roughly 4 TIMES in one NIGHT!!!!! ... I'm glad he's back...hell I won't lie...I'm not even a fan, and I'm happy to see him... BUT HELL!!!! 3 hour show, and we got roughly an hours talk about LESNAR!!!! .... I'm rambling yet again... Good blog bud... Keep em' coming..
    Updated 04-24-2012 at 02:07 PM by PhEonYx
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good blog man. I enjoy reading your entries. I'll have an entry coming up soon about Open Fight Night. Stay tuned.
  3. Vondraco's Avatar
    "Without a further adieu" ... huh?
  4. Vondraco's Avatar
    "Without a further adieu" ... huh?

    Bobby Roode ... totally agree. Sheamus/Bryan ... I think they had the 18-second match at Wrestlemania just to encourage people to buy the next PPV for a *real* match. Which I think will be awsome. TNA OFN ... good idea, I hope they keep it for a while. I'm also thrilled that they're making the TV championship like it used to be, defended on TV *every* week.

    Lesnar and the Mic ... agree. Keep it away from him. He can't talk. Somebody break his trachea. On the "three hour show" ... agree. I DVR it, then start it an hour into the show so I can FF past the commercials and 'replays' and meaningless promos. On a two-hour show I come nowhere near catching up to the 'live' show. Last night on the three-hour show, even with rewinding to watch the interesting moves (e.g., Santino's roll-through to the Cobra), I caught up.

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