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Was That A Poot? Blog 7: Where'd All The Little People Go?

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer from I the breezy butting, Ric Flair strutting (sagging balls of doom included), child scaring, mullet wearing, lovable, huggable, redneck Poot-Hair. Yes that's right, my blogs are more exciting than a Pujabi Prison match combined with a Viagra on a Pole match between Larry Zbysko and Mr. Ric Flair himself with the loser having to eat the whole bottle and wait to see if they have to consult a physician after 4 hours when "something" doesn't go down.

Now that my grand introductions are out of the way, let me start this golden doodoo nugget of knowledge laid on your heads by saying holy crap; It's been 6 freaking months since my last blog. Life gets in the way sometimes, but anyhoo, it won't be as long next time. Pwomise .

I know what you were thinking when you opened this blog; "Poot, why aren't you wearing pants?!?" I'll...get to that later but for now onto this blog's subject matter which is bringing back the Cruiserweight Division.
(thought this was going to be a blog on midget wrestling didn't ya?).

We all remember WCW's heyday in the 90's with WCW's own Cruiserweight Division. You had all these smaller guys who were lightning quick doing some of the most impressive aerial maneuvers we had ever seen. Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, La Parka (though he was a bigger guy), Billy Kidman, and a whole lot of others were on display week in and week out, and were often times the highlight of Monday Nitro and Thunder as well. The question is, what happened?

One of the answers simply put is WCW was bought out of business by the WWE. After Ted Turner bellied up to Vince McMahon, things started going downhill quickly for the wrestling world but I'll save that rant for a different day. At that time, most of the "Attitude" from the Attitude Era was starting to fizzle, but most of the concern was still on the the Heavyweights not the "Little Guys". So of course before too long, the Cruiserweight division and all of its talent was sent packing.

The obvious questions are, is it finally time for the "Little Dudes" to come back to the WWE and shine? Is there a place now for this type of wrestling? Do they have enough talent to do such a thing? YES, YES, AND YES! <insert Daniel Bryan chant here>

Is it finally time for the Cruiserweight Division to come back? In my my opinion this is the PERFECT time for the CD to come back in full force. We've all been bitching forever about how "stale" the wrestling business has gotten and this would be the perfect chance to freshen things up a bit. Instead of having another typical John Cena monologue promo or a Tensai squash match, could you imagine throwing a couple of CD guys in there and letting them rock it? I personally think it would be great.

Is there a place in today's age for this type of wrestling? ABSOLUTELY! The WWE has two weekly shows, that's four hours of programming a week and more than enough time to have a couple well placed high flyers come in and steal the show. Not to mention the WWE has the WWE Network coming out soon, and they could do a WHOLE SHOW of nothing but Cruiserweight talent.

Is there currently enough talent on the roster to re-establish a Cruiserweight Division? The answer to that one is yes...and no. The WWE has several good guys that would be great for the division. Rey Mysterio(before his next knee surgery...or 4-6 months from now at the current rate) Sin Cara(see the Rey example), Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins, Trent Beretta, Primo, Epico, Hunico, and a whole slew of others are all good examples of current superstars that could very easily go right into the Cruiserweight Division. On top of that, as deep as Vinnie Mac's pockets are he could basically bring in any Lucha star he wanted.

Going back to the Sin Cara example from earlier. The main problem with Sin is there is a lack of current talent that can wrestle Mistico's Lucha Libre style of wrestling. This is where the fun starts. Imagine Cara vs. Juventud, Cara vs. Psychosis, Cara vs. La Parka. Anyone of these guys could step right in and have one helluva match simply because they all wrestle a similar style. Notice I didn't say Rey vs. Cara because that one is a given in the very near future. The possibilities could be endless!

Okay guys I'll leave it there as this blog is getting way longer than I wanted it to be. I hope maybe I've touched on some good points and got you thinking.

Am I right? Wrong? Full of shit? Any comments are appreciated below and until next time.....PEACE!

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  1. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Thank you for finally making another blog bro. Thought it would be tougher to get you out of retirement than that. Always give a redneck a goat an they'll do anything. Great as usual, want more of these in the future.

    The... CD is absolutely ready for a come back. I've been saying this for quite some time now and they have the TV time to do it too. They know what THEY want us to like, not what we actually like. I don't need blood weekly to like wrestling. I need to be entertained. Not by promos, not by talking but by wrestling. Yes, we need the promos to "enhance" a storyline but, too much is too much.
  2. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Lol "Always give a redneck a goat and they'll do anything". Hey waitaminute, that was a cheap shot -_- lmfao.

    Thanks for the kind words, I just wrote about the first topic that came to mind. Next time, I won't wait 6 months to do so. Consider me only "semi retired"

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