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Is Ziggler The New Punk?

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What is up everybody! So I've been thinking about this for the last few weeks, and finally decided to write a blog on it. A little bit ago, I posted a thread titled Push/Depush where people would say 3 stars they'd have pushed, and 3 stars they'd have depushed. The common name throughout the push choices, Ziggler. To me, I feel 90% of the IWC favors Ziggler, and there is that 10% that despises him. It reminds of me Punk's fame in the IWC. Let's take a look at Ziggler now.

Ziggler has the look. He has that thing that makes him stick out from others for a good reason. He has the physical build of somebody who could be a main eventer. Just everything about Ziggler screams the look to me.

His current gimmick, the showoff, fits as both a heel or face. I mean think about it. As a heel doing sit ups after nailing a big move just garners him so much heet. Or when he does a strut. It just gets people eating out of his palm. Now flip it as a face. If Ziggler were a face and facing a heel like ADR or Swagger or even Kane and were to do those things, I think the fans would pop like crazy for him. That's where this gimmick really seems to fit him.

Promo Skills
Ok, so we haven't heard alot from Ziggles on the mic. When we have, I have enjoyed it, while I know others haven't so much. I recommend checking out some of the Z True Long Island Story, as well as the WWE Download. If you catch Ziggler on those, i think you will agree that Ziggler has the mic skills, and could hang on his own on the mic if given the chance. Ziggler in my opinion, just hasn't had the chance to cut a decent promo while in a feud, as his last real feud was with Ryder in my opinion. Given the chance, the dude can excel, which leads to the next point.

Ring Work
Ziggler has the ability to get it done in the ring. I think he could put on a great match if given the time and right opponent. Look back to the Rumble. A lot of people said Ziggler showed he couldn't hang with Punk. I disagree. I think the focus was way more on Johnny A and Punk than Punk and Ziggler. If Punk and Ziggler had been the focus, and had they been given 15 to 20 minutes to put on a real match with none of that special referee garbage, we would have gotten a 5 star match. Add on top of that, Ziggler sells moves better than most, and you have the makings for some great in ring action.

Now, the topic was Is Ziggler the New Punk. Look at the 4 categories. I think Punk has 3 of the 4. I don't think Punk ever had the "WWE" look, but that is what made him unique. But they share the same thing, and above all else, the love of the IWC. So, the better question is, when Ziggler gets his push and is in the main event scene, will people turn on him like some have turned on Punk? Only time will tell. I look forward to everyone's thoughts and comments!

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    An interesting theory. I think that it is possible for Dolph to be "the next big thing" and wouldn't be surprised if he's on the cusp of becoming one of WWE's "go-to guys" if he isn't already. While I don't think he will be "the next Punk" (there's only one!) I think he will be the next stand-out main-event type of character. After all, that's what he's "here to show the world."

    Yeah, that was cheap... but I couldn't help it.
  2. King Scrapper's Avatar
    I agree with you 100 percent. At this point, Ziggler has it all. He's definitely at the top of the mid card and it seems like the WWE keep dangling world titles in front of him (Ziggler/Edge at RR 2011, Ziggler/Punk RR 2012 etc) but never actually let him grasp the strap (not counting the bull shit hour long run he had). I appreciate what the WWE is doing. THey are building up a solid strong character for the future. I can be patient and wait for the era of Ziggler. They would be foolish to not allow him to advance to the top. (Hate me: and he may actually be better than Punk at times in my opinion. I rather watch a Zigglets match then a Punk match)
  3. The Watcher's Avatar
    Ziggler is the best seller in the business right now, that's just a fact. He's been my personal favourite wrestler for the past two years (I voted him #1 in both the 2010 & 2011 TWF50) and he's even with the love of the IWC he's the most underrated performer in WWE.

    I don't believe WWE are building a strong character with him at all, I believe they had the opportunity to create a megastar at last years Royal Rumble and dropped the ball and that they're now de-pushing him to a Kofi Kingston level.

    Of course the arguement is also there that the best heel worker in the business should always be selling for the champion anyway (Hennig, Rude etc...)
    Updated 04-25-2012 at 12:16 AM by The Watcher
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by King Scrapper
    I appreciate what the WWE is doing. THey are building up a solid strong character for the future. I can be patient and wait for the era of Ziggler.
    I agree with all you say and am glad that you say/see it. I dislike the short term focus of a large part of the IWC: some want everything NOW and then get bored within minutes.

    Ziggler is not being held back, he's paying his dues and will be rewarded for it. I've read positive remarks by Orton, Edge and Austin about Ziggles, always good to have in your corner.

    One point of critique on Ziggler though: his finisher (Zig Zag) sucks. He needs a new one, that one thing that when he hits it, the crowd knows it's 1 2 3. Zig Zag isn't convincing and more often blocked then hit. I think it's the last obstacle.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I think WWE should think about pushing Ziggler to the main event around this time next year, once he's fueded with all the mid-carders.
  6. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    I can't believe DK hasn't commented on this yet. He loves Ziggler haha =P
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    I can't believe DK hasn't commented on this yet. He loves Ziggler haha =P
    Haha honestly the whole time I was writing this I kept thinking; "I know dk likes my other blogs...but I get the feeling he is going to rip this one" who knows maybe we will see from him today.

    As for everyone else, thank you for your comments
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