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Johnny G

5 Wrestlers to never win the big one

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This is just something i'm putting together to cure my boredom but this is the 5 superstars who never won a major World championship in no particular order

Scott Hall

The highest Scott Hall ever made it to in wwe was a multiple time Intercontinental Champion and in WcW was United States Champion the guy had massive potential and could actually have a good match unlike some superstars today (John Cena) and i think he could have been a World Champion if it wasn't for personal problems.

British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith had a few wwf championship match's but never got the win and had to settle for a couple of Intercontinental, European, Tag Team & Hardcore championships think he had major potential and could have been the first English wwe champion.

Mr. Perfect

Most probably the most talented superstar on this list to never be world champion always pulling off a great match before suffering back problems that keep him on the injury list a lot but personal i think Mr. Perfect could have been a great champion and could have had many more title reigns.

Owen Hart

Taken from us far to soon Owen hart was one of the more naturally talented superstars and had a bright future when he first hit the wwe but never got a world championship and seemed to always take a back seat to his brother.

William Regal

OK so he still could win a world title its very unlikely but still Regal had an incredible career all over the world and could still put on a great match if you don't believe me watch some of his match against RVD & Jericho back in 2002/2003 Regal is a technically gifted superstar and i think it would only be right for him to get one world title to cap an amazing career.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments and who you think the top 5 superstars are to never win the big one

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    you had Regal as your number 1? glad he never won the title, totally overrated by the IWC...
    No Dude Regal is not my number 1 if you read it i said top five in no particular order my number 1 would have to be either Mr Perfect or Scott Hall
  2. MAS's Avatar
    Nobody said rickey steamboat
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