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Top 5 wrestlers That Can Make a Transition to MMA

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After Reading Crazy Kurt Angle Claim and tweets on wrestling news sites. It Got me Thinking, What ProWrestlers would make good Mixed Martial Artist?. I decided That I would survey all of Prowrestling in America, Not just WWE and TNA. So here is my list of Top 5 Wrestler that could make it in MMA.

No Wrestlers who were in MMA. So Brock Lesnars and Bobby Lashly can not be apart of this list, Del Rio is debatable.

Current Wrestlers only, No past Wrestlers.

All current Wrestlers in consideration will be considered for their abilty at the moment, not dating back to their prime or before injuries... So For Example, Maybe Kurt Angle and The Undertaker would have a decent run 12 years ago but right now they are very injury prone and well in their age and much too old to make a go at it.

So lets get on with the list

Elijah Burke who is "Pope D'Angelo Dinero" in TNA, Is a Tough customer. He has a amateur boxing record of 103-1, It really isn't anything official but there is no denying that he is a tough guy in Excellent shape and from the things I read about him he is also INSANE, Those are Great assets to have in MMA... Would he be a World champion? Probably not but I don't think he would embarrass himself in the octagon.

Wade Barett is 6'7 and 250 pounds, He has a impressive stature and he is also a former bare knuckles fighter. You don't get more gritty than bare knuckles fighting, You got to be a tough S.O.B. for that.

Wade Barett is a tough guy no denying that but he is not just some big meat head, Barett has a degree in Marine Biology and worked in a Science Laboratory (According to Wikipedia). So I assume MR Barrett, If he did make the Transition to MMA he would approach it intelligently and train appropriately and use his size and Bare Knuckle background to his advantage.

He may Look like "Stewart" From the Mad TV Comedy Sketches but don't let looks fool you. David Hart Smith is a Bad Ass Fighter.... The Son Of Legend Davey Boy Smith and Grandson of Legit Tough guy and Legendary Trainer/Hooker (ok I know it sounds bad) Stu Hart, You know DH Smith had to be tough but When Former UFC champion Josh Barnett was talking about just how great of a natural talent he is and how he can be something big in MMA, Then it made me look at the 6'5 250 pound former member of the Hart dynasty in a whole different light.

David Hart Smith (Real Name Harry Smith) is Currently training with Josh Barnett and Billy Robinson for his first MMA match, He seems to be impressing them so who am I to disagree.

Swagger Stands at anywhere to 6'5 to 6'7 (Depending which height is correct) and over 250 pounds. Swagger has freakish strength as you can see in his in ring work and Swagger has very quick and smooth movement in the ring. Jack Swagger puts moves on so suddenly and you can tell if Swagger wanted to, He can dominate anyone he wants to in that ring.

In 2006 Swagger Became a All American in Amateur Wrestling and set the record for most pins (30). Swagger is a Tough guy who can wrestle and is quick... Swagger would make a pretty big impact in MMA if he decided to go that route.

Benjamin is a Excellent athlete. He is in Great Condition, He is athletic, He is a Outstanding wrestler and he also has great quickness and speed, Benjamin is a track and field champion.

Benjamin is a 2 time All American in Wrestling, Also a Track and Field champion, Benjamin had a record in school of 122-10 and also had a record of 36-6 at the University of Minnesota..... Many wrestlers and people in wrestling talk about how great of a top notch athlete Shelton is. There is no one else in wrestling in my mind that deserves to be the top this list other than Benjamin. People like Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Jim Ross and countless others rave about how tough he is and Brock Lesnar himself said Shelton would be great in MMA... Benjamin is 36 at the moment so he wouldn't have a long career but he is injury free and can really make a impact, a huge one for that matter in MMA.

I don't know too much about MMA so I'm not the best person to be writing about this. To me these men would make the best transition in to MMA if they decided to. Out of all the main stream wrestlers, Hell they maybe some guys at a local indy show that can beat everyone of these guys but from the information I know and from what I seen, I would choose these men as my top 5.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    First thing..Del Rio also a MMA star...n we can exclude him from this list...

    Pope will suit MMA style....but, I'm not sure abt Wade though....

    Shelton can suit I guess...but he's not freaking strong like Harry n Swagger....Hary n Swagger will suit MMA for sure...n Swagger would have been my #1.....
  2. FunkyKong's Avatar
    Uh where's Daniel Bryan? He actually trains in MMA
  3. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I think a serious Santino would(has background) daniel bryan; i can picture someone tapping to the Yes Lock.
  4. blink's Avatar
    I don't know anything about MMA - but I'm not above making a list of who would do well in it. Lol
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I Really wanted to put Swagger at Number 1, He is very impressive but People like Jim Ross, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle putting over how Tough Shelton Benjamin in and how Well he be suited for MMA... I also seen some of Benjamins Amature Wrestling matches and he is very agressive and strong.

    I love Daniel Bryan but im sure that all those guys in the list would hand Bryan his ass in MMA match..... He trains in MMA and he is probably tough for his size but he isnt suited for MMA, Samoa Joe trained it MMA also and he said himself he couldnt make it in MMA. Not all those who train in MMA can make it.... But I would love to see Daniel Bryan beat everyones ass in UFC, I just dont think its possible.

    Well Its not a Draft pick for UFC to use, Its simply a blog about who I think is suited for MMA. I think for my lack of knowledge in MMA my list is pretty solid, I mean if you have a debate about my picks then please by all means give me reasoning why are my pick not to your liking or why you consider them to be poor picks or who you think should be on this list that isnt?. but to just mock my blog and not give me a reason why my picks in your mind are poor choice for this list is simply dumb.
  6. B-ri's Avatar
    1. Bryan would be any AWESOME cruiser/middle-weight fighter. He has pace and strength and knows a lot about the sport.
    2. Shelton Benjamin may well be a great wrestler but he's no MMA fighter. For MMA you either need to be very big(or strong), or very quick, otherwise you will just be destroyed regardless of your division.
    3. Swagger has a small amount of potential, although he comes from a similar background to Lesnar, Lesnar is much bulkier, I don't know if Swagger could stand up in terms of striking. (Not saying he couldn't, just not sure).
    To be honest (and I don't mean this offensively) but why would you make a blog about wrestling/MMA crossovers when you admittedly don't know a lot about MMA?
  7. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    i love shelton but i think he would be far better at strictly come dancing than mma, his speed is hit prized asset.

    Brock lesnar is a proper diamond in the rough freak, he is really the only guy in the last 10 wwe years i could see doing well in an mma main event setting. sean o haire went the mma way as well but like as a wrestler, he didnt have that quality that lesnar had. lesnar is a freak, phenomenal athlete. im tellin ya, none of these guys would be able to hold his jockstrap, as he says.
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