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The Double Edge Sword 2: David Otunga

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Having just watched Monday Night Raw, I can't help but get a little draw-in to the WWE's story lines. I guess they are doing a great job to get the audience to believe the content if I want to see Otunga get destroyed by Cena as fodder. Well, that's the wrestler/superstar David Otunga. To be honest, I want to like him as a heel, but I feel he is being forced with Johnny Ace to get the associated heat. Like last time, I want to present a list of Otunga's pros and cons.

  1. He seems dedicated to the business, as he is shown appearing at WWE sponsored events like Be A Star and speaks well about the company. He's also pretty quiet on Twitter, which seems to be a good thing since it can apparently lead to trouble for people who speak up on it too much.
  2. He was in a Wrestlemania match, one that had some pretty high stakes. Though he was one of 12 guys in the ring, he did a good job and the match went well.
  3. He plays his part as Ace's sidekick well and looks like a legit lawyer know-it-all like on LAW and ORDER. (John's last name is too long to write orcopy/paste each time. Plus, Johnny Ace is kind of a cool name)
  4. Honestly, he seems to be a safe worker, no one has gotten injured in matches he is involved in and his move set is simple. Like Jericho says, when in doubt, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
  5. He's in a real good position to feud with Barrett later in the year (Barrett is rumored to win the next Money in the Bank match.) Otunga and Barrett had descension issues with Nexus' leadership last year. I don't think it was ever fully resolved and it would be interesting to see if the WWE decides to take that path with MITB winner Barrett/ Champion Barrett vs. Corporate Lawyer Otunga.
  6. His heel gimmick is great. Like Ted DiBiase Sr. and JBL, he flaunts 'supposed, or true' outside accomplishments that make him a great WWE superstar. Everyone hates a guy who thinks and brags how he's smarter and/or better than every else.
  7. Like Batista before him, I think he has a great last name for a wrestling name. OTUNGA sounds tough and it may be a great idea to have him change to a last name basis later in his career.

  1. He's one of Vince's "Boys"; the body builder type who gets pushed to the moon quickly. Warrior, Batista, and Lesnar all had brief but memorable careers with the company but seem to end up in the dog house or on non talking terms afterwards. Though Lesnar, after eight years separating a poorly received departure and lawsuit with the company, may be breaking the established mold.
  2. How EXACTLY does being a Harvard graduate make him a great future wrestler? His character brags about it all the time, but Harvard law knowledge has nothing to do with wristlocks or Irish Whips. It's a great accomplishment, IN THE REAL WORLD. Compared to guys like CM Punk who say he didn't go to college (is that actually true?), he's a book smart guy in a street smart guys' profession.
  3. He's kind of like a Clarence Mason 2.0. He's not something too original other than he actually looks like a legit wrestler compared to his predecessor. The bow-tie, the dress clothes, the sidekick status (he's to Johnny Ace what Mason was to Ron Simmons).
  4. He is not WWE's first Harvard graduate, Christopher Nowinski was, who also got a similar big and look push as a heel. While Nowinski got permanently retired due to concussions, Otunga seems good to go for the long run. The company may simply just dust off Nowinski's old ideas and give it to Otunga.
  5. He had a huge push in Next and seemed to get preferable treatment. We all know he is linked to Jennifer Hudson and wrestling loves getting any celebrities it can in the mix. He's been with the company for two years and there is no mention of her being involved in any way. Though, to be fair, neither Otunga or the WWE would use her as material without Ms. Hudson's specific approval.
  6. He gets placed with people to get their associated talent/heat/attention. He was tag team champion twice, in a forgettable run with John Cena and then Joe Henning. He's now Johnny Ace's sidekick and really hasn't done anything on his own to really shake-up the company that will be recalled easily months or a year later.
  7. Excluding Barrett, most Next people seem to get demoted, ignored, or released. He was a distant second in the first season and Barrett is the one getting the rumors about winning Money in The Bank. I can see Barrett as he is now as a champion. Can you see the current Otunga as one?

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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  1. redblade0's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan was in NXT as well.
  2. BigJM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by redblade0
    Daniel Bryan was in NXT as well.
    I forgot about Bryan. That's right. Though, he was a huge star in ROH, Japan, and other places before coming to the WWE.

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