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The Double Edge Sword 3: Brock's Video Promo

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I wanted to take some time before I wrote about this topic. I the vibe I have been getting from fans reactions ranges from an excellent piece show casing Brock's strengths to THE GREATEST VIDEO IN WWE SINCE BROCK LEFT! I'll be brief at to the point with this addition on the video.

  • Brock's delivery is great. He has a Jake Robert's like delivery here in that he makes slight changes to his tone and inflection on certain words. Yet, he is monotone enough to give that machine/emotionless portrayal. I'm not the first or only person thinking this and it shows what kind of man Brock has come back as.
  • I like Brock's mention of UFC and how he proved people wrong about his success. I admit I was surprised how far he got in the promotion and won the championship.
  • They say that the best promos/personas come from a simple extension of the real person. This video showed us what Brock may be like or what we assume he is like in real life. And it works. For him, the match, and in general.


  • I think this is the only way we are going to see a good promo from Brock: scripted, prerecorded, and possibly edited together. There was a reason Heyman came out with Brock when he first started. While Brock may be more of a "actions speak louder than words" type of guy, very few get to the top and stay there, especially in the WWE, on actions alone.
  • This is more of criticism for fans. I've heard people call this the greatest promo in 1 year/ 10 years/ best ever. Was it a good promo? It was great, it got it's job done. Do I think it is the best ever? No, it is up there, but its a long list and I think fans are still on the high off of Brock's return. It has been a wet dream for some fans for Brock to 'return home' and now he is. I think some of those fans haven't quite woken up yet. I'm excited for what will happen, but I don't have high hopes for what will happen with Brock once his feud with Cena ends.

And that's pretty much it this time. I'm not going to be that guy who criticizes the video because you can see the spliced errors, Brock's shirt changes color every time we see him, the background changes, etc. Like I said earlier, it's a great video, well put together. However, if this is the only way Lesnar can make a great promo, it will get old, real fast. If you can't do it live, then it will be only a matter of time before Lesnar's stock starts dropping.

Love it? Like it? Hate it?

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Couldn't disagree more! Lesnar made it to the top and stayed there on "actions alone", as you put it, until he was ready to leave. I'm excited Brock has returned cuz it will freshen up the main event scene. I'm not one of those guys spooging in their pants over it, nor am I a hater of Brock. Yes he's back for money. Who cares? Anyways I'm deviating from my main point, Brock's mic skills are acceptable now, can only get better, and in his rare case, not really relevant. Would you rather see. Rock talk, or kick ass? I liked the promo. Especially the pissing his pants part. I lol'd.
  2. Fatality's Avatar
    Good blog, agreed with everything you said ... still having my wet dream

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