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WWSD Blog 2.3: Rock, Brock, Cena and WM XXIX - The Final Run In

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Previously, I have written about how I would book Brock Lesnar, John Cena and The Rock from now until the Royal Rumble 2013. Now I am going to draw all of these paths together into the build up for Wrestlemania XXIX. If you haven't done so already, it is probably a good idea to go back and read the previous three instalments of this blog, as this entry won't make sense without the foundations that they lay!! If you have read those previous blogs, lets get to it...

The Run-In – Brock, Rock and Cena

We arrive at the Royal Rumble and everything is set as we get ready for the first step on the Road To Wrestlemania XXIX. Brock Lesnar is in a WWE Title match against someone new, in keeping with his latest gimmick of making open challenges to people and no-one stepping up. For argument's sake, let's say it's R-Truth. Again, this match follows a similar suit. Truth does manage to gain some offence, but Brock is still his dominant self and still comes out of the match as the WWE Champion. He laughs and shakes his head as he leaves – another day, another wasted challenge.

John Cena has a match against the World Heavyweight Champion - none other than..... Cody Rhodes! Having beaten Cena in their previous feud, Rhodes went on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title and won, holding the gold for a good few months heading into the Rumble. The build up has been as you would expect – Rhodes telling Cena that he’s already beaten him in recent months, and that he is the new poster-boy of Smackdown; Cena tells Rhodes that that was then, and this is now, and that he has gotten bigger and better since the last time they faced off. They have the match at the Rumble, and after a gruelling battle, Cena capitalises on a mistake by Rhodes, gets the 1..2..3 and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion! He’s climbed back to the top of the mountain, after 10 months of soul searching and digging down deep and it’s finally paid off. Cena celebrates like it’s his first world title, showing how much it means to him to be back on top of the WWE.

This just leaves the Royal Rumble match itself, the showpiece of this PPV. It starts off in usual fashion – some old faces coming back, some comedy skits, some spots, people standing out from the crowd etc. Then, around the 20-man mark, we’re awaiting our next entrant and –

IF YA SMELLLLL! It’s The Rock! Unannounced (but entirely not unexpected) as an entrant in the Rumble match. He comes down to the ring and starts clearing house. He’s tossing people out and he is electrifying the WWE Universe like no other. The match continues and we start getting to the latter numbers. We get down to the final two – The Rock and Randy Orton for that headline spot at Wrestlemania. They go back and forth, it looks like Orton is going to throw The Rock out, only for The Rock to counter. It keeps going like this until from out of nowhere The Rock launches Orton over the top with Herculean strength, so Randy can’t hold on and he hits the floor, leaving The Rock as the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble and giving him the title match he so desperately wanted on the grandest stage of them all.

The next night on Raw, The Rock is out smiling and celebrating. Finally! The Rock has his title match, and at Wrestlemania he will become champion again. But the question everyone has been asking since his win last night is which title will he go for at Wrestlemania. Will it be Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title, or will it be John Cena in a Wrestlemania XXVIII rematch for the World Heavyweight Title. The Rock says this is a massive decision, and that he still has to make up his mind. “You’ll know when The Rock has made up his mind.” The Rock leaves the ring, and we have one more backstage segment before he’s off again – HHH asking The Rock how he managed to get into the Rumble when he wasn’t a scheduled to be in the match, and The Rock replying that he “called in a favour from a friend” who gave him his spot, showing none other than Mick Foley, just to continue that thread (possibly tease a Wrestlemania retirement match between those two, who knows?!).

In the build up to Elimination Chamber we have the inevitable question being asked – who is The Rock going to choose to face at Wrestlemania? Will he choose Brock Lesnar, the man who beat him for his first title back at SummerSlam 2002? Or will he choose John Cena, the man who he beat at last year’s Wrestlemania and who he really doesn’t like? In this time we hear from both Lesnar and Cena, and both obviously want The Rock to face him at Wrestlemania. Lesnar makes the case that he’s beaten everyone else on the roster, and he wants to take out the big one on the grandest stage of them all. He wants to beat “The Great One” to round off the set in glorious fashion before he leaves with the WWE Championship when his contract expires. Cena makes the case that he needs to face The Rock. His match with Rocky at Wrestlemania XXVIII set him off on a path to rediscover himself, and now, one year on, he needs this match with The Rock to prove that he is back. It is the only way that he can round off the comeback, the poetic way to come full circle and cement his place once again at the top of the WWE. He needs this more than Lesnar, so that’s why The Rock should choose to face him at Wrestlemania. Thrown in with this you have interactions/interruptions from the other competitors in the Elimination Chamber matches, teasing that if Brock and Cena continue to be distracted by The Rock, they might not even make it to Wrestlemania as champions. Maybe tease Randy or CM Punk winning the Raw chamber match; Cody or Christian winning Smackdown’s and make quite a chaotic feel in the go-home shows for Elimination Chamber.

At the PPV itself, we all know who’s going to come out as champions. The World Heavyweight Title match kicks us off, and although all the participants put up a good fight, when the dust clears it is still John Cena holding the title and still in contention for the match with The Rock at Wrestlemania. In the main event, Lesnar defends his title in the Raw chamber match and it goes right down to the wire. With us down to the final two, it’s Orton vs. Lesnar. They battle back and forth until Lesnar makes a mistake – he goes to spear Orton through one of the pods, only for Randy to duck and Lesnar to throw himself through it. This makes Lesnar groggy, and when he gets into the ring he’s hit by and RKO and it looks to be all over. He makes the cover and 1..2..NO! Lesnar kicks out, leading Orton to set up the punt kick. He goes for it but Lesnar this time ducks out, confusing Orton who walks straight into an F-5 and a 3-count to give Brock the hardest-earned victory of his reign. At the end of the match, the chamber lifts and Lesnar celebrates some more when John Cena makes his way out to the ring. Both men stand in the ring and Cena offers the handshake – “may the best man win” when it comes to being chosen by The Rock for Wrestlemania. Lesnar slaps the hand away, too out of breath to F-5 him as well (that’s how much of a beating he’s taken in the Chamber!!) when we’re suddenly interrupted by familiar music.

The Rock makes his way down the ramp into the ring where Lesnar and Cena are already stood, titles in hand. The Rock has obviously made up his mind as to who he will face, and he’s here to tell us who. He takes his time, looking from one to the other as he milks it. He finally extends his hand to..... Cena, who smirks and accepts the handshake. The Rock smiles back, before saying “Close, but not close enough!” With that, he throws Cena’s hand away and he Rock-Bottoms Lesnar. When The Rock gets back up, he looks to Cena and mocks him with a “U Can’t C Me” taunt before stepping out of the ring. He’s given us the main event for Wrestlemania XXIX – The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. The Rock poses atop the ramp as Brock is laid out and Cena looks furious at seeing his Wrestlemania dream go up in smoke.

Post-Elimination Chamber we get the Raw return of The Rock, and he explains his decision. Whilst it was very tempting to beat Cena again and humiliate him further, he’s already done that. The Rock wants to keep things fresh, he wants to do something he’s never done before and that’s why he wants to face Brock. Brock and he have history, going all the way back to SummerSlam 2002 when Brock won his first WWE Title from The Rock and cemented his place atop the tree in the WWE. Since that day The Rock vowed that he would get revenge one day, and now he has the opportunity to do that on the biggest stage, in front of millions of people to put Lesnar back in his place. Sure enough, out comes Lesnar to cut him off – no long promo, just a very simple “you chose me? Wrong choice!” before hitting him with and F-5 and leaving.

Next week we kick things off with Lesnar saying that he’s glad The Rock chose him, because now he can say he’s done it all on his return before retiring the WWE Title for good. From here we set up a feud whereby Lesnar is saying he’s sick and tired of the fans, sick and tired of how stale the competition has gotten in the WWE since he left, and basically says he’s glad he’s leaving and The Rock responding by saying that he’s doing this for the people. The Rock may not be here every week, but every time he steps through those ropes he does it for the people. Lesnar saying that he’s going to walk out on them is a huge mistake, because the people hold a lot of power. When the people chant The Rock’s name, there’s an energy, an electricity that spurs The Rock on to victory. The Rock has to beat Lesnar for the sake of the people, because he would never dream of taking the WWE Title away from them. When he holds the title he will defend it at every PPV, against any and all challengers. Whether it’s their first shot or the fifty-first shot, he’ll be there. If the PPV falls in the middle of his shooting schedule for Hollywood’s next biggest blockbuster, he’ll call the director up and say “Sorry Michael Bay, filming’s got to take a back seat today because The Rock is defending his WWE Title.” He’ll do all of that because that’s what it means to him to hold the WWE Championship. It keeps the heat on Lesnar because he wants to leave, keeps The Rock loved by the people, but most importantly ramps up the prestige of the belt by having The Rock be so passionate about it. Say what you will about The Rock, I do genuinely believe that he doesn’t “need” the WWE now that he has a legitimate film career, so the involvement that he has is only because he wants to do it, and by being so passionate about the WWE Title he brings a great amount of interest and exposure to it, and by extension the entire WWE product.

Back and forth we go with The Rock and Lesnar, initially keeping physicality to a minimum as they put forward their cases for why they “have to win” at Wrestlemania. However, about three weeks before the event, an in-ring confrontation between them turns physical, and they start a brawl which takes them backstage. They beat on each other, neither one really gaining the upper hand, until they are at a “ledge” in the parking lot. With Lesnar teetering on the edge, The Rock charges him and takes both of them over the edge, resulting in both of them getting “injured”. The next week on Raw, we don’t see either of them, throwing the Wrestlemania main event into doubt. Will they be able to compete in two weeks time, or will we have to find a new main event? On the go home show for Wrestlemania, HHH/Laurinaitis is about to make an announcement about changing the main event when The Rock’s music hits. He makes his way to the ring, looking a little beat up but still ready to fight at Mania. Lesnar’s music hits soon after, and he makes his way out in a similar condition but with the same resolve – they will fight at Wrestlemania, right after he’s kicked The Rock’s ass tonight! Again, another brawl starts which goes the same way as Lesnar and Cena’s brawl earlier this month – the locker room empties and pulls the pair apart, leaving us with the last image of the two seething with pent-up rage as we head into the clash at Wrestlemania. It will be a war between the two at Wrestlemania, and it could be that neither man walks out the same again.

Before we hit Wrestlemania though, there’s the small matter of John Cena to address. After Elimination Chamber, Cena is pissed off. He wanted The Rock to choose him so he could have closure, so he could come full circle with this come back and prove that he is once again the face of this company. He wants that main event spot, and he’s pissed off that he’s not got it. This brings out Cody Rhodes, who says “boo-hoo”. Rhodes couldn’t care less that Cena didn’t get the chance for his closure at Wrestlemania, because Rhodes is looking for closure of his own. Rhodes has been looking back through the record book, and it would appear that he and Cena are tied at two a piece on PPV over the past year (Rhodes having been pinned by Cena as the final chamber entrant). In Rhodes' book, that means they need a rubber match to settle things once and for all, and where better than Wrestlemania with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. Cena accepts the challenge, giving us the conclusion to a feud that has been simmering for a year and giving Rhodes a main event at Wrestlemania to see if he really can be a main event player for a long time to come. The two then compete in a game of one-upsmanship – each week on Smackdown they match each other, so that they can’t really be separated on paper before Wrestlemania, which means there’s at least some doubt as to who the winners going to be!!

The big night rolls around and things are all set for a great night. We go through the undercard and arrive at our first main event – John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes for the World Heavyweight Title. A good, back and forth match where they can’t be separated. A methodical build up where both men are mentally as well as physically on their game, until a moment of frustration from Rhodes costs him big time. His youth and inexperience catches up with him, and he recklessly charges Cena, who has the ring-savvy to pick him up and hit the AA for the 1..2..3 and the win! Cena gets his Wrestlemania record back on track having lost at the last two events and it keeps Rhodes developing nicely. I like the idea of Rhodes being someone who has flaws, and is a bit “rookie-ish”, but he works to get rid of them until he's eventually a very savvy in-ring veteran. A loss in this way keeps that type of character going – he got impatient and it cost him the main event, so now he’s never going to let that happen again. As long term career progression, that works best for someone like Rhodes in my opinion. So in this match, everyone is essentially a winner.

At the end of the night we have our true main event – Rock vs. Brock for the WWE Title. In the build-up to the match, we’re reminded that if Brock wins he will leave the company with the WWE Title, and we also play up the two major brawls that the pair have had in the build up to tonight. This leads to a HHH backstage interview before the match – having seen what went down on Raw, there’s a very real danger that this match could end with a disqualification or a count-out, which would not be good for business. Therefore, HHH is making this match a no disqualifications, no count-outs match so that we truly have a decisive winner at the end of the night. The match begins, and with this new stipulation the pair of them can really go at it. I don’t think it should be a weapon-heavy match – the stipulation is just to stop Brock pummelling The Rock in the corner past a five count to retain the strap on a DQ, which is what his character would do. It means they can just leave it all in the ring, brawl outside of it but still end with a decisive three-count or submission. We have near fall after near fall, we have superplexes, one of them going through the announce table, maybe a couple of chair shots, and it does very much seem like Lesnar is on top. He hits an F-5, goes for the pin. 1..2..NO! The Rock kicks out, which pisses Lesnar off as he is the first one to kick out of an F-5 all year. Livid, Brock picks Rock up again onto his shoulders, but this time The Rock slides out and hits a spine-buster followed by The People’s Elbow. He goes for the count and it’s 1..2..NO! Brock kicks out this time and it’s The Rock who can’t believe it. The Rock stalks Brock, calling for The Rock Bottom, but as he goes for it Brock picks him up! He swings for the F-5 but Rock lands on his feet, puts the arm across and BAM! Rock Bottom onto a steel chair that has been left lying in the ring. The Rock makes the cover – 1..2..3!!! We have a new WWE Champion in a sight that we never thought we’d see a couple of years ago – The Rock holding the WWE Title! He’s slain the monster and prevented him from retiring the WWE Title (again doing something Cena couldn’t...). He gets his revenge on Brock, and he is once again The Great One. The (majority of the) crowd goes home happy, and it sets up some really intriguing scenarios – can The Rock truly juggle doing both wrestling and movies? Will his reign bring more publicity and interest to the business? Who will be the one to get the major push of beating him to take the title back? What will HHH have to say about all this? Where does Brock go from here – will he follow through on retirement or will he stay on to try and beat The Rock again?

Phew!! There we have it then, the end of a blog that accidentally turned into a bit of a marathon!!! If you’ve stayed with me this far, well done and more importantly thank you very much for sticking with it!! Hopefully my next scenarios will be a lot shorter than this one, but once I get writing it’s anyone’s guess as to how long it will actually be!!! As always, please leave your thoughts and opinions on what I’ve proposed, and until next time take care, but more importantly have fun! Hwyl!

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    Vince plzzzz hire this guy,he's 100000 times better then ur pathetic writers,,Excellent blog in 4 parts man.We hope it happens just as u thought,,ok some of us may say that its predictable as STEVE WONDER dug it out a year ago,But it'll b sooo sooo much better what WWE is gonns give 2 us,Again,best blog ive read ever here.
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    Exceptional!You have it all thought out brilliantly!
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    Wow, thank you very much for all the feedback guys, and an extra special thanks for all the kind words as well. I have to admit that being a WWE writer would be a dream come true, so some of you saying "Vince hire him" is particularly cool!!! I will hopefully be writing again in the near future once I know what my work schedule is going to be (starting something new next week so going into the unknown as they say!). But feedback like this will definitely inspire me to do more so keep your eyes peeled for that!!
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