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Brock's Comeback: Nothing but good news for WWE

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I’m the GreatBlueski and I was born a heel. So if any opinion I express in this blog offends you... GOOD... screw you you ham and egger humanoids!!!!!! Lol :)

I love violence. I’m sorry about that if it bothers you but that’s just how it is. I follow all manners of combat sports semi religiously as a viewer and fan and practice a few for fitness and giggles after work too. While I love violence I am quite specific in the types of violence I enjoy. Guns, explosions and bombs and big freakin’ tanks and attack copters I’m not so big on. Seriously I haven’t seen an action film in ten years I wasn’t waiting to end from about fifteen minutes in. I guess I just grew out of them. The same for the glut of superhero films we’ve had since CGI became standard. Yawn.

I like blood sports. I like hand to hand contests (with the occasional use of melee weaponry J) fought with breathtaking intensity. This in my humble opinion is the pinnacle of entertainment; the ultimate test of man vs man or woman vs woman.

There are millions maybe billions of people like me around the world. They are fascinated and thrilled by violence and they respect and admire those naturally born to it. They tune it to see them whether they win or they lose because they have fighting spirit and heart. These are the true warriors. Reflections of what lurks in all of us beneath the thinly daubed veneer of civilisation. The throwbacks to a savage and blood soaked past.

Brock Lesnar is one such man. He wasn’t given the gimmick of being a monster, of being a badass or being supremely athletically gifted... Brock Lesnar was born all three. His return to WWE is big news around the world in all fighting circles and in my opinion is a very clever move by the management. Because WWE for me just became must see.

With the timing of Brock’s return coming immediately on the back of the Rock’s it was bound to draw comparisons. In my opinion again was a good move by WWE. The thing with the Rock and Brock is they are both legitimately HUGE stars outside of pro wrestling and when they get involved with the product they bring a whole different level of media attention to the company. But while both are both huge stars they are stars in very different ways and with different types of people. Rock brings Hollywood and Brock brings the real fight fans. By having them overlap on the post Mania Raw the WWE tried to keep the attention of both. This is good business.

WWE knew Rocks announcement that he wants to be the Champ and that he will be back would keep the casual fans that drifted in for him with something to keep checking back for but that wasn’t enough to keep them wanting to tune in every week. With having Brock come in hot on the same night management immediately filled the void Rock was leaving and also subtly asked a very big question. What’s going to happen when Rock comes back and steps into Brock Lesnar’s world???????? Is the WWE big enough for these two????

Another interesting question this brings up is if Brock is the new face of the WWE (Johnny Ace endorsed so he’s a heel) then what will be the role of Tensai; Johnny’s newly imported heel? After Brock goes over Cena at Extreme Rules will Cena be feuding with Tensai and if so who will Brock be going after? CM Punk maybe? Now that is an interesting prospect in itself. That could be huge on the mic because both shoot from the hip when allowed too and in the ring that could be an epic encounter. And if CM Punk can overcome the monster Brock Lesnar to hold onto that belt then the WWE has made a big statement of endorsement and support of CM Punk. That’s saying he’s the top face legitimately. And if alternatively Brock crushes Punk and takes the belt to set up him and Rock for the gold well that says that WWE has finished with the CM Punk super push for now. But he’ll be back. You can’t keep him down. In ten years time I expect CM Punk to still be the man or thereabouts the man in WWE.

On a side note imagine if WWE had let CM Punk stay missing for all this time and CM Punk had come back on the same post Wrestlemania Raw as Brock in front of that awesome Miami crowd... whoa!!!! Especially if it was just after Brock had laid out Cena. Punk comes out the crowd and gets in the ring and does another shoot on a laid out Cena. Now that would have been money and art. Still that’s just a could of... we know they rushed it, he knows they rushed it, they know they rushed it but hey ho we can only go forward.

The other thing no one seems to be talking about is the possibility of Brock vs Undertaker, one more time. Remember the subtle seed that was planted in the aftermath of UFC 121 when Brock lost to Cain Velasquez and the Undertaker/ Brock brief exchange? That was a genuine moment of suspended disbelief. It felt real and possibly was on some levels. Taker asked him “You wanna do this?” and as he walked past Brock stared into his face and nodded. The interviewer then said to Taker. “What was all that about?” and Taker is clearly thinking at a hundred miles an hour doing the maths and then says. “Me and Brock... it’s personal.” I think next years Wrestlemania has a chance of seeing Brock vs Undertaker. If Brock has signed for a year his contracts runs out after Wrestlemania and with Undertaker coming to the end of his career it would make sense to have it streak vs career. Undertaker in the build up could say “I know my career ends at Wrestlemania but the last thing I’ll do in it Brock is end yours.” Again this could be a classic. Their last Hell In A Cell match was brutal even Paul E was bust wide open. It had the big fight atmosphere that is missing in the industry today. And it’s not just pro wrestling missing it. So is heavyweight boxing which is another of my loves. The big fight feeling is missing and has been for a while.

Brock can bring that big fight feeling with a whole range of opponents.

I just want to say to everyone crapping on Brocks return or at least farting on it a little in the IWC give this a chance. WWE is getting interesting again and Brock will play a massive role in that. I think he’s overcome some things with the company, some personal issues, to comeback. A lot of people shoot on him for leaving the WWE in 2004 but they don’t take a lot of things in to account. Brock is married to Rena Lesnar aka Sable and they were together during her last stint in the WWE being humiliated by Vince McMahon in a sleazy manner as his assistant. I know people will say it went with the job but as a man I would have unresolved issues with that too. Things like that are hard not to take personally especially when it’s your boss doing it. I wouldn’t have been sticking around in that work environment either.

Some have said Brock is greedy and only coming back for the money let’s be realistic here and talk as grown ups. We all go where we can get the best money and if you don’t you stay broke your whole life. That’s what our society is all about kids don’t believe the hype about right and wrong. Money talks and morals walk. Sad but true. But anyway the man has had serious incidents with diverticulitis as well other long term nagging injuries taking their toll on his body but he clearly has a love of combat sport. If it was just about the money he wouldn’t take the risk of any competition when he doesn’t have to he would be cashing cheques being an on camera expert for the UFC; Dana White wanted to keep him around in any capacity make no mistake about it.

Brock Lesnar is a legitimate warrior. I have nothing but respect for the man and think he will do good things no matter which direction the WWE takes him in after Extreme Rules and whoever he’s given to work with.

But that’s just my two penny’s worth, folks.

So does anyone think Cena goes over Brock at Extreme Rules? Is Brock going over clean or is it interference from Tensai to set up a fued with Cena? Say your piece below if you liked the blog let me know... this was the first GreatBlueski blog and it’s always 4:20 where I am so I apologise if it didn’t make any freakin sense :)


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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'd like to start off by stating that this my friend has been one of the BEST blogs I've read in a VERY VERY long time. Legitimate, and well written. I'd like to consider myself as one of the millions/billions you speak of. On a side note, your views on Brock Lesnar, the business sense, and all that the E' is doing with him, is completely accurate. Now despite the hate/feedback you may get from this blog. You're dead on. I'm a huge fan of the MMA world. Months ago when Vince and Dana met up, it was clear that they were in talks about Brock, and making him a character in WWE 12. Yet, the question that still comes to mind, despite the UFC not being a fixed sport; Was there really more to the meeting then what meets the eye? IMO Vince McMahon is a genius and an amazing business man. Dana, too shares the same qualities... Business is business, and that being said, money is money aswell. How they are portraying the whole Brock/heel gimmick is perfect. Bringing him in the night after Mania was pure genius. The E' needed something BIG to fill the void of Rock being gone. Your idea, had Punk been out all of this time, and returning that same night to cut a promo on a laid out Cena would've been icing on the cake. (We're all entitled to dream lol) You've given us all here in "blog land", something to think about. I'm looking forward to hearing more on your views. Awesome blog bro.
  2. Jtpearl's Avatar
    A great blog, other then now you have me remembering how badly they botched Punks return.
  3. jjlbuck82's Avatar
    good stuff
  4. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    man, fucking beautiful blog, nice to have someone not talking in fabrications for once. as pheonix said, one of the best blogs ive read in a long time.
  5. dinobravo's Avatar
    its true ,its true!!!!!!!!!!
  6. herecomesthepain's Avatar
    i like the 4:20 part the best :P

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