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Up/Down: WWE's Mid Carders

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What is up everybody. For this blog, I'm stepping away from my usual review of Raw or looking back at a past PPV, and instead looking at the current roster of the WWE. Now, to me, the WWE is broken up into 3 sets. Jobbers/Lower Midcarders. Midcarders/Upper Midcarders. Main Eventers. I wanted to take a look at some of the current Midcarders/Upper Midcarders and share my thoughts on their current state, and where I think they will go. So, let's jump right into it shall we?

Dolph Ziggler

I figured what better way to start off than with a guy alot of people think should be a main eventer, and others think will never be. In the last few months, Ziggler has shown us a few things. He is talented in the ring, and knows how just by his actions in the ring, to gain heat. Watching some of his stuff online, as well as whenever he is given a chance to be on the mic on Raw, to me he shows he has potential. I think with Ziggler, he needs a few things. The first is breaking away from Vickie and Jack, the second becoming a face. I could easily see his showoff gimmick actually working well as a face. Here is the problem though. You've got The Rock, Cena, Brock, Punk, Sheamus, Bryan, Orton all in the main event scene. Adding Ziggler to it, would really just lead to a Ziggler massacre. For the foreseeable future, I see Ziggler staying in the midcard/upper midcard range, with a possible US/IC championship depending on if he moves from Raw to SD or if titles get switched around.

Kofi Kingston

Now he is a guy I enjoy seeing in the ring. Kofi is a former IC Champion, US Champion, and tag champion. Here is the thing in my opinion, that is holding Kofi back, and that is mic work. We've heard Kofi on the mic before, and there have been those moments where we go "dang, he can actually cut a decent promo". Remember his mini promo during the Raw debate with others from the Chamber match back in February? Ya, I still do. I look at it this way with Kofi. As long as creative doesn't give him a chance to talk on the mic, he will stay at the range he is in now, and possibly drop to the lower midcard/jobber range. If creative gives Kofi mic time and some decent feuds, I could easily see Kofi getting to the upper end of the upper midcard range, and maybe even dipping into the main event scene on occasion. Personally, I think a heel Kofi who can cut good promos would be nice to see in the main event scene.

R Truth

This is the last guy from Raw that I am going to touch base on in this blog. I like the current R Truth. I love a heel R Truth. A heel R Truth is 100x more funny than a face R Truth. Plus when i see him work in the ring, for some reason I just enjoy him so much more as a heel. R Truth has challenged for the WWE title last year, as well as getting to main event one of the big 4. The only title Truth has held in his second run with the WWE is the United States Championship and it wasn't for that long. Now, what I would like to see from Truth, is a heel turn in the next few months, and winning the US gold. I think he could do wonders for it. Santino is the comedy champ who can wrestle. R Truth can do the same thing, he would just be the heel version. I think others would agree, it would be very entertaining. As a face, I don't see Truth going any further than he has. As a heel, I could easily see Truth being an upper midcarder and even possibly a main eventer with a WHC or WWE title run down the line.

Cody Rhodes

The first guy from SD I am taking a look at. Here is my big thing with Cody. He has the look. He has the skill. He has the mic work. It is just not his time yet. Others have said Rhodes will be a champ this year or next year, and if i agreed with any of them, I'd say next year sometime in 2013. Here is Rhodes advantage. His age. He hasn't been thrust into the main event/title scene like others(ADR, Sheamus), and he has been built properly. He had a decent run as IC Champion, and I think from here, he is just going to float where he is. In my opinion, he is at the top of the upper midcard range on SD. If he went to Raw, I would say he would drop a little and be in the mid range of the upper midcard range, but on SD, he is perfect. I can even see Rhodes feuding with some of the main event faces on SD in the coming months/year.

Wade Barrett

Now some might disagree with me in saying Barrett is in the mid card/upper midcard range. For those that do, look at it this way. He hasn't held a major championship in the WWE. He has held the IC Championship, but his run with it, in my opinion, was lackluster. He has had some high time feuds with Cena and Orton, but he hasn't been a permanent stable in the main event scene like Punk, Cena, Orton, Sheamus, D-Bry or even Henry. Now he is out with an injury. In my opinion though, if Barrett is back by Summerslam, I could see the rest of the year being the year of Barrett. You have D-Bry as the big time heel on SD, and possibly ADR if it is permanent move for him, but I easily see Wade trumping both of them when he returns. I am one of those people who thinks Wade will be World Champion sometime between 2012 and 2013, more likely 2012.

All right everyone. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and comments, and might do more of these in the future with other mid carders, lower midcarders/jobbers, and main eventers, depending on the feedback from this one. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Khris's Avatar
    Realy nice blog. I agree about Barret if not for the injury he would have been champion by now even though i think he's a lil green. Kofi well never get a decent push until he finally turns heel. It's just me but ziggler should of been wwe champion by now he's a lot better than 80% of ppl who get pushed.
  2. y2jray's Avatar
    ziggler is SO good IMO he sells a move like crazy and makes others look great, it is almost like he is an upper midcard jobber the way he sells a move, like the brodus clay head butt. I gotta disagree with R-truth though I would not want to see him as a WHC and especially WWE champion I think IC or US title is ok, but tag team champion with some one who is a beast and serious would be good maybe he and big show could team who knows.
  3. sret's Avatar
    Great blog! Please do more like this!
  4. Corwo's Avatar
    Finally, wonderful blog. I'm not the only one that believes in Kofi! Lol, anyways..great list, I think he could've been GREAT with a heel turn when he had that short feud with Orton in like 08. If creative knew anything, this is what they would've done for Kofi and now they may never get that chance again.

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