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Dream Booking: What's Next for The Rock

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. Well, I'm blogging on my favorite enemy The Rock in this one. Another edition of Dream Booking, haven't done one of these in a while. While I do dislike Rocky, I loved having him back but we all knew this would happen. He disappeared back to his usual life which is expected because that's where his passion and the money is.

Now we know he's returning sooner or later and current plans call for him to wrestler Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. The plan is that he will wrestle in two or three very high profiled matches in between until the big show down at Wrestlemania.

Personally I don't care to see him face Brock Lesnar and if he does, it definitely shouldn't be at Wrestlemania. That match isn't big enough for me. So I'll lay down some feuds I wanna see Rock involved in for the time being until Wrestlemania 29.

Ofcourse my ideas below won't be too high profiled. Basically, the WWE doesn't want anything to overshadow the big picture of Brock so basically I'll throw some filler feuds below.

6. Mick Foley (Rock & Sock Renunion) vs. Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose
Now this would be huge if this could occur as soon as Summerslam or maybe a PPV after. Here's how I'd book this. Mick Foley is cutting a promo and out comes Dean Ambrose making his debut. He assaults Foley for weeks and Daniel Bryan joins in on the action too.

On Raw, we have the same setup, Foley in the ring getting his butt whooped by Dean & Bryan. Next thing you know Rocky's music hits, he comes to the rescue. We get a few weeks of great promos. Let this feud come to a climax at Summerslam in a basic tag team match.

In this match, I want Dean Ambrose to pin Foley. I don't want The Rock being pinned at all, it will take from his momentum. Let this feud mainly center around Foley & Ambrose. After the match, Bryan will be even more over, Rock will return to Hollywood and the focus will be centered on Mick & Ambrose. This should workout well. We would get a great mixed reaction with the "YES" & "ROCKY" chants.

5. Triple H
This might be considered a bit too high profiled but I threw it on here anyway. I'd like to see them tie the knot one more time. Arguably they had the greatest Intercontinental Feud ever back in 99' when they both were midcarders. They pretty much became stars at the same time at the expense of each other.

The history they have is sick. Once HBK left in 98', the Austin Era began but he was the only real star besides the Undertaker. Rock & Triple H stepped to the plate and did great work together. I'd like to see this feud revisited some how. Would love for HBK to get involved seeing as Rocky & HBK had a bit of heat back in those days. Endless possibilities with this one.

4. Mark Henry Big Mark is on his way out the door. I'm happy to see he had his big break but its a shame it took so long. Rocky & Henry also have history. They were both apart of the "Nation of Domination" stable. Maybe he can give Henry that last big match and that last big buzz in a huge retirement match at Summerslam. Henry deserves to go out against one of the greatest. Not too high profiled so it could work.

3. Booker T
I'm sure you all remember their great feud for the WCW World Championship back in 2001. They had amazing chemistry and they were like a comedy show in the ring with their promos. They brought humor to a very high profiled feud for the richest prize in this business. Great stuff and I'd pay to see it revisited once again.

2. Christian
I'd really trip and go nuts if they booked this. Would love to see this feud. I don't remember them ever feuding back in the old days but I could be wrong. Great stuff they could put on. I think Christian is the best wrestler in the WWE behind Daniel Bryan and might even have the most vast moveset. He uses about 11 signature moves in every match. Would be awesome to see what he & Rocky could put together.

1. Chris Jericho
This is what I really wanna see at Wrestlemania but I guess we could do this at The Royal Rumble maybe. Great chemistry. Jericho debuted in the WWE against the Rock and that was the greatest debut of all time. Anyway, they did some cool things together even as a brief team back when they used to make slut jokes about Stephanie.

They have the ability to overshadow and put on a better match than HBK vs the Undertaker easily and I stand by that. Jericho & Rocky are in the shape of their life. Lets make it happen.

Basically, I want Rocky to remain fresh and not make random returns for one big feud. If he has the time, I'd like to see him in 5 matches a year if he could. Like I said, if he is to wrestle, I'd like him not to be pinned but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Whatever he does will sell.Hope you all enjoyed this one, please leave feedback and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your views. Thanks again for checking this out, appreciate it. Until then.

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  1. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    I like everything you said but why make a blog of a wrestler you don't like S*** I hate Cena and if I made a blog or a post about him it wouldn't be a praise or a respect blog for him it would be more hatred to that untalented piece of crap but other than that I like your blog it was good I've always been a Rocky fan and always will cuz he brought Wrestling Entertainment to the fans.
  2. HB-Dre's Avatar
    Loving the idea of Rock and Sock vs Ambrose and Bryan
  3. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Another great blog by Knox. I expected nothing less. The ability to see past your dislike of a superstar and see the potential for what they bring to the stage is what sets you apart from most here. It's called foresight and maturity. The ability to think outside the box. I love the idea of the Rock-N-Sock Connection vs. Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose match up. Maybe you should pitch this blog to WWE Creative, maybe then we'll get more entertainment out of their shows.
  4. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Awesome read. While I agree a lot of those feuds would be pure bliss for a wrestling fan (I'd kill for a Miz or Ziggler feud), I do not have high hopes the WWE would allow for most of them. The Rock N Sock option, possibly. If Daniel Bryan keeps on this electric pace, a feud with him isn't out of the question and would certainly catapult DB to a next level superstar.
    The HHH option, also possible.

    As for the others, I just fear the Rock is too high profile to be in a feud with anybody but the top, most relevant guy.

    I am sticking with a story arch I read just a few days after Mania. During their final encounter, Brock will leave Cena out of commission for months. Cena might get the win, but Brock will destroy him in the end. Brock will move onto to win the championship after Cena. At this point, around Summerslam - he will cut the ole 'no one on this planet can beat me speech' - when the Rock's music hits. Rock vs Brock at Summerslam, rematch at the Rumble. Rock walks away champion, fulfilling his promise. Cena makes his grand entrance at the Rumble, wins the rumble. Rock vs Cena II at Mania for the title.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I love the idea of Rock 'n Sock vs Ambrose + Bryan at Summerslam.

    I'd like to see Rock have at least one more decent match with Triple H.

    I'd like to Rock have a series of matches with Ziggler, Swagger, Macintyre and Kingston with PPV matches against Del Rio, CM Punk, Sheamus and Miz.

    As for Wrestlemania, I wouldn't mind Rock vs Brock II with Rock winning the WWE Championship from Lesnar. At some point next year I'd have Rock vs Cena II and Rock vs Undertaker one last time.

    Then Wrestlemania XXX I've had Rock vs Shawn Michaels, as these two have never wrestled each other.

    I have no interest in seeing Rock vs Jericho, Austin, Booker-T or Mick Foley as I think these fueds have been done enough.
  6. datkrack's Avatar
    I think that the best part about this blog entry is the fact that any and all suggestions can happen and would be successful (given the proper story to run with). The favorite has to be The Rock vs HHH, I think any of the above would be a great addition to Rock's comeback career but this fued would pass any stories these two shared with someone else. Even though Undertaker's fued with HHH was epic it didnt pass Deadman > HBK in my eyes. The Rock and HHH are equal as far as WWE legacies are concerned and it would fit perfectly in a "career ending" storyline or even as a "Best of the Attitude Era" kind of thing. Personally when Rocky comes back I'd like to see him put someone over and NOT a GOLDBERG type. smfh! No juiced up vet thats been in the biz for how ever many yrs. Lets give a match people never seen JC v Rock was epic. Christian v Rock, DB v Rock, even Miz v Rock would work. It needs to and should be someone who actually NEEDS the push.
  7. Seanb93's Avatar
    Interesting list, The only person I can see the Rock getting into a program with on your list is Daniel Bryan. Bryan is over but a probram with the Rock could put him on the next level.

    If the WWE isnt looking to set up a supermatch then they are going to use him to help get somebody else over. I personally can only see him getting into matches with Brock..Cena...Orton..and a Heel Sheamus
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