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Booking the rest of Extreme Rules

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This Blog will focus on booking the rest of Extreme Rules. (This part may contain spoilers if you haven't read the Smackdown spoilers)The card so far is:

Extreme Rules Match: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan 2 out of 3 falls match

Wwe Championship match: Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho Chicago Street Fight

Spoiler Alert
Falls Count Anywhere match: Kane vs Randy Orton

The rest of the card...

IC Title Match: The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
Chairs Match
Reasoning: Cody Rhodes is due a rematch after losing his title at Wrestlemania. Their feud has continued and this likely be the one that ends it. After this Cody Rhodes will be built up for the main event and then win the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match (Barrett will win the Raw one).

Fatal 4 way elimination tag team match: Epico and Primo vs Brodus Clay and Santino Marella vs The Usos vs ZigSwag
Reasoning: The Tag Team belts were reduced to a dark match at this years Wrestlemania so there should be a match at Extreme Rules to keep the tag team division relevant. It would be similar the dark match (which is a good thing) and is a way of getting lot of great wrestlers onto the card. Now, I know you may be thinking that their should be a Tag team ladder match but you'll see why I didnt book it as that in a second.

Ladder Match for a future Us Title Shot: Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGillicutty

For those who don't know Tyson Kidd and McGillicutty have been feuding on Nxt. For those who haven't seen the matches so far I'll post hem at the bottom of this blog.
Booking It: Next Raw you see McGillicutty and Otunga having a discussion before McGillicuttly 's match with Tyson Kidd. After a decent back and forth match Otunga distracts Kidd allowing McGillicutty to pick up he win with a roll up. As Kidd begins to exit the ring McGillicutty grabs a mic and says Otunga (along with Laurinaitas) have granted him a match one last match (in their best of 5 series) in which he will end Kidd's career once and for all.

It would make sense if Otunga was involved because him and McGillicutty used to be a tag team.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to he comments.

Be sure to post your thoughts on these matches below as well!!!

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Updated 04-19-2012 at 06:11 PM by Callum

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Why should a feud from an internet show all of a sudden make an appearance at a PPV?

    Also I would scrap the tag match too cause since Wrestlemania when has E&P defended it? What build up? If anything there will be a tag match between Brodus/Santino and Swagger/Ziggler.

    If the rumours are true, that match could then be handicap, and Otunga vs. Santino for the US title.
  2. Kaisered's Avatar
    Please have the the Tyson vs. McGillicutty match!!! Kidd is amazing in the ring and apparently Henning is getting better in the mic. Both of these men have great offensive maneuvers.

    Kidd has that arm trap, the over the rope neckbreaker, and his usage of the ropes is amazing

    Henning is great mat based wrestler, has the looks of someone you can automatically dislike,
    and has great in ring chemistry with Kidd

    Yes I think those two guys need lots of work but they give us the wrestling we love to see without much of the entertainment that other storylines have
  3. k_roll00's Avatar
    I don't like your tag team match, but other than that, the card looks fine. Let me just add that Punk vs Jericho should be the main event, with Brock vs Cena going before it. Bryan vs Sheamus before that.

    I think that Brock vs Cena should have a dirty finish to continue the feud. That is why I don't think it should be the main event.

    I would add Santino vs Otunga. Have Otunga win, maybe via interference from Mark Henry
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    I would kill to see the Tyson vs. Mcgillicutty match on the card at all, but a ladder match! I would love to see that match!
  5. Callum's Avatar
    The tag team match was just so a few more wrestler would be on the card.

    And if the Kidd/McGillicutty match were to happen then William Regal would have to be called down to commentary
    Updated 04-19-2012 at 06:09 PM by Callum
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Since no possibility of Kidd/McGuillicutty getting on the show.....consider this your dream booking. Like to see Kidd have an oppurtunity o.

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