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If you disliked The Rock coming back you should HATE BROCK!

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FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO THE WWE......well last year anyways and lots of the bloggers on this website started complaining. Why did people start to complain?

#1: His coming back stole the main event from other deserving WWE superstars. I hate to say this but there is a reason the Zigglers, Rhodes, and Barretts were not in the main event. THEY WERE NOT READY. The Rock could not steal the main event from someone who was not ready to be that level, or steal it from someone who was given a chance but they did not get over with the crowd.

#2: He only came back for the money? Really? The Rock is in the record books for making the most ever in a first time starring role with 5.5 million for The Scorpion King. Each movie he is a lead in he now makes over 10 million per movie so I am confident to say he did not come back for money. His net worth is at estimated at 82 million so I think he has enough money......

#3. He came back to promote his movies. You internet bloggers why you give wrestling fans that much credit? On average the WWE has about what 4 million fans per week who watch Raw in America. Newsflash the USA has about 307 million people. That is only about 1.3% of America that watches Raw. I am once again certain Rocky did not come back just to promote his movies to 1.3% of America. The same 1.3% who can see the commercials for his movies on any network or cable channel.

So why did The Rock come back? Maybe it was for his love of wrestling. So what if The Rock left again to make movies. Do you blame the guy!

The point of this is to say The Rock would be ok without wrestling. AS FOR BROCK.

Why did Brock come back? MONEY. He was washed up in the UFC and would never be the same in that league. I do not know how Brock handles his money but his chances for big paydays were out the door with his appearances in the UFC done, so that led him back to the WWE. Of course he came back only for the money because he can not get the money from anywhere else like he can with the WWE. Lesnar is THE GUY that Cena was trying to portray The Rock as. I hate Cena but when it comes to this feud I am pulling for Cena because like Cena or not at least he is there 24/7 and just does not show up to get 5 million bucks to appear 30 times in a year. Brock will be gone after next year. It amazes me how people forgot how Brock last ended up with the WWE. At least when The Rock would leave back in the early 2000s to make movies his last matches would be of the same quality that they always were. BROCK is a CROCK and the WWE will be better off without that washed up UFC fighter.

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  1. justinc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death
    So was Rock's last match before he left for d-list movies. People should remember that as well.
    Wait so what match are you considering The Rock's last before he left? When he jobbed to Lesnar and dropped the title to him? Or do you mean when he jobbed to Goldberg?
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like that Rock/Lesnar are back to be honest with you. Get to see those dream matches that we've talked about for years. Matches such as Rock/Cena, Lesnar/Austin, Cena/Lesnar and so forth. For anyone who is complaining about this obviously wasn't a fan during their time in the WWE. People have been talking about the possibility of Lesnar's return to the WWE in 2005.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I was really excited when Rocky came back, he deserved the ovation he got when he returned and every time he was out there. Say what you will about why he came back but the guy roots as deep as any inthe company, you cannot deny his love of wrestling. He came back for the grandest stage with the top dog today. Even if he hadn't he had nothing left to accomplish but still came back because that's what the fans wanted. I could go the rest of my life without seeing Brock in the ring again. I like the element that he brings to the 'E but he was just never that great to me. And had he finished his MMA career at his peek, he would not have come back to the 'E. he just wants the glory.
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