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My Opinion on How to Fix the problems in the WWE

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There is a few things I don't understand about the WWE, I seen so many sure fire things that will be a instant success that the WWE seems to put more effort in to making it fail than they do to make it work... Here is a few Ideas I have that I think could make The WWE better creatively and financially.

This might not appeal to everybody, But now That Smackdown talent are also on Raw, whats the point in having Two World titles? They can still keep Raw Talent off of Smackdown mostly and have just 1 title, Just make the champion be on both brands. The Two big Belts really have been hurt with lack of quality feuds and matches.

The Royal Rumble use to be such a big deal, If you win it you earn a Title shot in the main event at Wrestlemania, It was a huge honor and a big deal to win the Rumble. The WWE wants you believe it is a Dream come true to win the Royal Rumble cause you get a huge reward, the main event at the biggest event of the year "Wrestlemania" for the WWE championship. but on The next Raw or SmackDown they have a 10 man mini Royal Rumble and the man who wins that also gets a title shot at Wrestlemania, and Last time I checked the man who won the The 10 man battle Royal on Free TV was much higher on the card Than The Rumble winner was. Actually the Rumble Winner most of the time is below the other mini Rumble winners match on the Wrestlmaina card. Hell for the last 2 years its been the opening match. Make much sense? if I was a Wrestler I just skip the Rumble and win the 10 man battle Royal on the Following Raw or Smackdown..... It use to be if You survived the Elimination chamber you earned a Title match at Mania, but now its as simple as a Mini battle royal win gets you the WWE title match and main event of Wrestlemania. I think 1 title would make Wrestlemania seem more of a must see and the Royal Rumble much more important.

Make one World Title and One Midcard title. It will make the titles seem more important. WWE wouldn't lose any money, They can still run double the house shows, they can do like they did in the 80's and run a A show with the Champion (Raw) and a B show (Smackdown) with the IC title... Most house shows in the 80's had Hogan and a few other Mid Card and main event names and the B Show featured Macho Man, Jake the Snake and a whole host of others.... So have Your Cena and Punk on one show and Your Orton and Kanes on your B show. Or switch it around. They got enough over talent in Sheamues, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Miz, R Truth, John Cena, Kane, Miz and a soon to return Rey Mysterio to run 2 shows without a world champion on both shows. That is plenty of talent to run 2 mediocre house shows. No one cares if The title is defended on house shows, Most house shows are crap any way and people just go there to see the wrestlers in person and for the atmosphere. No one Thinks they are gonna see a classic match or a Title change.

I know what everyone is thinking, How is cheaper PPVs gonna equal more money? $55 dollars for a PPV is just insane. Other than Wrestlemania and MITB with Cena vs Punk I never attempted to purchase a PPV. The more money it is the more people will illegally stream or just get 7 or 8 people at 1 place to see the PPV. I Think $35 is plenty for a average WWE event, I dont think they will lose money, They might not gain money but More people will watch their product and I think it will be better overall... They could even be like a Cable package deal Cable providers could have for the non big 4 WWE events, Order all 8 for a discount of $300 or something like that and for Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series (is it still considered part of the Big 4 even?) you could have it at $65 or dollars (that would lift the big 3 of the Big 4 PPVs 10 dollars)... The WWE could even advertise on the PPV with more sponsorss, If they are 400k buys instead of 300k buys than more sponsors will wanna advertise on your PPV and pay more money.

I really think alot more people will order, I know I would Order more than 1 a year if the PPVs were $35.... I mean why would I pay $55 dollars when in 3 weeks it will be on DVD for $20 or simply wait a few months and watch it on WWE onDemand for free with the already $8 dollar a month service I pay.... WWE is not a legit Sport, So unlike Boxing or the UFC their isnt that huge urge to see it live when it happens and the PPV's are simply not compelling enough to care who wins to he point when you pay almost $60 dollars to see it live when it happens. I mean do you really care that much to see right then and there who Wins Del Rio or CM Punk to pay $60? or If Randy Orton can beat Cody Rhodes? or If Cena will embrace the Hate when he faces Kane?... Most the matches have 2 weeks build and no one really is that invested to invest $60 dollars for a throw away PPV.

Raw and SmackDown lost that unpredictability. I was Watching Raw from 1997/1998, and even the terrible shows had that unpredictable feel.... For Example, At the Start of Raw Vince belittled Kane and The Undertaker, Told them that no one fears them anymore and the locker room laughs at them and then preceded to tell them they have become noting but little pussies. Vince McMahon Left Raw and Kane and Undertaker was so enraged by Vince Mcmahon's comments that they interrupted almost every match in progress through the whole 2 hour show and beat down who ever was at ringside or in the ring when they got there, Heel or Face it didn't matter. In the end Vince Mcmahon came out the ramp looking at the destruction Kane and Taker cause and smiled. Mcmahon made those comments to light a fire under The Brothers of Destruction.

In another Raw, Austin Opens the Show begging for a Street Fight with Bret Hart, Going nuts cause he cant wait to get his hands on Hart. Thru the Show Austin is pounding down doors looking for Bret Hart. The Street fight begins in the Ring and Bulldog and Owen beat Austin down badly with Bret Hart helping, Shawn Michaels comes out and chases Bulldog and Owen with a chair. Austin and Hart continue to fight, Austin destroys Harts leg with a Chair, Puts a SharpShooter on Hart and wont let him go. Hart finally gets stretchered out, Gorila Monsoon argues with Austin and Throws him out of the arena, Austin hides in the ambulance and beats Bret Down, Bulldog and Owen beat the hell out of Austin and officals break it up. Bulldog and Owen go on the hunt all night for Austin to pay him back for what he did the Bret... Meanwhile Undertaker and HHH are in the main event, at the End of the match Mankind comes down to the Ring to with a blow torch to burn the Undertakers face, Goldust and Terri Runnels attack HHH and Chyna from the crowd and beat the crap out of them and in the End Bulldog and Owen finally get their hands on Austin and attack him violently, HBK makes the save again with the chair then Brian Pillman comes out of the crowd and destroys Austin...... Wow just reading that gets you exhausted.

My point is there is no chaos on Raw or Smackdown, It actually seems like it is segment for segment, No unpredictability... A Wrestling show needs that, It needs that realism and that gritty feel.... And No Guys its not a PG thing, I'm talking about just more chaos more personal hate feuds. Besides Punk and Jericho they are no feuds built on hate or revenge... Punk and Cena's feuds with heels were built on them smirking at the heels and making sarcastic remarks, No real passion or desire to fight or get revenge on them. Even Ortons feuds which were more built on Revenge and hate seem pretty tamed, Orton would just sit there and say calmly "Im Randy Orton, Blah Blah Blah". Most feuds today are built on making wise cracks and funny comments, No true anger is shown in the todays feuds.

This bugs me so much. For example, Lets take Del Rio for a example. Del Rio will be in the main event picture, bury all the mid card faces in 5 min matches, Have a main event PPV match or maybe Two, Then for 2 months he is buried losing to Kofi Kingston, R Truth, Being Beat by CM Punk is squash matches. All of a sudden they give him another main event run and give the title to him for a month and Job him out again..... So why the Fuck would I care about Del Rio if for months he jobbed to mid carders and suddenly he wins 1 match and I accept him to face John Cena or CM Punk the same guys that beat him without effort on Raw a few weeks earlier? Its Stupid.

Samething goes for Miz, Sheamuse and every other person in the main event that isn't Cena, Punk or Orton... Miz main events Wrestlemania and then is jobbing to Everyone on free TV, Even Alex Riley who is now a Jobber... Its dumb, A wrestler is hot for a few weeks or a month then he is nothing but a jobber, Below Mid card even.... The Wrestling fans need stability, You cant make Mark Henry dominate and destroy everyone in his path then in 3 weeks make him a jobber, Then make him a main eventer again.... Whats the point of Del Rio putting over Kofi Kingston or R Truth of you are not gonna do anything with Them? Whats the point of Putting Alex Riley over The Miz if your just gonna make Riley a Jobber?. I simply dont get it, Is just confuses me and makes me think everyone is a jobber besides John Cena, CM Punk, Undertaker, Randy Orton and HHH. Other than that the rest of the roster gets lucky here and there.

Wrestling isnt real but I mean come on its still a TV show. Show some respect and stability in the product... Try Building talent before throwing them in the main event, and When someone loses the championship Dont Job them out, it makes the title look worthless.

WWE needs more number one contenders matches. Not mini battle royals, Not thrown together triple threats, NO, Im talking about One on One Number 1 contenders feud. For the Heavyweight or IC championship.

This makes the title look special, It makes it look more legit and the guys who are facing the champion seems more like a threat and more deservant of the opportunity to meet the champion. Have the Number one Contenders matches at PPVs to set up the next title match and even have the #1 contender matches be the main event of a Raw or Smackdown..... I hate how People getting to challenge for the title are just thrown in the mix without even having a match at the previous PPV. WWE could Even have a Tournament on Raw or Smack Down for the number 1 contender and have the finals at the PPV. They are several ways to decide a number one contender.

Things need to be shaken up now and then, The battle royals are fine also and the random just a guy on a tiny roll challenging the champion for no reason can be used also but to have number 1 contenders matches and tournaments would be a great change of pace, Even have the champ pinned in a tag match to set up the feuds.

I hate when they have the champion face someone and if they beat him in any way then he gets a title shot, That to me is dumb to use it so many times, I don't wanna see a match several times before the PPV bout. Example, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk had so many matches on Raw that their Rumble match sucked. The matches on Free TV were much better.

Cowardly and cheating heels are fun but The whole entire Roster of heels shouldn't be cowardly and chicken shit heels... I mean come on, Christian, Miz, Del Rio, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler are basically all the same kinda heels.... People like Kane and Mark Henry are dominate for a month or so but they also fall in to the chicken shit heel category (to a much lesser extent then the men i mentioned above). I was watching Survivor series 1988. The main event had the Mega Powers (Savage and Hogan) Along with Hercules, Koko Beware and Hillbilly Jim vs The Twin Towers (Akeem and the Big Bossman), The Million Dollar Man, Haku and The Red Rooster. The Million Dollar man played a Great cunning heel and The Twin Towers were the Dominate heels destroying everything in their path and Haku was dangerous heel. They were several different kind of heels, They didn't play the same kinda Heel. They didnt cower away and Run from Everything Hogan and Savage did and cheat constantly, They held their Own or at least tried too.

How can fans root for the face when the Heel is not even considered a threat, You have to make the Good Guy seem like he is in some trouble.

I know that this Blog has alot of misspells and I apologize for that in advanced and it is a little lengthy. but so many things in Wrestling need to change for the better. Looking at past WWF/WWE programing helped me see the Flaws in today's product and it has nothing to do with Cena or PG.... I would also like to See the IC or US title be the main event for a Raw or Smackdown, It would make for Great TV if a compelling feud would be the main event of a Raw or SmackDown involving the IC or US title.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'd like to start off by saying you've clearly stated facts that I agree with. For the most part "your opinion", somewhat turned itself into a simple rant. Good Blog though bud. On a side note I'm actually curious as to where you are from?
  2. Lowki's Avatar
    I loved the chaos, man! That's what i truly miss, too. That's what made the attitude era great; it wasn't the fact it was "mostly" non-PG. You can destroy every, during every match, in any TV rating.
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    I loved the chaos, man! That's what i truly miss, too. That's what made the attitude era great; it wasn't the fact it was "mostly" non-PG. You can destroy every, during every match, in any TV rating. Another great moment was Austin hunting down the NWO during a whole episode of Smackdown.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I agree with your points. Unfortunately, the things you want to see...the fixes that I'm sure many of us agree with, are a thing of the past. What we saw with Lesnar and Cena last week...that's the extent of chaos we get...and someone in charge of creative seems to have a major case of ADHD because they seem to run with a "what have you done for me lately" style of booking...Alberto Del Rio being the obvious exception. For whatever reason, the creative team, or Vince McMahon, or whoever just LOOOOOOVES him.
  5. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    if we keep getting this "raw supershow" then we should have an undisputed champion already. enough is enough.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Rather than talk about the midcard/tag talk about the main event.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I'm actually born and raised in the United States of America. I apologize for my poor paragraphing and my poor use of writing grammar, I only went to school till the 4th grade and dropped out, I never actually learned to write properly. So that might explain why you might think I'm foreign. Not to mention that also I'am Lazy in fixing some errors that I do see in the Blog now.
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