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The Abdominal Stretch: Playing Catch Up...Smackdown, TNA, and Raw

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Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with another edition of, The Abdominal Stretch. I didn't post one this weekend because there was a lot going on and time didn't permit. So now, I have to play catch up.

I posted yesterday that it was Monday and I wasn't excited. At the end of it, I wished that Raw would prove me wrong and not disappoint me. Unfortunately, it did. I don't know what it is. Perhaps its the WM hangover finally wearing off and we're back to business as usual for the WWE, which means cruise controlling it until they deem it time to breathe life back into wrestling again. But there's a lot to catch up on, so I'll get right to it.

How Great is Blast from the Past?

I remember last year, or year and a half ago, whenever it was, when Raw did a 3 hour special and it was a throwback episode with legends, the older formats and everything else. It was special. I absolutely love and appreciate when WWE does things like Blast from the Past. Did it do anything major to push the building toward Extreme Rules? Not really. A little with Orton/Kane but not much else. But Smackdown wasn't really about that. Giving the stars, not just from yesterday, but from last week, a chance to shine and be involved again. Piper's Pit, Dusty Rhodes, Hacksaw and Sgt Slaughter...Gotta love that. Of course, Michael Cole ruined it and I wish they would have done to him with they did to Ricardo at the end. But Pat Patterson decking him one was great. Smackdown didn't disappoint. I love and fully appreciate seeing the legends.

Was Impact a Good Build Up and Did Lockdown Deliver?

First, I'll start by saying that Lockdown had one of the best cards on paper I've seen in a while, in both TNA and WWE. For months I've been waiting for the legitimate Roode vs Storm rematch. I was happy to see Matt Morgan and Crimson locking horns again. The Lethal Lockdown aka Single Ring War Games pinned two great teams and saw the return of RVD. The Knockouts, and of course, Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy. Get Hardy in a cage, even today, and who knows what the hell's going to happen. The final segment with Roode and Storm, was just as good, if not better, than anything Cena and Rock did in their build up to WM. A+ for Impact, even with the ODB/EY Wedding.

Fast forward to Lockdown. I didn't see it. So I could definitely use some help with this. I skimmed the results and it seemed like a good event. It seems like it didn't really disappoint. So I must now bring up the question that follows my TNA post from last week. Do they have momentum now? For the first time in a while, I'm excited for Thursday. That's a good thing, right?

And Now, Onto To Raw....or more importantly, WWE.

Has "Yes" Become Just Utterly Annoying?

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! It certainly has. I'll be honest. I am a Daniel Bryan fan. And while I still wish WWE would've handled his heel gimmick in a more legit manner, the past is the past and I can't dwell on it. Now, I appreciated the Miami crowd in their protest over the screwing of Daniel Bryan at WM. But now, he renamed the LaBell Lock the Yes Lock? Weak. The crowd is going to yell "Yes" after everything anyone says, just like they did with Stone Cold's "What"? Weak. Couple that with Michael Cole's commentary and I'll watching Raw on mute soon.

Lord Tensai? A Match With Cena AND They Let Him Speak?

Okay. Let's start with the letting him speak thing. He sounded like Jabba the Hutt forgot half of his lines when talking to Han Solo. If you want Fat Hakushi to be taken seriously, forget the talking.

Now onto the match. I don't know if it was a good idea to put him in that match with Cena. Cena is too fast paced and Fat Hakushi wasn't able to mesh well. And I don't wanna hear anything about style difference because Mark Henry compensated just fine in his match with CM Punk. Tensai botched twice, and at times, he really looked confused. And in my opinion, his push just got cheapened by his win. The only exciting thing about this match was the fact that his little escort guy seems like he could lay anyone out with the quickness. They should drop Albert and get rid of him, but keep his worshiper or escort or whatever he is.

How Stale is John Laurenaitis?

It's clearly an angle that's not going anywhere. He's a pain on the ears and a waste of valuable television time. We're back again with a GM who's just going to screw people over and make ridiculous matches and show up 4 times a show. Sounds like Vince McMahon from the Attitude Era, Eric Bischoff from the mid 2000's, and the Anonomys Lap Top GM. I'm sure there were more in between, but this is getting stupid now.

And here is a bonus.

How I Would Have Booked CM Punk vs Jericho for Extreme Rules:

Okay. We still have another week before Extreme Rules. Basically, that means one more episode of Raw before the PPV. There is nothing that the WWE could do that can hype the Jericho/Punk match any further. So what are they going to do next week to avoid monotony? Here's how I would book it.

1. The night after WM, have Jericho come out, after Punk's match with Mark Henry, and jaw at him and so on and so forth. Punk jaws back. Jericho throws a drink in his face. Punk goes after him and Jericho escapes thru the crowd.

2. The next Raw, Jericho interrupts the match between Punk and Henry, causing a DQ. Henry, pissed off, delivers World's Strongest Slam to Punk an walks out. Jericho smiles, makes cracks like, "Hey, that's what Punk's dad looks like on the couch with an empty bottle" etc...

3. This past Monday on Raw, just what they did. Jericho shows Punk go into the bar and then when Punk wants to say something, Jericho disappears from the titantron.

4. Next week on Raw, do the breaking of the bottle over the head and dousing him with alcohol. That would be your high point and tension that makes everyone say, "Holy *&@!, I wonder what's going to happen at Extreme Rules".

I realize that this blog seemed to be very Pro-TNA and anti-WWE. The fact is, that's where I'm at right now. WWE is lagging and anti-climatic, whereas TNA is giving their best effort with what they have to work with. I posted yesterday that It's Monday and I'm Not Excited. And that was the truth. The other part of it was, I'm very excited for this coming Thursday.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and I welcome your comments, especially those who watched Lockdown and can add more insight to it.

Be sure to check out my second Abdominal Stretch later this week. It won't be a recapping of the shows, it'll be more geared toward my thoughts on Extreme Rules, WWE, and Brock Lesnar. My views may not be popular but it promises to be an interesting read.

Be safe everyone.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    How Great is Blast from the Past?; Last weeks Smackdown was horrific. Had the E' followed the same lay out they did a year or so ago, I would have been completely content. I'm all for having that one night a year in which we're brought back to the "good ol' days". Seeing some old faces, mixed in with the early 90's look is a totally awesome concept. Yet Smackdown last week...well...was simply weak. No relevance really, and seemed utterly boring, and insignificant. Was Impact a Good Build Up and Did Lockdown Deliver?; HELL YEA!!!! I'm not the BIGGEST TNA fan, yet I still tune in every week. To answer your question as to wether or not they have the upper hand. I'll sure as hell say YES to that one. Impact last week, was definitely worth watching. (compare it to this weeks Raw, and hands down it was the better show). On a side note, I was not totally impressed with Lockdown. The mere build up for the ppv was worth more than the actual watch. Either way, with TNA's recent bookings lately, I'll be sure to continue tuning in. (I'm a wrestling fan, that does NOT mean I prefer TNA over the E', it simply means I enjoy what both products deliver. Despite the E' being slightly repetitive as of late, my loyalty to the show still stands.) Has "Yes" Become Just Utterly Annoying?; To be honest, here's my deal. I find the chant, new, refreshing. The fans of today (may it be the younger generation or not), needed something "new and catchy". I love hearing the "YES" chant, from the fans alone. What has become annoying more than anything, is how Bryan is delivering it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge D-Bryan fan. I love how he works the mic and what not, yet changing the name of your actual finisher to the "Yes Lock?!? What ass clown in "creative" approved the idea?!?! Imagine Austin changing the "Stone Cold Stunner" to the "What Stunner".... Sounds well thought out eh?? I can sure as hell guarantee you Bryan had nothing to do with it... Lets *hint* at the fact that it was a Mcmahon idea. Lord Tensai? A Match With Cena AND They Let Him Speak?; The match was simply filler. Lesnar is not traveling across seas due to his contract stipulations. I see the Cena vs Tensai match as immediate filler. Letting him speak, was just as botched as his match. People may hate on Otunga not being able to take a bump, and being sloppy, but HELL!!!! A-Train you have years of experience!! They brought you back promising you a BIG push... Try and look slightly a bit more professional out there... How Stale is John Laurenaitis?; As stale as ever.... Mind you, I do like the new entrance music. Makes me kind of laugh when I see him coming out to it. "Enough said". As to how you would have booked the CM Punk/Jericho feud; I full out agree. They kind of tossed the past few weeks in the wrong order. I think the concept of the feud is genius. I simply will add, Jericho will not be around much longer due to his Fozzy Tour coming up soon. It's easy to see that Punk will be getting the win at E.R. (the mere fact that it's in Punks' hometown is proof of it). I just hope there's some kind of twist to the end of it.... Cue in Laurenaitis and Tensai coming out. Tensai vs Punk feud begins. Enjoyed the blog "Savior". I'm glad you kept up with the new name. Credit to yours truly!!! As for the new format, still loving it. Cheers!
  2. akbar's Avatar your complaint about DB and the yes chants seems abit unnecessary if you ask me, feels like you have to have something to complain about because you cant accept WWE is doing something right. in no way is the chant annoying and its something fresh...i also disagree with you on johnny ace, i enjoy but on other note i agree with your opinion on Tensai. (i say all this in a friendly manner ofc )

    and i watched lockdown and heres my review of was a let down...angle/hardy was always going to be great so thats the only positive but like you i was soo excited about the roode/storm match, great rivalry with great promos and great histories and here you had te opportunity to give storm in his hometown a memoriable title win (think HBK in wm 12) but they blew with ANOTHER dumb ppv finish for roode...
  3. BAhalliday's Avatar
    GREAT article. Perfect fantasy booking, i dig the throwback shows but i thought pipers pit dragged. Lockdown was good, Flair stole the show with a promo. It was VERY funny. I really like Roode and dont think he should lose the title anytime soon.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I think I disagree with 99% of this blog :/
  5. jonod's Avatar
    Really sorry mate but I disagree with 100% of this blog. But that is the beauty of right of free speech! I really really hope I'm not the only person in the world that likes Lord Tensai - he could be amazing if the crowd just let him.
  6. Y2JBITW's Avatar
    i think your being harsh on this past mondays raw, it was britain after all and i was expecting nothin more than a filler episode of raw, its always been the same everytime they come to the uk, and tensai beating cena was cool, brocks interview was great and i like how punk beat henry thought it was great for the fans in attendeance and when they come to the uk the only thing they do for their shows is book it to please the attending fans, wwe is great right now and i stopped reading when you got to tna...cos lockdown airs on tv tonight, dont want any spoilers....
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    I'm a bit of an E' mark, mostly ever since Hogan/Bitchoff (Lol Steiner) came into TNA, I feel it's killed the product but I'm half and half with your opinion of the E', I'd say they are doing more right than wrong now however they need something else to really give it that extra kick. I thought the Punk vs Henry match from RAW was great, Best match I've seen on RAW in a while. I like the yes chants too, where as I like Albert, I don't like Lord Tensai. I reckon he'll turn into a new Brodus (except his gimmick wont be at least entertaining) Good blog though man, keep it up!
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