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TOP 10 Divas/Knockouts Entrances - w/ Videos

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Ok so I've seen a few entries on here about the top entrances of superstars but I feel as if the divas and knockouts should get some recognition!

So let's get started! Top 10 of all time!

10. Torrie Wilson

Why? No matter what the music, Torrie had a sexy entrance and usually got a good pop from the crowd!

9. Maryse

Maryse had a good entrance because she came to the ring with attitude and the song and theme helped her with this attitude she had, plus the hair flick is always a winner!

8. Laycool

Sorry about the length of the video, but they had a good clean entrance that showed their arrogance but their team chemistry! Bring Laycool back I say!

7. Mickie James

I picked her WWE entrance simply because the music matched her gimmick of the bubbly character and she always got a big pop from the crowd with her interaction with the audience. I do like new hardcore country Mickie James, but personally prefer her when she was the big diva of WWE.

6. Candice Michelle

I picked this one because this was when Candice was most popular with the WWE universe but she was a HELL of a lot sexier when she was a heel and her wand in the slowed down entrance, but nonetheless Candice is still smokin'

5. Kharma

This Diva really brought entrances to a new level! This entrance scared the audience and shows the tension she can bring! She must return soon!

4. Lita

During when Lita was face she had an amazing entrance, the song got the crowd pumped and matched Lita perfectly. She brought excitement and edge to the ring everytime she came down!

3. Trish Stratus

Not number 1! :O although she may of been diva of the decade and she still had a good sexy entrance, I still believe someone else deserves top spot!

2. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)

These 2 gave excitement to TNA by LETTING THE PIGEONS LOOSE but it was an amazing entrance and really got the crowd roaring! It's a good job Velvet is still carrying it on even though she's on her own now!


I believe that Melina had THE best entrance! you cannot beat the splits and the papparazi! she truly knew how to sell herself with the crowd whether she was playing face or heel. WWE shouldn't of released her!

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  1. kidcontra's Avatar
    I didn't know who the beautiful people were....but they win! In the words of the immortal Billy Gun..."Imma an ass man!"...P.S. Check out my music, por favor, you won't be sorry.....
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