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The African Americans in wrestling today.

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Back in the 90's where african american wrestlers were just breaking thru they came in and captivated the sport but what has happen? Guys like The Rock-D'lo Brown-Mark Henry- Ahmed Jackson-Farooq(Ron Simmons) and Rikishi had paved the way for other guys to come in but to me all seems lost. Here are some of the guys today that wasted thier talent.

Eziekal Jackson- As soon as i saw him i thought ok big guy, incrediable strength but then as soon as brian kendrick left his lack of chrisma showed. This guy can't talk to save his life but mangement really wants to push him. His moveset is decent but not effective. Crowds rally behind him but after a minute it dies down.

Sheldon Benjamin- He was one of my favorites especially when he beat HHH. His abilty is unmatched and mat skills unchallenged. Like many though his chrisma was horrible. He could keep a crowd entertained with his style in the ring but the mic snooze ville. He needed a manger bad but when they brought they lady to play momma that was the WRONG DIRECTION. He still has a shot at being something great just not with that gold standered gimmick.

Kofi Kingston- Great entrance, nice moveset, sells merchendise but yet again sucks on the mic which slows his career down. I watched his feud with randy i wasnt impressed at all if anything it showed he's weak. Orton only shoved kofi into the cage and this guy had to ejected out of the match come on son. Miz made a point when he said kofi is an after thought cause he is. The guy cant sell a match or a feud. He needs to break out of his shell and let the rage flow thru then watch him skyrocket.

D'angelo Dinero- I liked him better in wwe. He was pushed more often and had a hell of a gimmick as Elijah Burke express. This pimp gimmick he got leave it to God Father son. He has everything it takes to be a champ chrisma-abilty-merchendise-fan base. Mangement needs to see this before wrestling looses a great athlete.

Jay Lethal- His leaping ability is crazy and actually has chrisma and a fan base. I wasnt much of a fan when i started to watch tna i was more of a sonja dutt kinda guy but when he feuded with Flair he grabbed my attention. I still watch the clip of portaying Fliar on youtube it's a classic. Unfortunely tna missed out and lost one of thier best. He has a bright future hope he capatilizes on it.

JTG- Great chrisma and ring abilty but somethings off bout him. He cant seem to break thru and i don't know why. His moves are really good but sometimes sloppy and can never win a big one. He needs Shad back and go back to tag teaming. Cryme Tyme lol

R Truth- I hate lil jimmy and that gimmick too. No doubting he has chrisma and pure skills in the ring but his look isnt WHC standered and thats the truth. When he goes back to being a heel hopefully then he will start winning some titles.

Thats my view on todays African American wrestlers maybe someday well get another rock but for now i'll accept what we got.

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Seems like the rock made the biggest impact out of all his fellow black wrestlers includingg his own father.
  2. getwititorgetlost87's Avatar
    The Rock isn't Black he's Samoan.
  3. darkrage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by getwititorgetlost87
    The Rock isn't Black he's Samoan.
    he is half black and half samoan
  4. darkrage's Avatar
    nice list but its not complete without booker t, the boogeyman, mvp, bobby lashley, and d von all of which are great in the ring and all but lashley were good on the mic
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    And Xavier Woods, Koko B Ware, Bobo Brazil, Bob Sapp, D-Von Dudley, New Jack, Stevie Ray, Butch Reed, Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson are all great African American wrestlers!
  6. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    This was a pretty good blog. Yes some AA wrestlers were left off bit those named are pretty formidable. It does piss me off as an AA that wrestling organizations especially the WWE seemed to miss the boat on seriously pushing AA talent the Rock notwithstanding. Others seem to get buried. I was real upset when Shelton Benjiman got buried cause he had more in terms of movesey than anyone the E has had but they dont push AA talent.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Agreed. There are too many great African American wrestlers left off this list over time. But if you're talking just about the ones of today, you can't leave out Booker T, D-Von, or MVP. All great athletes. All with the same skill level, charisma, fan base, etc.

    Good Blog, and good idea. Now be fair and do one for Latin Americans.
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