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The 5 Most Underrated Tag Teams of All Time

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Hey guys, hope all is well, Knox here. I'm blogging on tag teams this week. Lookout for "The 5 Worst Tag Teams of All Time" as well. Hope you enjoy this small series. For this blog in particular I'm touching on the most underrated teams. The majority of my list will consist from the 80s which is before I was born but I still know a little bit of something from that time, hope you enjoy.

The teams on this list were actual teams that were together for atleast two years. Ok lets kick this off.

The 5 Most Underrated Tag Teams of All Time:

5. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Great guys right here. These are two guys that remind me alot of the Hardy's and the Rockers at the sametime. They were insane in the ring. Great chemistry. I'd like to see them return to the WWE together one day. Kendrick has alot of personality and would do awesome in a stable with themselves and maybe Santino and Brodus Clay, that would be something for the kids but none the less, they would do some pretty funny and entertaining things together.

4. The Faces of Fear (Haku & The Barbarian)

Haku which indeed is one of my favorite wrestlers. I have a weird favorite wrestlers list. I mean the likes of Haku, Shannon Moore, Sean O'Haire and Ted Dibiase Jr.. But that's besides the point. These guys were so good in WCW when they were in that stable with Kevin Sullivan, it was good stuff. They were a very dominant team that I enjoyed to watch.

3. The Fabulous Rougeaus Brothers

Very very underrated guys. They were awesome heels and one of the most hated teams of the 80s but never really got that solid push they deserved. They were real brothers which is rare because most brothers on WWE programming aren't real brothers. They were great in the ring and had amazing chemistry.

2. The Powers of Pain (The Warlord & The Barbarian)

Well, here's Barbarian again. Great talent and the Warlord was a very dominant wrestler. I've seen plenty of big powerhouses in professional wrestling but the Warlord might have had the sickest and most brute force with his moves I've ever seen. The Barbarian was no pushover either. They sort of dressed just like the Road Warriors so I honestly don't know who ripped who off. I'm hoping someone will comment this and tell me. None the less, great team.

1. Cryme Tyme

I feel like this is a team that should've been one of those teams that stayed toegther for over 15 years just like The Dudleys and the Road Warriors. They were such a new fresh look. Its not everyday you see two black wrestlers booked as good guy thieves and are actually very very well over with the fans. The ovations these guys were getting was insane.

I mean it was a bad stereotype to associate with blacks because that's how alot of the public views us but the fact that Vince made them babyfaces made it cool in my book. There merchandise sales were high, the fans ate these guys up.

Word Up was a cool show they did, I wish they could've did that as an in-ring show. They had an amazing feud with Trevor Murdoch & the late Lance Cade and that was a very amazing feud of two underrated tag teams. Apparently they had an even bigger feud backstage which costed Cryme Tyme their jobs but eventually they returned.

Their feud with Big Show & Jericho was one of the best tag team feuds I seen in a while. I think everybody in the arena at Summerslam that year just new Cryme Tyme would win those belts but sadly they didn't and they never even became Tag Team champs ever. That was a low blow in my opinion.

They were a perfect combination. The big muscular 6'7'' Shad. He was pretty green but still he had some power moves. JTG was the little guy and was amazing in the ring. What made these two so amazing was their personality. I mean "That Money Money (Fans) Yeah Yeah" was a pretty over chant that usually got the crowd hyped.

They were so over that they were doing alot of mainevent things with John Cena when they formed the brief Cryme Tyme Cena (CTC) stable. When they destroyed JBL's limo that was priceless my friends. Great moment. I even heard after Shad left, Cena tried to get JTG a push but to no luck. He was able to use his pull to get Evan Bourne and Ryder a push but no luck for JTG I guess.

When the WWE decided to break up that stable it was a tragedy. The worst booking ever. The fans didn't like it and had no plans for seeing them as opponents. Just a bitter end to a great team but I pretty much know for a fact they will be back as a team. If Triple H is serious about the Tag Team division he'll bring back Shad and try to help boost the division again because these guys made Tag Team wrestling relevant again for me atleast.

When you make it as a team for four years without every winning the Tag Titles, something must be interesting about that team. Something about them kept the fans interest. They made themselves a big hit in the WWE without ever holding those belts and that's special because I know teams that win the belt that are just as vanilla as ice.

Honorable Mentions: The Motor City Machine Guns & Beer Money

I wanted to highlight these teams right here for the guys who aren't TNA fans. But Beer Money and MCMG are two of the greatest tag teams you'll ever see and I stand by that. They in my opinion had the greatest tag team feud of all time in that best of 5 series. Great stuff. I saved the best for last and kept it off the ranking because the chemistry these guys have together are second to none.

I've said for the longest time that Beer Money is the greatest tag team of all time and I mean that. I'm sick of people thinking you have to wrestle or succeed in the WWE to be validated as the greatest. Beer Money is the greatest tag team of all the time hands down enough said. As long as their in TNA, they will always be considered underrated so that's why they're on this list.

The breakup was cool, I hope James Storm gets another decent run as TNA World Champ. Then within the next few years, I'd like to see them make a return together to go one more time. Greatest team ever.

Hope you all enjoyed this one, thanks for reading and please leave feedback as well as your own lists as well. Hope you all don't get bent out of shape on me calling Beer Money the greatest Tag Team of all time but I believe that, that's the beauty of opinions. Be safe guys and thanks again. Until then.

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  1. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    Just to add something to this list, in no particular order:
    and TRIPLE X
  2. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Nice list Knox, although I think Warlord was a weak link on Powers of Pain, but Mr. Fuji made up for it. I'd have gone with the Colossal Connection, Haku and Andre the Giant. Here's a few more:
    -Steve Williams and Terry Gordy
    -Doom(Butch Reed and Ron Simmons)
    -The Varsity Club(Rick Steiner and Mike Rotundo)
    -The Eliminators(Saturn and Kronus)
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    The Young Bucks/Generation Me was always impressive, but still underrated.
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    The MCMG series with Beer Money was amazing but I don't think they're the best team of all time, I think that honour should go to the other team in that series

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