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Scott Steiner: Bitter Without A Cause

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I just finished an article on Scott Stiener's recent Twitter postings RE: TNA, etc, and it got me thinking, just how bitter is this guy and what really does he have to be so angry about ?

Steiner has been brutal towards TNA booking, etc. Regardless of wether you think they have done a good or bad job overall lately in that area, Steiner never once has thanked or acknowledged in anyway the fact that TNA even gave him a job to begin with, when apparently no one else in the wrestling industry was willing to do so.

Steiner has attacked Eric Bischoff, calling him an "idiot" among other things, particularly for praising Ric Flair at a TV production meeting as a "two time HOF'er". OK, even if you think Bischoff is a bit of a hypocrite RE: Flair given their well known issues in the past, has Steiner ever publicly acknowledged the fact that EZ E gave him the biggest push and contract extension he ever had during his "Big Poppa Pump" heyday with the NWO in the late 90s ? Breaking up the Steiners Bros Tag Team, having Scott turn heel, creating the whole "Poppa Pump" persona, joining the NWO, who was behind all that, wasnt it Bischoff ? Certainly the huge contract he got in 1998 was spearheaded by Bischoff. Has Steiner ever publicly acknowledged this ?

Steiner rants excessively on Flair & Hogan, almost to the point of obsession. I dont think Brett Hart ranted on the Montreal Screwjob as much. My first question is why, Hogan was a major force creatively in WCW when Steiner got his big push & payday, if Hogan was against him why did he get pushed to the moon in 98-99 ? Flair on the other hand had almost no stroke with Bischoff during that time so he certainly wasnt holding him back. Steiner got his break in the industry thanks to Flair, who pitched him hard to WCW management as a favor to Rick Steiner. It seems to me these guys did far more to make his career than they ever did to hurt it.

Steiner goes off on Triple H, HBK, & Vince McMahon almost as often as he does on Flair & Hogan. Never any mention of the fact that Vince hired him TWICE to work for him (also, if the first stint didnt go as well as Steiner would have liked whose fault was that, Flair, Hogan, HHH, Bischoff, none of them were involved with WWE during that time, hardly if at all). Steiner was pushed into the main events and put over heavily on WWE TV when he returned for is last stint almost immediately.

I get that maybe he thinks his career should have been bigger and better appreciated than it was, though he certainly had a good career by any measure. I get where maybe he's jealous of Flair, Hogan, HHH, all of whom have surpassed him in national recognition and in ring success. At some point though shouldnt you give credit where it's due, and isnt some of your failures your own fault, regardless of who you worked with or how you were booked ? Hogan has had his differences with Flair & McMahon but has repeatedly put them over for different things (McMahons work ethic, dedication, creative success, role in internationalizing WWE, Flair for his work ethic, dedicatoin, in ring performances, etc). Flair, despite his differences with Bischoff has given him credit for much of WCW's mid to late 90s success and praised him as an on air character. HBK has come out and praised Brett Hart for his work and given him credit for helping to make him into a main event star through their feuds and matches. Even Hart, who would seem to have more reason to be bitter about the wrestling industry than Steiner ever had, has backtracked on much of his venom towards his HBK & Flair, as well as Vince McMahon.

My point is, these guys seem to have had much more legitimate gripes than Steiner could have with anyone he lamblasts (what did HBK ever do to him for crying out loud, Steiner talks about him as a worthless wimp, for what??), yet they manage to admitt publicly the good these guys have done, sometimes grudgingly, for the industry or in some cases their own careers. Hogan may come across as arrogant but he has heaped praise of guys like Andre, Flair, & Vince over the years for the impact they had on his success for instance. Steiner apparently is too much of a child to do the same.

What are your thoughts ? Does Steiner have legitimate reason to gripe about HHH & HBK, to overlook how much Bischoff, Flair, and even Hogan contributed to his scuccess ? I think he's an overrated blow hard myself who is too immature to realize his own role in whatever failings he thinks he has??

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  1. LesGrossman's Avatar
    I dont think you can use logic when discussing the twitter rants of scott steiner. This is the same unit who pumped 3 litres of horse steroids into his body everyday (apparently).

    He's just plain old crazy. Of course he should be grateful to the people who helped him along in his career, but Scott just wants to stay in the 'show' like most veteran athletes/entertainers and this desire blurs his logic, hence we get this lashing out at the people he believes booted him from the 'show'

    I like Scott, 'Big Poppa Pump' was a good gimmick, but sadely he hasn't figured out it's time to move onto the next stage of his life as his wrestling career is DONE.
  2. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    Sooner or later he is going to learn saying all this will just make him black listed from wrestling altogether, TNA and WWE certainly will want nothing to do with this man after his comments,actions and in general crazyness.

    I respect Scotty in the ring but damn he is one crazy son of a bitch at times-on a side note has he een got a family to fall back on or wife and kids? Im starting to wonder if he has done a 'ultimate warrior' and actually become Big poppa pump full time.

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