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A Death In The Impact Zone

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What's up everyone, Just figured I'd spare sometime to write a little blog about the latest news story about TNA deciding to not have any on the road Impacts planned for the foreseeable future.

Right, to start off the reason behind them not going to move forward with Impacts on the road is because the ratings haven't improved. Let's get this straight they have taped Impact on the road either 4 or 6 times last year (correct me if I'm wrong) You can't expect a significant ratings increase over night or the next week. People have lost faith in TNA, It's going to take more than just 2 straight weeks of on the road Impact to get them back. You need to do it week after week. It takes time to raise a rating significantly you need to generate a buzz to get people to tune in. I mean the UK shows this year were incredible because of the crowd, It's a hot crowd that makes a decent show awesome. However it's a bored and dull crowd that make an awesome show a bag of shite.

You need to be doing shows in arenas with crowds that are like those in the UK, those that want to be there. It needs to be done week after week after week and slowly people will talk and when people talk they tell other people and those tell others and they all tune in to see. It's a slow process, when WWF was losing to WCW to the point WWF may have gone under, Vince stepped up his game and some the best stuff WWF did was '97 and '98 but didn't get those significant rating increase till '99 and imo '99 was the start of the winding down process it was still an incredible year same as 2000 and 2001 but '97 and '98 was the best to me.

Another thing is production cost are too high for on the road. Jesus Christ, you let people in to the Impact Zone for free and you pay a number of plants to sit in the crowd. That right there is a drain on your finances with zero come backs. You go on the road keep production costs down as little as you have to, the wrestling fans your going after doesn't give a shit about a fancy looking set or big fireworks all they care about is what goes on inside that ring. Also on top of that being on the road you have thousands of fans who don't get to see TNA in their area often PAYING to get in, PAYING for merchandise by the bucket loads because they don't know when you will be next in town so will be making the most of it. That right there is something people in TNA may have never heard of before but it's called PROFIT.

Unfortunately if TNA decides to stick to the Impact Zone then they are going to die in the Impact Zone, and we will be seeing a WWE produced "The Rise and Fall of TNA.

Thanks for taking the time to read, My apologies if you got bored lol.

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good read. You're absolutely right.
  2. Angryhero's Avatar
    Except... there was no Rise.. Soon as Jarrett sold shares to the Carter family, they turned it into a shit show. It was at least decent under Jarrett's watch.
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Jan 4, 2010 -- The day the real TNA died.

    Honestly TNA would only need to do two or three things to become a decent competitor and they're things that won't ever happen now.
    1. As you've said, road shows. They serve a few purposes, not the least of which is getting the brand's name out there.
    2. They need to buy out ROH and bring the entire roster on board while cutting the bullshit and ancient guys from their current show. From here maybe even creating a second show, one a road show and the other the stationary show we've seen.
    3. Return to the six-sided ring. While it may have been a gimmick to set them apart visually, it worked. When they had the six, everything seemed so much more exciting and energized. Once they switched over to the standard four poster, things seem to have slowed down almost dramatically.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Read...Pretty much right on point with my TNA blog from last week.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The problem is when you stay in one location, you got to keep people to want to come back. It is like a circus being in town. Money is great the first month, but than the money coming in goes down. It is just like football games locally. It is there every friday in the fall, but I don't go to every game. I just go to the ones that means something. January 4th is big, ppvs are big, huge debut is expected such as Kurt Angle or something like that. Don't go for moments you could live without such as a promo with Garrett, Gunner, and Eric. Would you really like to see that on a weekly basis? I certainly wouldn't.....LOL! Prob just walk around til someone gives me a free ticket.
  6. matt1tude's Avatar
    I mean they are doing house shows more often why not tape 2 episodes in that town while they are there. then move to the next town for house shows and do the next 2 episodes there.
  7. lewism173's Avatar
    It's not wanting to be there cus they buy there ticket they do want to be there but they don't dream of it, there will be people all over the US that want TNA to come to them if it does it will be a first experience for them and they will want to make signs and do chants, and if each appearance in a certain place is about 1 year or even 6 months apart they will be excited about it
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