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WBC Top 5 Series #2: Top 5 Draft Picks

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What is up everyone!!? Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I know I am. It is time for another edition of the Wrestling Blog Challenge. First off, incase I don't mention it in further blogs, I wanted to say a big shout out and kudos to last weeks challenger wrestlingfan66513. This guy came up with the original concept for the blog challenges on EWN when he introduced Blog Wars. Without him, there might not be a WBC, so mad props to wrestlingfan!

Now.last week we crowned a new WBC Top 5 Champ. His name is RatedATB! Congrats ATB for picking up the big win. Can he hold on to the title of champ this week, or will his challenger usurp him and claim the gold. This weeks topic is the top 5 draft picks. The stipulation was, from when the draft originally occurred back in 2002 to split the brands, until now, what would you consider to be the top draft picks. The things I told the competitors to keep in mind were the following, who when drafted has made the most impact/became most successful and what drafts were the most shocking/surprising. So, without further adieu let's look at the champs top 5 blog!


Without trying to sound arrogant...*points to waist* TOP..5..CHAMPION..! YES!! YES!! YES!! Ok if I can be serious for a minute, thanks to those who voted for me in the last contest, I appreciate the love. This week is a unique topic, and I wanted to pick people that went to a show and made a huge impact on said show and the person in general. So, without further ado...

5. 2008 - CM Punk goes to Raw
Following Punk's Money in the Bank win at WrestleMania, it's no secret he was doing nothing. Then, when Raw was in need of a champion, the newly drafted Punk cashed in on Edge and everyone went ape shit. The Internet marks were all in rejoice as their unspoken hero was officially the standard bearer on the flag ship show of the biggest wrestling company in the world. Even if it didn't last long, it cemented Punk as one of the top guys in WWE, and instantly solidified him as a piece of WWE history.

4. 2004 - Shelton Benajmin goes to Raw
When Shelton Benjamin was drafted to Raw I think it's safe to say many thought he'd be future endeavored. Then HHH picked a fight with him and Benjamin pinned the game. Controversial or not, he shocked the entire world and instantly became a major player on the red show. He would go on to win the Intercontinental championship and be one of the longest reigning champions in quite a while. He had great matches against guys like Jericho, Benoit, Shawn Michaels, HHH, and Randy Orton. He fell off eventually, much to the dismay of many hardcore fans, until being repackaged in 08, but was ultimately released in 2010. But his time on Raw proved he could hang with the best of them and could be taken serious as world champion.

3. 2010 - Cody Rhodes goes to Smackdown via Supplemental Draft
No one was a bigger hater of Cody Rhodes than me. I despised everything about him, and did not want him on my tv. Then he went to Smackdown and started doing the dashing gimmick and really made a bad gimmick work. That's when I started taking him serious, but when he did the undashing gimmick is when I really took to him. He was giving great promos and was proving me and many others wrong. It's no secret everyone thought he was going to be Janetty'd, but he proved everyone wrong and made a believer out of me. He's probably the biggest supplemental draft pick ever, he made the most impact with it, and made Smackdown a very enjoyable show in a time it wasn't too great.

2. 2009 - Miz goes to Raw
If Cody Rhodes was supposed to be Janetty'd, then idk what you could say Miz was supposed to be. Miz is an anomaly, he wasn't supposed to be near as big as he was. Everyone hated him, and not in the good way. So it's no secret that when he went to Raw instead of Morrison, everyone was scratching their head and saying "HUH?!". But damn it if he didn't prove us wrong. It took him a few months, but after a complete overhaul on his character, entrance, move set, and attitude, he became a huge player in the WWE. Two successful US Title reigns, a run with Big Show with the tag titles, a MITB win, AND a lengthy run as WWE champion. He became an ambassador for the WWE when it comes to media, and is what many believe to be the future of the WWE. Not bad for a reality star that got kicked out of the locker room for 6 months, huh?

1. 2005 - John Cena goes to Raw
This will probably be where I lose the vote, but hear me out folks. When Cena was named as the first draft pick, I was shocked and really didn't see it coming. But honestly it was the right move. At this point Cena was HOT, there was no such thing as a Cena sucks chant. I was a full Cena mark and was a little unhappy when this happened. I was a huge Smackdown fan back then, and never really watched Raw because I couldn't so I was kinda disappointed, but I got over it and eventually Raw was accessible again. It wasn't until Cena went to Raw that he became "the man." He was able to feud with, and beat, huge names like Jericho, Angle, HHH, and Shawn Michaels. He essentially became the poster boy and never looked back. It changed the way Raw was built, and it's honestly the only pick in draft history that hasn't been traded back, or fallen off at some point. It's to the point where it wouldn't feel like Raw without Cena. He proved every one he was more than capable of carrying the entire company on his back and by god if he hasn't for the past 7 years. THAT, is why John Cena is the greatest draft pick in history.

A great top 5 from the champ. Now, it is time for the challengers top 5 blog.

The Piper

The Draft pick has always been important for the WWE universe, because it has welcomed change, the chance for a show to get better, or your least favorite superstar moving to your least favorite brand. The top five is quite easy in some cases, and hard in others. Some of the picks on this list have been impactful in some way to the WWE, but most are impactful to the independent superstar alone. So without further ado.

5. Mark Henry-2011: Smackdown!
This doesn't seem that impactful to some people, but I consider it a saving grace for Mark Henry's career. This gave Henry his long awaited push to be the World Heavyweight champion, that night also marked his heel turn in the main event, which led to the Hall of Pain.

4. The Miz-2009: RAW
This draft pick was great for the Miz. This broke him out of the tag-team with John Morrison, and lead him into a feud with John Cena, igniting his career. His eventual push to United States, and eventually WWE champion proved that him moving to RAW was a great thing for the career of the Miz.

3. Batista-2005: Smackdown!
The World Heavyweight championship is currently on Smackdown, and It's because of this one draft pick. And this also saved us from having JBL as the "Smackdown Champion" The World title is a title much more suited for Smackdown, and this pick made it so.

2. John Cena-2005: RAW
Oh boy, John Cena. Cena, in one draft pick, changed the WWE forever (too much cliche for one sentence). John was WWE champion, and the title went with him. Cena has been on RAW ever since, and that has actually changed the WWE, but not in a good way. Cena became a super character the day he was drafted to RAW. This was a huge draft pick, but not one that turned out for the better.

1. The Rock-2002: Smackdown
THE very first draft pick ever done had the Rock move to Smackdown, the show named after one of the Rock's signature catchphrases. This is a huge draft pick because it began Smackdown with a bang. The Rock is one of the main reasons Smackdown was big when it first started. In my opinion, this was the biggest draft pick because it was the first draft pick, paving the way for all of the others.

Hope you enjoyed the list!

Honorable Mentions
Dudley's and Booker for HHH
Jericho and Edge in 2009
Rey Mysterio every other year
Daniel Bryan

All right, another great list from The Piper. This will be definitely be a close one I think! So, keep in mind to vote for who you agree more on, whether it be RatedATB and his top pick of John Cena to Raw or The Piper and his top pick of The Rock to SD. Also, for this week when you make your vote tell me a top 5 topic you would like to see done in the future. Until next time guys, have a good week and don't forget to vote!!!

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  1. Kaisered's Avatar
    Although I liked that RatedATB mentioned Cody Rhodes, the Piper takes it for me since he mentions have had more impact especially the Rock in the first draft.
  2. Mantooth83's Avatar
    RatetATB takes it again , good history lesson better reasons for his picks
  3. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    The Piper for the simple mention of the very first draft.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    same reason as above...the piper takes it
  5. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    I'm gonna have to give it to The Piper. As soon as Henry moved to SD that def made his carrer better atm. And also the mention of The Rock and Batista.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    Also, for this week when you make your vote tell me a top 5 topic you would like to see done in the future.

    Love it how nobody responds to this...
  7. RatedATB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    Also, for this week when you make your vote tell me a top 5 topic you would like to see done in the future.

    Love it how nobody responds to this...
    Haha, I know that if I win, which doesn't seem to be likely at this point lmfao, I'd like to list the top 5 wwe DVDs, or top 5 non WrestleMania ppvs
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