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Top 5 Wrestlers That Need to Stay off Twitter

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Wrestlers on Twitter is one of the most annoying things about twitter. Twitter makes you understand just how bitter, Childish and stupid wrestlers really are. Here is the Top 5 that destroyed what ever respect that had once they joined The Social media Giant that is "Twitter"... This is just refering to Twitter not Shoot interviews or Youtube accounts.

Internet Darling CM Punk gets the number 5 spot. Mostly for picking Twitter fights with FootBall Players and Musicians. The Thing with Chris Brown was for publicity and he was using Twitter to get that Cheap Publicity. CM Punk takes it upon himself to Fight for Rhinna 4 years later and Decides to stick for Women's rights and taking pot shots at Chris Brown and using the same Twitter to praise Steve Austin who was Convicted of abusing his wife.

Also He was taking constant uncalled for jabs at the The Rock which made him look like a jealous idiot. Even claiming one of the reasons WM27 was such a success is cause of Him vs Orton haha.

CM Punks twitter made him look like a Jealous, hypocritical attention whore. Which is not how one of the Top Face of the company should represent himself. I expect it from a a bitter unemployed Wrestler, but Not from a main event star of the number 1 wrestling promotion in the World.

I understand being angry about being let go from a company, I can understand not being pleased with what Bishoff and Hogan are doing with TNA but Steiner took it above and beyond with several tweets for days and days. Steiner has got millions of dollars in the bank and he has accomplished alot in the prowrestling business, So it cant be a financial issue. Steiner for what ever reason, Right or Wrong, Steiner's tweets made him look like a bitter ex employee and has been making a ass of himself lately. Steiner wants to keep what ever reputation he has left then he should cancel his twitter account.

Chavo has one of the most famous and respected last names in Prowrestling but once he got on twitter he destroyed what ever respect the Last name Guerrero gave him. From Drunken arguments on Twitter with his fans when they showed anger towards the way Chavo was treated by jobbing and being put in a program with Hornswoggle. Chavo went on a rant saying how stupid they are if they think a midget could beat him in real life and how he can beat any midget and so on..... Then Telling fans that he could of had Mark Henry kill the disrespectful fan that wanted a autograph if he wanted to (its a Long story). Then The several rants on Twitter after his termination from WWE, Even targeting the Face of the Company "John Cena" with hate and jealous tweets.

Chavo has made a fool of himself time after time on Twitter and killed what ever little respect I had for him. He is constantly over estimating his skills and and importance to the wrestling industry, When Honestly in the last 15 years I have never seen a Great Chavo Guerrero match and he has had rivalries with some of the Greatest workers in wrestling history.

If this was all social Media Matt Hardy would be number 1 easily, but Since its Twitter Matt has to settle for number 2.

Take your pick of a dumbest Matt Hardy Tweet, Is it the link to fake suicide videos?, The Constant Bragging about how much money he has? Taking Credit for a small spike in rating for TNA's Impact program and asking TNA management to thank him on Twitter? Its would be a endless blog if I mention all the stupid things Hardy has said on Twitter.

Hardy has become one of the biggest embarrassments to wrestling and its not cause of his drug and alcohol problems. It is cause of his dumb, Immature tweets and Youtube videos. Hardy has calmed down a bit in the last 6 month's, but still the damage has been done and now he is looked at as a joke from his recent performances and more importantly his childish Youtube and Twitter Rants.

Kurt Angle is going to be remembered has one of the All Time Greats of Prowrestling, but I honestly believe he would of been remembered a lot more fondly and probably he in a higher ranking if he just Shut his mouth and never went on Twitter. Angle is constantly talking about how he could kick retired wrestlers asses such as Steve Austin and HBK, Talking about wrestlers being afraid of him cause he will legit beat them up, Going ballistic on Twitter if anyone uses a move he once used, Complaining about his ranking of top 50 wrestlers of all time, Belittling Great wrestlers, Getting in to drunken fights with Twitter followers, Making false tweets about being contacted for MMA fights, The list goes on. Angle constantly apologizes for his dumb comments on twitter but repeats them hours later... Angle disgraced his legacy with His twitter rants and the mess his life turned out to be. Now this wrestling machine is also known as a joke, More fans are looking forward to what stupid comment he will make on Twitter than they are to his PPV matches.

I dont have a twitter account so I might of missed a more deserving person on this list, Warrior and Shane Helms were almost on the list but I thought these guys needed to be on here more. I look forward to your comments, Good or Bad.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Great list bro! I am the same in that I don't have twitter, but with everything I've heard and read, I think you got this right. Kudos!
  2. knox's Avatar
    Now Crippler you know this site is full of biased Cm Punk marks lol they're gonna get you haha. Hell, I love the list, the only thing I'd change is make Cm Punk #1 on the list haha.

    In all seriousness, Punk picked a fight with Chris Brown and challenged his skinny ass to a fight over his violence against woman.

    But um, not only did Shawn Merriman assault Tila Tequila, but he also harassed the WWE Divas right in the face of Cm Punk. But Punk did nothing but run in his hotel room and tweet about it, lol. Punk knows how to pick his fights and he wanted nothing to do with that NFL Linebacker.

    Punk uses twitter to talk negative about much bigger stars to bring buzz to his name. Chris Brown was fresh off winning a grammy so Punk too a random shot at him to bring publicity and more ratings for his tanking segments.

    Thank you Crippler for this blog man.
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    Twitter is just another tool for creating stupid storylines away from TV.
  4. Mantooth83's Avatar
    Have to agree with them all, hardy is a total tool.

    As for CM Punk I would have expected him to act accordingly as champion not tweet about being up at 4am and belittling any fan who god forbid makes a grammar or spelling error! He comes across as a real prick in real life and as a big fan of his I was surprised

    I would have included every one who only tweets to sell their gear (which is most of them)
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    These 5 guys are pretty much the only reason I have a Twitter account :/
  6. Callum's Avatar
    If your talking about nowadays I don't agree with Matt Hardy being on the list. Nowadays he seems like a nice guy (based off of twitter) and he's the only wrestler I know off who returns fanmail
  7. maar13's Avatar
    You have a great point on that list, for me twitter makes more harm than good for wrestlers, and in general, yes is a nice way to communicate but hell, when everyone can see what you post, you should be careful.

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