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TNA REstarted

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Here is my first blog and i hope yall take the time to read it and at least like it.

I'm a wrestling fan since I was 4 and been a fan of wcw and wwf since the early 90's so I've seen it all. I also a fan of TNA as well as ROH and WWE so here is my take on TNA

I read a lot about rebuilding TNA but they really don't have to fire / hire people, they can actually use them CORRECTLY. let me say it again USE THEM CORRECTLY.

First Impact Show
Hire another commentator, someone that actually talks about wrestling and leave them with tazz. Mike Tenay is'nt cutting it, but he would be better as a backstage interviewer.

Hulk Hogan should not be in the ring at all times or storylines focused on him, but he should work more with Jason Hervey and do more sticoms, guest apperances, tv shows, and movies. And when they do interview him, he gets PAID by TNA when he mentions TNA and Spike TV in the interviews...why? to attract viewers. And oh yeah, he shouldn't be anything related to creative at all. We all know why...

Eric Bischoff should call Scott Steiner immedately and work something out. This could be potentailly be the biggest storyline in TNA history if they can work out something alas CM Punk and HHH. This will garner more attention and apparently Steiner does have pull with the fans as well. Steiner could be brought back in as GM of IMpact. He can torture bischoff and his son in matches to the fans avail.

Several Wrestlers will need new Gimmicks in order to garner more attention in TNA and keep viewers and fans tuned in as well.
I can only think of a few but I know more are needed to make the show more colorful instead of bland.

Rob Van Dam, Somoa Joe, Magnus, matt morgan, crimson, gunner, etc
Thye need to be revamped and given a better gimmick, maybe help merchandise sales with new tna merchanise for the fans.

Storylines, Storylines, Storylines. They got some good ones and mostly bad ones. The bad ones aren't really that bad, but they put the wrestlers in those storylines that shouldn't be in there and should be used on someone else. Imagine if Austin Aries was the one being trained by Hogan and bischoff is mad because he wanted his son to be trained by Hogan, then get the picture, Aries and Bischoffs son can get some matches out there but I know Aries will win them because he is the professional. and then that could lead him to the world title and him with a storyline with bully ray.

Knockouts are the heart of the show. Who doesn't like seeing gorgeous woman wrestle? I think they should have edger story lines such as sleeping with a certain wrestler that isn't Eric Young, and maybe even having some epic matches like taylor wild and daffney had back in the day. Micky james needs to change her country style gimmick and do something different to keep her revelant.

OUtside sports/tv influence. What they did with Brandon Jacobs was good but too early to finish. He should have been involved in a longer storyline and even brought in Eli to watch his back. Imagine if TNA could get Tim Tebow to walk down the ramp, look around, say nothing and then leave. People would go ape s*it for that. TNA nees to look for other avenues because they need newer fans, they need more of a fanbase to help them grow more as a company.

Second Show.
Spike Tv needs to push more TNA wrestling on that channel? Why? Because they are slowly dieing as a channel. There ratings are horrible compared to other channels but the one show that is consistant is impact wrestling. I believe the second show should be sponsered and Paid for by Spike Tv and help TNA with finances and they will both reap the rewards. Imagine a company like TNA able to not only break even, but to have more than enough money profitted? Better paid wrestlers, better venues for the show, better experiences for the fans. Spike needs to start this immedately. And this show should be for the younger greener wrestlers to wrestle there and make a name for themselves. Storylines can be pushed here as well as bringing in some Impact wrestlers there as well.

That is my blog, hope yall like it, its a lot of stuff and its been rolling around in my head.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Speaking about all this stuff like a new show, having celebs in for a longer period, and so forth costs?

    They can't afford to have Jacobs out there for 1-3 months which would be a decent storyline time period don't ya think? You are also asking for Eli to join the show for a long period of time. TNA can't afford to pay Flair, Hogan, Eli, Jacobs, and so forth all that money. Did it ever occur to you that Eli may not want to be part of the wrestling show? Some celebs don't want to be a part of something they don't like no matter the dollar figure.

    As far as Mickie James changing her cowgirl gimmick....that is her. They want people to be themselves which seperates reality and cartoon like wrestling. Look how long James Storm has been a cowboy. Why hasn't he changed his gimmick all these years? Why not pair them two together for a while to have something different. Something that actually makes a bit of sense than a comedy act.

    Bischoff, Aries, Hogan storyline makes absolutely no sense at all. Bischoff and Hogan have been friends for years. Bischoff was on Hogan knows best helping him create his own energy drink to market. You actually think people would believe Hogan wouldn't want to train Bischoffs son? Aries has been a heel virtually the whole time he has been in TNA. It would be different if he was a no name wrestler, but he isn't a young kid like Garrett is who is just trying to get his foot in the door.

    You keep wanting people to change, but the problem is in TNA is that the wrestlers act how they act outside of the ring. What you see is what you get. RVD has done the same gimmick since ECW. He still is a fan fav because everyone loves to do the thumb RVD motion that he does. Morgan and Crimson are boring even on the mic. They are just big guys. They arn't in the company because of their wrestling ability or their mic work. Crimson does have his undefeated streak going though. Gunner has never really appealed to me at all. He is just boring. Joe and Magnus could be main event talents, but they getting kept down. Tag division is thin currently which is why they are in the tag division.

    You are paying Hogan X amount of dollars and you arn't going to put him on TV? You think he is more valuable to the company behind the curtain? That is ridiculous!! They have to use Hogan some way because he is a big name which is the only reason he is the GM currently. I wish they put a guy like Flair who actually is good on the mic as the GM, but they didn't. Who wants to boo Flair? Be honest with me here.

    As far as Steiner goes with coming isn't good for business or for the parties involved. Taking shots at Garrett, Hogan, and Eric really will hurt the relationship in the back. He doesn't believe in them which makes it not a good business decision. TNA doesn't need to put Steiner on TV to make money. They shouldn't be pushing guys like Garrett and other old farts who will have no part in this business in the future. They need to push the young guys like Magnus, Joe, AJ, Roode, Storm, and other young guys. Not Sting, Hogan, Flair, Garrett, and Steiner.
  2. captsalmon's Avatar
    I say they switch Taz for Don West. Taz botches on commentary like 5 time per episode.

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