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Super Kick 2: Tagging In-Bringing Tag Team Wrestling Back to Life

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Oh, you didn't know?(like really, you didn't know that tag team wrestling sucks nowadays) Your ass better call somebody!!!!

Hey guys, HB-Dre here with another edition of Super Kick. Thanks for all the feedback on my first Super Kick about revamping WWE's PPV product, but the past is in the past so lets move on to Super Kick 2, and my thoughts on whats wrong with tag team wrestling. Now let me clear up some confusion on the topic before we even get started, tag team wrestling is not dead, as you could clearly see on every episode of Smackdown while Teddy Long was GM.

But seriously, tag team wrestling is on life support, its like the WWE puts it out there because they're expected to. While the tag team situation is dire, I do believe there are some simple solutions to making tag team wrestling and the tag team titles relevant in the WWE.

1. Name Recognition
One of the biggest problems with tag team wrestling today is the fact that outside of the Uso's(which really is creative genius marketing), there is no name recognition when it comes to tag teams. If I were to ask you to name of the great tag teams of all time, I would get answers like The Rockers, Midnight Express, Demolition, The Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat, the Steiner Brothers, the New Age Outlaws, The Outsiders, 3D/theDudley Boyz and my personal favorite, the Legion of Doom. With the exception of Edge and Christian, can you think of an exceptional tag team that didn't have a tag team name? Hell, back in the day when two singles competitors were teamed together they were given tag team names (e.g. The Mega Powers and the Brothers of Destruction.) Its ridiculous to think that the current tag team champions don't have a name they go by, rather they are just Epico and Primo; that might fly if they were main event caliber start, but they aren't. I thought that the WWE was on to something when they had Air Boom and Awesome Truth, but apparently Evan Bourne and R Truth had secret tag team partners that showed up on their drug test and killed those teams. (On not so random not, I was hoping like crazy that the WWE would give Kofi and Truth a chance at being a legit tag team known as the Brothers Darkness, but that didn't happen.) Honestly thought a real simple step in rebuilding the tag team division would be to have teams that have an identity that could be marketed to the fans and a team name would do that.

2. The NXT Great Tag Team?
So I know it sounds great on paper to have tag team names, but the problem that still is on the table is the lack of legitimate tag teams. Outside of Epico and Primo and the Usos, the WWE has no constant tag teams and is filled with flavor of the week pairings. The WWE universe has no rooting interest whatsoever in tag team matches now because they don't have any connection with the team; and that's because the teams don't stay together for more than a couple of weeks, if that long. The WWE needs to find tag team pairings and stick with them so that fans can build a familiarity with them. So how do you accomplish this? Well in my opinion, an easy way to do this would be to use NXT with the exception of making it for tag teams rather than singles competitors. I think that would be a great way for the fans to get familiar with a team and buy into them. I would however change the format for NXT and rather than have teams be eliminated I would have them compete for points that would determine seeding for a number one contenders tournament for the tag team titles that would happen at the end of the competition.

3. Mic Check
Great matches are necessary to bring back the tag team division, but to get the audiences attention you have to be good on the mic and be able to cut a great promo, whether you area face or a heel. Some wrestlers are gifted on the mic but there are many who are not. To those who are I think you have to team them with someone else who is gifted on the mic that way they can play off of each other in their promos and have the crowd buy into their cohesiveness as a team. To those who aren't gifted on the mic, the answer is simple-GET A MANAGER! Some of the greatest teams of all time had someone else do the talking for them. WWE has legends contracts with wrestlers that quite frankly I don't want to see wrestle anymore but I would love to see them manage. Do the math and bring them on as managers. Some that I would love to see wold be Ric Flair(when he leaves TNA), Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Ted Dibiase, HBK(I could only hope of course he's one legend I wouldn't mind seeing in the ring again); heck bring back Jimmy Hart and make Teddy Long a manager again. I'm sure you have ideas of who you would like to see as a manager again.
Those are the 3 main things I would implement to improve the tag team division, but here are some other details that I think could help
  • Tag Team Finishers-nothing says were a team like taking the opponent with an amazing double team move.
  • Entrances-from WHAT A RUSH to OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW, nothing gets the crowd into it like a great entrance
  • Team up Miz and Jericho- thats a certain way to get fans cheering for other teams competing against them
  • Have John Cena and another draw, face Epico and Primo for the tag team titles on Raw and lose cleanly- that would be a way to give your tag titles some credibility.

These are just my thoughts, let me know what you think

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  1. Spankyspank22's Avatar
    Some teams I wouldn't mind seeing would be, (perfection) Ziggler & Gabriel, (priceless) Dibiase And Rhodes, (Show-Miz) Back together Miz & big show, Christian & Jericho, Booker T & Gold dust. I think those teams would mix Great along with The Uso's Epico and Primo and Curt Hawkins & Reks, Maybe Even Alex Riley and Tyson Kidd.?
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    great ideas but john cena losing cleanly won't happen.
  3. Callum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy7777777
    great ideas but john cena losing cleanly won't happen.
    His partner could be pinned.

    I'd like to see Wade Barrett and Christian form a team.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes

    good blog by the way.
  5. Stalwart Jester's Avatar
    I think one thing that would be coll is to surprise us with a new team. Two people you never thought would be a team together, Maybe a Heel and A Face combo say (though this wont happen) Randy Orton is thrown into a Tag team match with his partner Dolph Ziggler...Placed against the current WWE champs in a Non title match. The match would go back n forth Ziggler and orton never really trusting the other. The match wears on, Ziggler has left Randy to the wolves so it seems...He walks part way up the ramp..true heel fashion...Then stops, maybe talks to him self a second, and stalks back to the ring just as Randy kicks out of a strong double team move from the champs...(Maybe a superplex from the top or something, not a finisher.) Ziggler slides into the ring walking to the legal man in the ring...he has his hands up and talks about helping him lay out orton...Orton is slow to get to his feet...Ziggler and champ walk toward orton..Then Ziggler stops..grabs the champ, Picks him up and helps drop him into a perfect looking RKO...Orton Pins and its over...After the match...Ziggler stares down orton...The other half of the champs comes in to check on his partner...Ziggler and Orton both look over..Nod and WHAM lay out the other champ with the same lift to RKO finisher(yes yes it would look like the 3D but whatever) Hell name em Perfect Legends and now you have a out of nowhere team ready to face the champs, after a clean win. I know this may sound stupid but it would be nice...

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