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Wrestlemania 29 Build Up, Match Card, and Booking (Part 1, Main Events)

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Hello one and all. Usually, Wrestlemania match cards start circulating around January. I for one, love creating match cards, and with 3 main events already rumored, I knew I'd make a blog on the subject. Some of the rumored matches (Brock/Austin, Punk/Austin, and Taker/Cena), I've kept the same, while others I've changed. Thanks for reading.

Main Event #1: John Cena vs. The Undertaker
John Cena is the best beleivable theat to the streak at this point. Recently in a video, Cena stated that he wouldn't be involved in challenging The Undertaker. I see this as an opporitunity to set this match up. Around December, Undertaker returns from his annual hiatus. He challenges Cena, stating that he will not feel complete until he has beaten him at Wrestlemania. Cena declines. Now, Taker would beging tormenting Cena to try to get him to expect. Undertaker interferes in The Royal Rumble, costing Cena the match. Even provoked, Cena still declines. Over the next few weeks, Undertaker hits Cena with tombstones, interfers in his matches, etc. but Cena still declines. Undertaker costs Cena a shot at the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber on RAW, and it looks as if Cena will never accept the challenge even after this. At the EC PPV, Cena's dad is in attendence. Cena cuts a promo, but Undertaker's music hits. When the lights come on, Undertaker is holding Cena's dad by the throat, and picks him up for a tombstone, before the tombstone is hit, Cena accepts. Over the next few weeks, tension builds, with WWE superstars giving interviews on the match, promo's, etc.
Match: At Wrestlemania, in the main event slot, these two go back and forth for 25 minutes. Cena has hit two attitude adjustments (including one through the announce table!) and various power moves, but Undertaker has kicked out. Cena has been hit with a tombstone, a last ride, two chokeslams and many other moves, including the Undertaker's famous suicide dive, but he has kicked out! The finish of the match comes at the 25 minute mark when Cena sets up for an attitude adjustment off the top rope (Cena is standing on the second rope), but Taker fights out and...hits a last ride off of the top rope! Undertaker sets up for a tombstone, and connects. 1...2...3!
Winner: The Undertaker at 26:09

Main Event #2: WWE Title Match: Triple H (c) vs. CM Punk (W/ Special Referee Stone Cold Steve Autin! (No Holds Barred)
Build: Everything starts all the way back at Survivor Series, where CM Punk has recruited a returning Triple H to his team in order to defeat Team Lauranitis. At the end of the match, it is down to Punk and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. The unthinkable happens when Triple H turns of Punk! Lesnar pins Punk, and then Triple H lies down for Lesnar! The two proceed to beat Punk down after the match, finisher after finisher. Punk is kayfabe injured, and is forced to relinquish his WWE title to Triple H. Triple H plays the unstoppable coorporate heel until the Royal Rumble. Triple H defeats a face Miz but Punk returns and lays out Triple H! After suffering beatdowns by Triple H in the coming weeks, also cutting edgy shoot promo's on the WWE "system", Punk wins an elimination chamber match to become the number one contender to the WWE Title at Wrestlemania! On the following edition of Smackdown (a LIVE edition!), the two have a contracct signing, and at the en (after the papers have been signed), Punk announces he wrote in a "few extra clauses". The 1st clause: The match will be a no holds barred match. The 2nd: Lauranitis and all of his associates are banned! and the 3rd: There will be a special referee: Stone Cold! Stone Cold cuts promo's on the two, how he has been similar to both, etc.
Match: At Wrestlemania, these two have an epic brawl, with Punk trying to match Triple H's raw power. Weapons are used, and Punk has scrapes all over his back and arms. By the 20 minute mark, A Pedigree, a GTS, and tons of weapons have been used. At one point, both express their frustrations to Stone Cold, and he stuns them both! At the 22 mintute mark, Punk counters a pedigree into a backdrop onto a steel chair! Punk goes to the top rope, and he hits the big elbow drop! A GTS later and Punk has the title!
Winner: CM Punk in 22:30

Main Event #3: The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar
Build: The build to this match is simple. Right after Elimination Chamber, Brock starts bragging about how he has destoryed everyone (Cena, Punk, and more!) and starts talking about how he should quit the company right now! He blames the fans for booing him, even though he has rough legitimacy back to the WWE. As he is about to say "I Quit"...If ya smeeeeeeeel! The Rock has came back and said that Lesnar hasn't beaten the Rock since coming back. Lesnar says he accepts to a match at Wrestlemania! The bild has Lesnar talking about how in the past, he has dominated the Rock, and that this time will be no different. This match needs to intriqite build, just the Rock electrifying fans and Lesnar being Lesnar.
Match: After 15 minutes, Lesnar has been dominant for 70% of the match. The Rock has gotten momentum at some points, but Lesnar is in control. Each man kicks out of the others finisher, and the end comes when Lensar gets overconfident and attempts a superplex, but the Rock pushes him off the top rope! A people's elbow connects, but the Rock doesn't cover Lesnar! The Rock hits another people elbow for good measure, and gets the win! After the match, Lesnar grabs a mic and quits the WWE!
Winner: The Rock in 19:22

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes part 1. There is a good chance part will be up tonight or tomorrow, so check it out! Leave a comment with your opinion.

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    good thinking but seems like only rock vs brock match, very much possible
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