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10 Worst Moments in Smackdown History

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As some of you may know that I posted Best and Worst moments in Raw history. Did SD best I believe last week which led to this post. A reminder that this is just my opinion.

1.Christian loses World title-Huge Christian fan waiting for the moment to finally come. Christian winning the big one in the WWE. Been waiting for it since 2005 when I thought it could actually happen. Orton and WWE ruins it for me. Havn't watched Smackdown since that happened.
2.MVP losing streak-Huge MVP fan since he debuted on SD back in late 2006. As soon as HHH was drafted to SD in 2008. Everything went down hill for the MVP of the WWE. He faced HHH various weeks. Not having matches while SD was pushing others like Kendrick, Kozlov, and so on. Losing streak lasted forever which led to his eventual demise in WWE.
3.Batista forfeits the World title-Before 2005, I don't remember a time when a wrestler had to forfeit a world title. I was pumped for the rumored match between Orton/Batista at Wrestlemania that year. Didn't happen though.
4.Big Show gets shot-2004 by some sort of gun they use on animals to get them out of the zoo or whatever. Just not a good moment at all for SD or anyone a part of that segment. In my opinion anyways.
5.Kurt costs Eddie WWE title-Knowing how hard Eddie worked for that title and Kurt costing him the belt. Sucked in that cage match with JBL. You know though that he had to lose in a cheap way. Just sucked o.
6.Edge forfeits the World title-More prepared for it this go round than the Batista one, but it still sucked because a lot of guys were out at that time including Undertaker, Mysterio, and so forth.
7.Vince/Linda/Trish-Storyline around WM17 where Linda was supposed to be in a vegetative state. Terrible things that Vince did with his actual wife watching like giving flowers and Candy to Trish. Kissing Trish on Live TV while Linda watched.Vince was ruthless in the storyline without question.
8.Jarrett hits Moolah-99 Jarrett hit her in the head with a guitar. I believe Jarrett was just trying to get cheap heat by hitting a 80+year old woman with a guitar. I know guys in the back may have asked him to, but it wasn't a moment we would want to remember in SD history.
9.Big Show chokeslams Kurt-I think Big Show was going to chokeslam Torrie Wilson from I don't know how many feet in the air. It was in the parking lot and Kurt was chokeslammed straight to the ground with blood coming out of the back of his head. Whether it was fake or not, certainly wasn't one of the moments I'd like to remember in SD history.
10.Funeral for Torrie Wilson's dad-Dawn Marie was dating her dad. She was in bed with him in a segment for SD. She asked him a question and he never responded which led to the funeral. Torrie and Dawn had their issues of course. At the funeral, Dawn slapped Torrie which led to a fight in the segment which caused the casket to fall on the floor. Hit with a vase in the process as well. Not a great moment for SD with death in a storyline.

Honorable mention:Muhammed Hassan/July 4th

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  1. jackson1978's Avatar
    proving they were trying to hard to create shock value which didn't work
  2. jackson1978's Avatar
    but in hindsight, they do this stuff to keep people watching and seeing what happens next. It's lucky that the majority of people know that everything is a show to try and entertain rather than being real
  3. gavinbiw's Avatar
    what about mohumad hassan segment after londing bombings,whch led to a talented wrestler debacle
  4. Jamie Blake's Avatar
    You haven't watches Smackdown since the episode after Extreme Rules 2011? You've missed loads of excellant matches and awsome moments! If I were you I'd start watching Smackdown again, it's better than Raw sometimes! :-)
  5. RatedATB's Avatar
    I think khali winning the world title deserves to be on this list...such a travesty
  6. knox's Avatar
    This might be the best countdown list ive seen on this site, very well thought out. For kurt and big show to be so great, they were indeed involved in some of the worst angles.
  7. knox's Avatar
    @RatedATB, hell yes, that was pure hell
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