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Josh Shepard

A Due Change in Format

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Hello, everyone.

Welcome to my latest blog. Today I would like to discuss something that I think would be a welcomed thing among us fans. That thing is a change in the format of WWE television.

In my earliest memories of professional wrestling, there were two main shows to choose from: WCW Monday Nitro, and WW(F) Raw is War/WarZone. Most everyone knows the story of the Monday Night Wars, so I won't be going into any amount of details with that story. However, the mention of the Wars is relevant in this blog, especially given the mention of Nitro.

Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff, in their grand attempt at raging a ratings war with Vince McMahon, had a stroke of genious when they extended the run-time of Nitro by an hour. This was an awesome move for me, personally, because this hour featured the most wrestling of the show. This part of the show was also a time when the nWo wasn't running roughshod on the entire roster, at least for a while. The first hour of Nitro was about wrestling.

Now let's fast-forward to the current days of programming.

WWE has two main shows. Each show has two-hour timeslots. Each show also has very little to no wrestling. The quality of matches typically take the form of "squash match" or end pre-maturely due to some kind of disqualification. Throw in a random tag-team match, and you have your typical WWE television card.

The other hour and a half of television is spent with various people talking.

I uinderstand that WWE's main goal is to sell pay-per-views. I understand that in order to do that, the feel they need to have their superstars promote their feuds and matches. However, I feel that the WWE would receive more pay-per-view buys if the fans didn't feel like the only way they could see a decent match is to pay fifty to sixty-five dollars for it.

If the WWE would simply provide more free WRESTLING to it's viewers, I feel it would pay in dividends when the monthly pay-per-view rolls around.

An easy way to do this would be to extend Raw's timeslot by an hour.

I say Raw for a few reasons:

1. More people watch television on Monday nights than on Friday nights, so people more people would be tuning in.

2. Since more people would be watching, it would be easier to secure advertisers to pay for the extra hour of programming.

Also, USA Network would probably have no problems fitting in WWE's extra hour of programming. I'm pretty sure that an extra hour of WWE would score them more viewers than their final hour in their weekly NCIS marathon.

WWE would also benefit because it would be a chance to showcase more than the same eight or ten wrestlers we see from week to week, thus the fans would be more enticed to watch.

WWE could also put more of a focus on the tag-team titles, and bring back tag-team wrestling, which would entice the fans to watch.

Rather than pilng them in top of one another, WWE could spread their promos and backstage segments apart, which would help hold the live audience, as well as the viewers' attention.

Both the US and Intercontinental titles could be defended on a weekly basis, giving both belts some much needed importance and prestige, which the fans would love.

Then, when the pay-per-view comes, the WWE could cash in on the fans' interest big time. They could fill the undercard with a great tag-team title match, as well as one or two solid non-title matches. The mid-card could be a fatal-four-way for the US title and a triple threat for the Intercontinental title. You could headline the main events with WWE and World Heavyweight title matches. The WWE would have more potential for pay-per-view buys than they've had in years, all because of one extra hour a week.

Also, with the main roster being as full as it is, and more FCW talents on the way, an extra hour would be a logical step in developing new stars.

Both the WWE and the fans have a lot to be gained from a three-hour Raw timeslot. It has always been the opinion of this humble blogger that the WWE would generate more pay-per-view buys if the fans didn't feel like it was the only way to see actual wrestling. I, myself, feel cheated everytime I bite the proverbial bullet and order a pay-per-view.

I also feel that the WWE needs to "grow up" so to speak, and stop blaming individual superstars for bringing down the buyrate. One wrestler alone is not responsible.

WWE can also stop blaming the economy for the low buyrates. In nearly every major news publication since the U.S. Recession began, there have been articles about how people still spend their money on various forms of entertainment. The reason they are not buying the WWE's brand of entertainment every month is because it's simply not worth it. Not now, at least.

In final, I would like to thank everyone for reading what is now my second blog on this site. I hope that the fans of my last blog enjoy this one just as much, if not more. As always, your comments are not only allowed, but encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you.

Shepard out.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Erica Perrault's Avatar
    but you are forgetting that WWF won the ratings war.. WCW went fell apart WWE beat WCW.. why would WWE want to learn from WCW?

    3 hour Raw is too long, most people have a hard time watching a 2 hour Raw now, there is so much filler and garbage in a 2 hour Raw right now.
    Even the Raw that they produced on April 2nd, 2012 had a couple filler parts (Kofi vs. Cody Rhodes)

    I think 2 hours Raw is enough.. once WWE can make 2 hours Raw fully action packed and has no filler and the fans want more.. then yes, make it 3 hours.. but right now, most of us are not asking for more at the end of the 2 hour mark.. I and I know many others can't even watch a full 2 hour Raw.. most of it is un-watchable.. a 3 hour Raw will kill WWE
  2. jackson1978's Avatar
    two hours is way more than enough! !!!! they just need to use both smackdown and raw to showcase all mid and tag titles plus push the main event feuds rather than having the 3 stooges host, and watching squash matches
  3. Keith Stone's Avatar
    I like the idea but WWE would put more filler in that extra hour instead of wrestling. I liked how WCW had a 3 hour nitro for a couple of years. You got to see alot more wrestlers wrestling, but WWE is never gonna let that kind of wrestling on their product. Plus USA network would never do it because reruns of NCIS get higher ratings than even both hours of RAW. NCIS gets like a 4.5 while boths hours of RAW get a 2.8 and 3.2. Plus Vince doesn't give a damn he'd rather you pay 50 dollars to watch wrestling or not watch wrestling at all.
  4. Jtpearl's Avatar
    Now,if done correctly, it could be very good. It would allow for meaningful matches on tv as well as giving others a chance to be seen outside of Superstars and NXT however I can't see it working the way everyone would like. I'd see it turning into even longer promos,more non-wrestling related junk (2 Stooges) and other filler that could actually turn off even more fans.

    On a side note, I'd just like to say it great seeing blogs such as this one and your first on here about ideas other then "who is better" or "why I like/hate so and so". Keep up the good work.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Much thought went into the topic you've chosen to base you blog upon. Much like any "great" idea there are definitely pros and cons. I'd have to agree for the most part with the others whom have commented. Yet you do raise a valid point as well. Intern I ask, would this mean cancelling out smackdown as a show itself? As the others have stated, 2 hours is more then enough air time for the E' to showcase its talent. Heck, what with smackdown airing as well, that's a total of 4 hours that they can't seem to generate anything. As much as a 3 hour Raw show may sound enticing, the E' still seems to underutilize the time they have been given, along with the talent. The E's roster is of a decent proportion, and I can understand the format that they are trying to showcase their product. Yet, at the same time, I for one believe that they must change their layout. Established story lines, and divisions can ALL be drawn up within a two hour slot, along with a significant amount of wrestling. Promos/cut scenes, can ALL be apart of the show, without it taking away from the wrestling. I understand the E' opening up every Raw/Smackdown with someone either cutting a promo or something else (significantly to open up the show), but at the same time, MUST IT be 20 minutes LONG?!? As well as weekly recaps on things we've seen in prior weeks? They have the internet, and the official wwe webpage for that. On a weekly basis we get God knows how many recaps throughout a show, that take time away from actual matches.... I don't know...I'm probably just rambling on. I will add that I loved the concept and thought you put into your blog, I'd fully agree with it all, if only the E' were fully capable of efficiently using the 2 hour time slot they've already been given. Either way, thanks mate. Great blog.
  6. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    I agree with everyone that WWE and the "powers that be" will probably never make these changes. Even if they did, the would muck it up somehow. However, I still have my hopes for a better product. I know that the "E" stands for entertainment, but I guess Vince forgot at some point what the second "W" stands for. Oh well... Here's to dreams nonetheless.

    @PhEonYx I wouldn't necessarily cancel Smackdown. I wouldn't, however, strive to have it represented as a different "brand." I would simply have it as a show that features the guys that didn't work Monday, much like WCW Thunder was at first. The roster, and the way it is developed, simply isn't deep enough to support two individual "brands" anymore.
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog man. I do have to disagree about WWE extending Raw by an hour. A 3hr Raw would defeat the purpose of having two brands. Also, like the others have said, it will consist of a lot of boring filler matches. A 2hr Raw is good enough as it keeps things just right without the Raw programming being too short or too long for the audience. Overall, I enjoyed your blog and will be following your blogs more often. Keep it up.
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