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Should WWE bring back managers?

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Managers. They have been in WWE since it have started, they elevated superstars and helped them to get over with the crowd. Now... They're gone. Only MANAGER (I don't count Rosa Mendes, because they are more like a Stable) left is Vickie Guerrero.

Why should WWE bring Managers Back?

For one simple reason. There is a lot of Superstars that are pretty good in the ring, but their mic-skills are not good enough for being elevated to main event or even upper-mid level. With managers they could just be good mid-carders, then, if they'd tighten up their talking abilities, manager would leave his protegee and help another one.

Who needs a manager?

Let's start with simple example. Heath Slater. He has charisma, he is nice in the ring, but he also has a small speech inpediment, that makes him sound a little bit stupid. Who would be his manager? Let's give him Jimmy Hart! They did it on Smackdown: Blast From The Past, worked pretty good in my opinion, and with Hart as his manager, that guy could actually win some gold. After his upcoming feud with Flo Rida, of course.

Another one. What would you say to The Usos being managed by their father, Rikishi. Who wouldn't want to see this? Instant Tag-Team Champions, and if you think they're over with the crowd now, with their dad they could just blow the roof off. Because, let's be honest, Jimmy & Jay can't talk, and Rikishi can, so it's obvious, that they do need him. Wait, why didn't WWE put them together? Are there any explainations?

Who else could be a manager?

Well... I'm seeing Matt Striker as a great manager, but I don't exactly see who he could be managing.
Scott Stanford. He is an announcer, too, and I think he could manage Zack Ryder, but The Ultimate Broski doesn't need any manager right now, so let's just throw him to some random superstar.
Anyone else? Teddy Long. He was a manager once, and I think he could elevate some talent, like Kofi Kingston.
And of course legends as managers. Roddy Piper? He could work with Drew McIntyre. Bret Hart? Tyson Kidd. Unlimited options.

Is 'E' bringing managers back?

Yes, kind of. I think they're getting them back, for example we have this
Abraham Washington/Mark Henry angle, and IMO A.W. is possible to help Mark to win WWE Championship.
I just hope they'll stick to this idea and won't stop just at him.

Why this could be a bad idea?

A manager could hold back the talent. Let's takie a quick peek at heat magnet, Vickie Guerrero, who is main reason for Dolph Ziggler still not being in Main Event - she makes all the heat, and Show Off is just not getting enough microphone time.

Even with this, I still would love to see more managers being used on WWE TV. What are your thought on this? Write a comment! And you also can follow me on twitter @SuhaylStar

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  1. Robareid's Avatar
    Agreed with everything said here. There are so many guys who could benefit from managers

    - Evan Bourne
    - Ezekiel Jackson
    - The Great Khali
    - Heath Slater
    - The Usos
    - Justin Gabriel
    - Kofi Kingston
    - Mason Ryan
    - Michael McGillicuty
    - Ted DiBiase
    - Trent Barretta
    - Tyson Kidd
    - Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Sydnister's Avatar
    I agree completely. They need to bring back the mouth piece. There are several guys that would benefit greatly having someone do the talking for them. Robareid's list abouve is a really good start.
    I would start by trying to get Heyman to work a limited schedule with Brock. His promo from Monday night was a little weak. Plus the monster heal that says nothing has always worked for me.
  3. jjlbuck82's Avatar
  4. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Great blog. I'm speechless for once. I agree 100%.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Completely agree!
    I'd like to see:
    Bret Hart with Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel
    Roddy Piper with Drew Macintyre
    William Regal with Wade Barrett
    Bob Backlund with Daniel Bryan
    Finaly with Sheamus
    Jimmy Hart with Heath Slater
    Michael Hayes with Evan Born
    Teddy Long with R-Truth & Kofi Kingston (and/ or Ezekiel Jackson)
    Sgnt Slaughter with Jac Swagger
    Pat Patterson with Dolph Ziggler
    Ted DiBiase sr with Ted DiBiase jr
    Dusty Rhodes with Cody Rhodes
    Tito Santana with Sin Cara
    Mr Fuji and Harvey Whippleman with Yoshi Tatsu
    Bobby Heenan (health permitting) with David Otunga
    Paul Bearer (I mark out for this guy) with Brothers Of Destruction
    Mick Foley with Zakk Ryder
    Matt Stiker with Mason Ryan (working also as a tag team)
    Roadogg with Brodus Clay
    Tony Atlas with Mark Henry (I liked this the first time they done it)
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Tyler Rekks
    Paul Heyman (I know he's busy) with Brock Lesnar
    Vickie Geurrero with Shaul Gerrero and Hunico
    Haku with Camacho
    Rikishi with The Usos
  6. shepja87's Avatar
    Without a doubt, Yes! Think of all the wrestlers in the past who might not have made it as big as they did without a manager being able to be the promo man. Most recent perfect example, Brock Lesnar, yes he had the right tools to work in the ring, but I honestly think without Paul Heyman helping to bring the heat and promoting him as the next big thing he wouldn't have been as such a success, or at least in the short time of his first run. I still remember the promo after he best Rock at Summerslam 02'... Heyman just started with 'I told you so' and even though Brock was slowely getting over as a face with the non mark fans, Heyman still managed to get heavy boo's throughout the promo. Then it lead onto something even better which was Lesnar's face turn. With a heel manager, especially someone as crafty on the mic as heyman, you can easily turn someone from mega heel to face like that by having them split, or one betray the other as heyman did to brock. Nowadays it's harder to get someone over if they can't talk, and harder to make turns work to the fullest extent.

    Say in a hypothetical situation with John Cena, we know his popularity is going down and he gets boos, but if they were really going to turn him heel they'd need two things, a megaface for him to turn on, and a heel manager to ally with. Remember when Austin shook McMahons hand at WM17? Austin was the FACE of WWE, Rock was going in as a minor heel or tweener. When Austin shook McMahons hand, that was what sold it for me, these two guys who'd battled each other for so long, now together, and next night Rock was face to the full. Remeber Survivor Series 98, Rock was in as face, foley was in as coporate heel, and in an amazing move both guys turned in that one night, Rock allied with McMahon, selling his soul for the WWF title, and Mankind betrayed becomes the underdog people loved. Something like that rarely happens in WWE today, or at least it doesn't suprise people anymore as it's become so stale and predicatable, and I believe it's a lack of external heel characters/managers for wrestlers to interact with in a non in ring situation. We've got Joh Laurenitis now but he sucked as a wrestler and sucks as a heel GM... he also sucks Vinnie Macs dick, but you all know that already anyway.
    Updated 04-15-2012 at 08:01 AM by shepja87
  7. madnonsense's Avatar
    Rosa Mendes is a "valet" for Epico and Primo.

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