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The WWE Draft - Why Does It Exist?

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To answer my own question, I don't know.

Now before anyone says I'm against it, let me tell you, I'm not. I have always been a fan of the draft and the brand extension in general, but to say I'm not frustrated would be a lie.

Ever since Triple H announced the 'SuperShow' concept, I've been hoping that it was just a brief thing and all would be right in the the land of the WWE soon. But apparently not. SmackDown still exists for no apparent reason. Vince McMahon needs to put is fortune into hiring writers and new superstars, not paying to have a pointless show on air, amongst other expenditures, such as WWE Studios or the (possibly) upcoming WWE Network. There are two possibilities for what could happen:

1) They scrap SmackDown.
While a lot of WWE fans (including me) have always been a fan of the blue brand, if things don't change, it has to go. There is no question about it's apparent neglect by the board, therefore there is no reasoning to keep it on air.

2) They scrap the SuperShow.
This would personally my favorite option, because it puts things back to normal, the way I liked it. This concept is backed up by the fact that NXT is acting more and more like it's own show; this could become a 'C-Brand', much like the way ECW was. Mind you, I couldn't imagine WWE getting much out of this. If they were to do this, the 2012 WWE Draft would be the perfect time to bring it into action.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the upcoming draft - will there be change, possibly even 'Change for NXT' (cue Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks t-shirts)? Or will we be forced to watch another year of weekly blue pointlessness? That is, those who continue to watch WWE at all.

ALL COMMENTS WELCOME, especially on this blog, I would really like to see what you have to say.

P.S., I know this blog is short, but I've made my point and would like you to make yours as well.

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  1. Erica Perrault's Avatar
    I really do not think the draft is useful anymore, WWE should just scrap it. They are slowly phasing it out to see how people react. The announcers don't even comment, "this is a smackdown superstar" the only difference now is that when you watch Raw or Smackdown! and a wrestler comes out, depending on what show they are on, it shows on the bottom.. hopefully soon when I watch Raw it will only say Raw on the bottom

    The draft is pointless because there is not enough talent to run two shows independantly. WWE should still keep Smackdown as it's B show, but the WWE and world title should be unified again (have both champions fight each other)

    The top stars shouuld appear on both shows, but Smackdown should be a show to give storylines to the undercard (because they have no stories at all right now) it will also be able to use the show to expand on feuds that are happening on Raw

    when the draft started, each show had their own PPV every 2 months. with only the major ppvs being togehter.
    The problem with having a PPV every month and having seperate brands, is that you do not get enough time to expand on the feud.
    Sometimes it happened that there was a PPV then two weeks later there was another one.. two shows is not enough time to promote a PPV.. if they merge the shows, they will have 4 shows to work on the feud.

    The WWE is roster is still too big to only have one show per week, I really disagree with that. I think there should still be two shows per week, but the shows should have both talent on both shows.

    There needs to be more build to PPV's and this will fix that!
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by k_roll00
    Cena, Miz, Ziggler, Santino, Brodus Clay to Smackdown

    Orton, Big Show, Rhodes, Bryan, MacIntyre to Raw

    Arent Orton, show, rhodes, bryan and macintyre on raw every week anyways?

    The draft is so Smackdown main eventers can come to Raw to mid card and so Raw mid carders can go main event on smackdown.

    Honestly with the exception of Cena going to smackdown and STAYING on smackdown, there is no point to the draft. Unless they do an actual COOL angle and get Brock drafted to smackdown so cena cant get at him or something.
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    Scrap a useless show that still pulls in pretty solid ratings? It doesn't lose money. It's pretaped which is a lot cheaper to run too.
    I don't get that idea. There's a draft for one reason; Raw rarely ever enters into feuds with smackdown. They are on the supershow to build interest in Smackdown but also have all their stars appear on Raw.
    You don't ever see Raw facing Smackdown for titles; they normally don't include smackdown superstars in big feuds on Raw but develop most of those over on smackdown. I don't think you've entirely thought out this blog. It gives smackdown superstars some exposure being on Raw. The Draft switches things up because generally, only smackdown superstars appear on smackdown. You have to remember what Smackdown originally began as; a supplement to raw! It was more time to further storylines. It made you watch because something would happen on Raw, then continue onto smackdown. Example; N.W.O attacks Austin on Raw. You then had to tune into smackdown to see him get his revenge. The first draft turned smackdown into a stand alone show.
  4. KOR7578's Avatar
    With Johnny running both shows I really dont see the point in a draft unless there starts to be a story line where he is "screwing over" one brand. The draft has just fallen apart over the years. Superstars appear on both shows at random..... it is just a very weak ratings ploy at the moment. When there were managers for both shows picking against one another it was a much better draw. The plot line between Teddy and Johnny should have been drawn out until after the draft if they really wanted to make the draft into something.
  5. Briman's Avatar
    House shows, thats why
  6. gibsonchild's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neconilis
    In all honesty I hope this year is the end of the draft. Much like you I also want things put back to normal, the way I liked them, but for me that was a decade ago now when there was no brand extension. I have never liked the brand extension, I do not think it has ever been utilized or promoted properly, and I feel it is time that the WWE becomes whole once more with one unified champion.
    I agree, i never liked it much either, but what titles would be kept and retired as the world heavy and us titles have as much credit as the WWE world and intercontinental titles and would they re-introduce a tertiary title?
  7. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I think it's time to halve the entire roster and go back to WWE with two shows, not two brands each with it's own show. The talent is just too diluted now. Keep NXT for your up and comers and can Superstars - no one cares about it.

    Alternatively, if they can launch a WWE Network, why not try and have themed shows? Any suggestions?
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