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Who Was Better: Sting or The Undertaker?

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In the last blog the big debate was; who was better: Eddie Guerrero or Chris Jericho? The people have spoken and the winner is….

CHRIS JERICHO! Y2J wins it with 17 votes in comparison to Guerrero’s 11.


Based on constructive criticism on the last blog I’ve decided not to focus on one specific time in the wrestler’s career and instead give an overall perspective for fairer reflection.


This blogs looks at two of the greatest legends in the history of wrestling. This is WCW V WWF. Legend V Legend.

But who was better: Sting or The Undertaker?


Few wrestlers can say they had a company built on their back. Hogan propelled WWF to new heights, Austin revitalised wrestling and kick-started the ‘Attitude Era’ and The Rock had a show named after his catchphrase; but few have ever been the banner of a company during such a critical time. Although the NWO/Hogan angle is arguably the reason WCW got the higher ratings in 96, a huge part of the reason WCW was in a position to rival WWF was because of Sting’s popularity.

The early nineties was perhaps the best time he could have taken off. Hogan and Flair were getting stale, Hart and Michaels were yet to come and Ultimate Warrior was proving to be a flash-in-the-pan.

Sting was the great babyface that linked the two generations together. A typical all-American hero who could capture the imagination’s of young fans but also athletic and technical, with the ability to perform at standards worthy of the admiration of adults.

He did a great job at mixing up his character. When the colourful, early-nineties face was starting to receive boos, he recreated himself in the image of ‘The Crow’ and in TNA as 'The Joker'.

Perhaps what is also a shame is that while he has been active since the late-eighties, a majority of his best matches were earlier in his career and it feels like he’s been on the slow decline since.

His best five matches in my opinion were:

  1. Sting V Ric Flair – Clash of the Champions (Part one with links to rest of match)
  2. Sting V Vader – Superbrawl III (Part one with links to rest of match)
  3. Sting V Kurt Angle - Bound For Glory 07
  4. Sting V Muta – Great American Bash 89
  5. Sting & Lex Luger V Steiners – Superbrawl 91

He wrestled some of the best back then. His feud with Flair and the Four Horseman was a great example of his ability and there are numerous PPV battles between the pair that are regarded as classics. He was able to get the best of all those he went up against. He could make the likes of Luger and Hogan look better than they were.

Everyone knows the mess that WCW became in the end, but many forget the brilliance of it’s early days. The feuds that Sting had with Flair, the Dangerous Alliance and Vader are viewed as classics.

Sting has also been heralded for his decision not to join WWE, despite the amount of money he would probably receive. He helped WCW become the powerhouse of the mid-to-late nineties and even wrestled the company’s last match against Flair on Nitro. It’s a decision that he should be respected for.

While he was a great wrestler with an iconic image, the one thing every wrestling fan knows Sting for is WCW.

When people think of WCW, they think of Sting.


The ‘Deadman’ is quite simply, the greatest gimmick in the history of wrestling. For the last twenty two years ‘Taker has been the cornerstone of the WWE. Every legend from Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin to The Rock, John Cena to Randy Orton have all had to face the ‘Demon of Death Valley’.

He is the most respected wrestler by both the fans and his fellow wrestlers, and for good reason.

Undertaker has always stayed with the times. He debuted in 1990 as a slow and methodical brawler, by 1996 he was less eerie and worked at a faster pace, by 1999 he was the satanic leader of the Ministry, the following year he returned as the ‘American Bad Ass’ and in 2004 he became The Undertaker that we recognise today.

He is arguably the best ‘big man’ of all time. Unfortunately being a man of his size meant that he’s faced many of these limited men in his time. His early years were spent feuding with the likes of Bundy, Gonzalez, Yokozuna, Fake Undertaker, Diesel etc. and it wasn’t until 1996 that we really saw the best from him.

From then on he had great feuds with two of the most talented wrestlers of a generation: Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. He proved in both feuds that he was equally gifted and just as important.

He’s had so many great matches throughout his career because of his ability to tell a story in a match. It’s this talent that really makes him stand out from the rest.

His best five matches in my opinion were:

  1. Undertaker V Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 25
  2. Undertaker V Shawn Michaels – Bad Blood 1997 (Hell in a Cell – my favourite match ever)
  3. Undertaker V Bret Hart – Summerslam 1997
  4. Undertaker V Stone Cold – Summerslam 1998
  5. Undertaker V Edge – WrestleMania 24

For the past six WrestleManias he has stolen the show. Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have all fallen to the ‘Deadman’ at WrestleMania but this also goes to show something else.

Whereas the likes of Hogan, Flair and even Sting have declined over the years, Undertaker has got better. Since the Royal Rumble victory in 2007 his feuds and matches with Batista, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have been outstanding.

But above his in-ring ability, gimmick and respect throughout the business is his presence.

Nobody has had the presence of the ‘Deadman’. When the gong strikes, the lights go out, the whole arena is lit by lighters, everyone knows that the show is about to begin. He is the main event.

Everything about The Undertaker is legendary. He watched Hogan leave, Michaels retire twice, ‘Attitude’ come and go, The Rock and Austin retire, and still the ‘Demon of Death Valley’ remains.


So it is up to you, who was better: ‘The Stinger’ and ‘Franchise of WCW’ Sting or the ‘Deadman’ and ‘Phenom’ The Undertaker?

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  1. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Undertaker - by a lot
  2. The Truth's Avatar
    The Undertaker
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    I love Sting, but this isn't even a contest. UNDERTAKER ALL THE WAY!!!
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    No contest. The Undertaker.
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    The Undertaker!!!
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