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The 130 Greatest Things in Raw History

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In honor of next year being the 20 year anniversary of RAW, I was wondering if they make a 20 year DVD what would be the countdown moments so here they are. IT STARTS AT #1 and ends at the bottom. So start reading from the bottom up.

Austin vs McMahon feud
Mankind wins WWF Title on January 4th 1999
Jim Ross Classic Calls
CM Punk shoot on Raw
The Rock returns in 2011
Jerry Lawler One Liners in the 90's
Chris Jericho Debut
Bubba Ray Dudley Powerbombs Mae Young
Austin & HHH destroy Hardy Boyz & Lita
Undertaker & Kane feud with Austin in 98
Ric Flair retirement sendoff
ECW joins InVasion in 2001
The Rock-Mankind feud in 98-99
The Rock saying WCW wrestlers catchphrases
Eric Bischoff Debuts
Austin vs McMahon with one arm tied behind Austin
Big Show chokeslams Undertaker through the ring
The Rock takes out McMahon-Helmsley Faction
The Rock returns in 2001
Kurt Angle moonsault off cage
HHH,Stephanie,Kurt Angle love triangle
DX impersonates The Nation
Goldberg Debut
Nexus Debut
Austin stuns McMahon at MSG in 97
Brock Lesnar returns in 2012
Tag Teams in 2000
Chris Jericho wins WWF Title in 2000
Kane returns and destroys DX in 2000
The Rock This is your Life
Big Show pulls down Titantron
Austin,HHH,Vince destroy Rock in Cage in 2001
The Higher Power
Owen Hart Tribute Show
New Age Outlaws push dumpster off stage
Austin,Kane,Shane & Undertaker Brawl in Cage
Mankind vs Kane Hell in a Cell in 98
Shawn Michaels segment with X Pac
The McMahon's influence
Austin & Rock vs nWo in 2002 before WM 18
Undertaker & Kane destroy Raw roster in 98
New Age Outlaws entrance
Cactus Jack vs HHH at MSG in 97
New DX forms on night after WrestleMania 14
William Regal as WWF Commisioner
Eric Bischoff as Raw General Manager
Godfather and his Ho's
Undertaker as Hardcore Champion
Faarooq interview on Black World Champions
Paul Heyman "I told you so" promo in 2002
Triple H turns on HBK in DX Reunion in 2002
Jerry Lawler kissing up to Mr.McMahon
Triple H shoots fire in Kane's face
Mankind throws fireball in Undertaker's face
Triple H is revealed to have attacked HBK in 2002
1-2-3 Kid beats Razor Ramon
Chyna wins Corporate Battle Royal
Triple H wins WWF Title vs Mankind in 99
The Rock mentions Juventud Guerrera on Raw
Rob Van Dam's popularity in 2001
The Radicalz attack Mick Foley
Debra and the puppies
ECW on Raw in 1997
Ric Flair vs Mr.Perfect in 93
John Cena debuts on Raw
Sable in a sack
William Regal & Tajiri
Test and Stephanie Wedding
The Corporation
The Ministry
Kane Tombstones Linda McMahon
The Brood
Ric Flair returns to the WWF in 2001
ECW invades Raw in 2005
Bret Hart cussing on Raw
Bret Hart returns in 2010
Shane McMahon jumps off cage
Lance Storm invades Raw in Canada in 2001
Vince McMahon's strut
Women in the Attitude Era
DX reforms in 99
Rock vs Mankind in Pink slip on a pole match
Austin helps Sid beat Bret for WWF Title in 97
Booker T attacks Vince McMahon at MSG in 2001
Dont Piss off Jeff Jarrett
Val Venis and Terri Runnels in 98
Ken Shamrock suplexing Referees
Shawn Michaels heel promo in Canada in 2005
Cena-Edge feud in 06
Shawn Michaels Superkicks Bret Hart in wheelchair
Hawk falls off Titantron
nWo Raw Debut in 2002
RVD & Kane as a Tag Team
Jim Cornette Shoot Vignettes in 97-98
Chyna moons audience
WWF making jokes about WCW in 98-99
Trish vs Victoria in Hardcore Match in 2002
Kane Unmasks
Kane electricutes Shane McMahon's testicales
Rikishi says he ran down Austin
DX reunites in 2006
Trish vs Terri in Wet T Shirt Contest
Terry Funk verbally assaulting Mick Foley's Family
WWF Wrestlers attraction to Ryan Shamrock in 99
Right to Censor
Vince McMahon brings back Matt Hardy in 2005
Miz wins WWE Title
Crash Holly as Hardcore Champion
X Pac takes off Kane's mask in 2002
CM Punk is called Phil by Vince McMahon
CM Punk calls Triple H Paul Levesque
CM Punk-John Cena SummerSlam contract signing
Dominance of Ahmed Johnson
Deranged Mankind
Umaga & Armando Debut
The Eupopean Title
Chris Jericho Highlight Reel
Shawn Michaels vs HHH for European Title in 97
The Nexus attacks Undertaker
Miz impersonates The Rock in 2011
Save the Ho's
Austin & Bischoff as CO-GM's
Mr.Kennedy debut dark arena promo
Carlito's Cabana
Referees go on strike
Tough Enough 2 winners destroyed with Kendo Stick

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  1. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    actually a good list :P
  2. Tall's Avatar
    Maybe I missed it but where is the WCW/Shane moment. That is one of the most important moments in the Monday Night War.

    Also can't see Triple H return in 2002, which is easily the loudest pop I've ever heard in wrestling.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    What ever happened to, Arandooooooo Alejandroooooo Estrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrada?

    Honestly, a big list. Decent that you researched all of this, but the list is quite long. Maybe narrow it down a bit. Top 20 or something, because honestly, a lot of these things could be compacted into a more broad category.
  4. GiantHaystacks's Avatar
    Mate, kudos for taking the time to compile a list of 130, although IMO a top 10 ot 20 with vid clips woudl be better. It would save me having to copy and paste 130 phrases into youtube!

    Great dedication though!
  5. akbar's Avatar
    i would have to say this list is probably all the things i can remember in the history of Raw rather than just the greatest...maybe you should have talked more about the top 10, but well done...
  6. Corwo's Avatar
    Great list, I especially agree with the Punk moments, Punk is just pure AWESOME! Good job dude.
  7. CMRyder's Avatar
    Nice list. Some stuff on there is questionable. The order also seems kind of messed up. and 130? Random number?
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