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Re-booking history: Owen Hart in 1998

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Hello blog readers from coast to coast and all over the globe! I welcome yet another original edition of re-booking history! Like always, I will be putting my spin on past angles, feuds, and also wrestlers who I felt were incredibly misused. Today, I'm going to be booking Owen Hart in 1998 which was during the mid Attitude Era years. I'm going book Owen Hart step by step, putting him in feuds that would have benefited for him. Lets get down to the booking!

Owen Hart

The late, great Owen Hart was an incredible talent who is known for being a gifted technical wrestler in the ring. He was able to have some of the most wonderful matches in the WWE. His match with The British Bulldog for the European Title on a Raw episode in Germany will always be one of my favorite matches of all time. Not to mention his match with Bret "The Hitman" Hart at Wrestlemania 10 which is considered a classic. He was an incredible talent who WWE could have pushed as a main eventer but for some reason, WWE never did. Owen Hart wasn't that strong on the mic but he was able to get the fans behind him as a face and was able to draw heel heat like no other. WWE never tested the waters with Owen which boggles my mind.

Now in the year of 1998, Owen Hart was being misused. He was put in The Nation for some odd reason, having feuds that anyone barely would remember. He was then put into a tag team with Jeff Jarrett which was a pretty decent tag team but sadly both guys would get over-shadowed by Debra, their valet at the time. I always thought that 1998 could have finally been Owen Hart's big break as a main event star. He could have finally been one of the big time main eventers along with Stone Cold, Undertaker, Mankind, and The Rock. WWE could have took a chance with Owen Hart but they just didn't. Well, here are my ideas as to how Owen Hart could have been booked as a credible main eventer:

Owen Hart's feud to solidify him as a main eventer:
Here is a wrestler that I would have had Owen Hart start a feud with:
That's right folks! Stone Cold Steve Austin! He was the the face of the WWE in 1998 and the posterboy for the Attitude Era. Owen Hart feuding with Stone Cold around this time would have elevated Owen Hart to the main event scene, A LOT!

Owen Hart earns his #1 Contenders spot for the WWE Title:
After Stone Cold beats The Undertaker for the WWE Title at Summerslam 98, Vince Mcmahon is pissed and would do anything to get the WWE Title off of Stone Cold. Vince Mcmahon decides to book a Battle Royal match on Raw Is War and whoever wins will be named the #1 Contender for Stone Cold's WWE Title. Owen Hart wins the Battle Royal and becomes the #1 Contender for the WWE Title at the next PPV. Vince Mcmahon comes out to ring to congratulate Owen Hart as they shake hands. Stone Cold then comes out, flipping the middle finger at Owen Hart and Vince Mcmahon as they look irate.

Owen Hart proves to Vince Mcmahon hes a threat to Austin:
The next night on Raw, Vince Mcmahon and Owen Hart are in the ring. Vince Mcmahon says that Owen Hart may be the #1 Contender but Owen Hart needs to prove that he can beat Stone Cold. Owen Hart says that tonight, he will prove to Vince that he can tear Stone Cold apart. Stone Cold is in a match with Dustin Runnels (he stopped being Goldust around this time) and Stone Cold wins the match. After the match, Owen Hart runs down to the ring and attacks Stone Cold with a steel chair. He then puts Stone Cold in the Sharpshooter. While Owen Hart is applying the Sharpshooter on Austin, Vince Mcmahon then looks on, being proud of Owen Hart.

A stunner on Owen to heat things up:
Its the final Raw before the Breakdown PPV where Stone Cold and Owen Hart face off for the WWE Title and things are heating up between Stone Cold and Owen. Owen Hart comes out to the ring and says that before he faces Stone Cold for the WWE Title at Breakdown, he wants to prove again that hes gonna be Austin at Breakdown by competing in a match on Raw. He wants to challenge anyone backstage to a fight. Triple H comes out to the ring along with DX and he says that he accepts Owen Hart's challenge as the match gets started. Owen Hart whens the match but Stone Cold runs to the ring, giving Owen Hart a Stone Cold Stunner. He flips Owen Hart off as the show ends.

Stone Cold (c) vs Owen Hart for the WWE Title at Breakdown 98:
Before their match starts, Vince Mcmahon comes out, sitting at the announce table to view the match. Both Owen Hart and Stone Cold beat the hell out of each other but once Owen Hart applies the Sharpshooter, Stone Cold passes out, which the ref ends the match. Vince Mcmahon comes out to the ring with a mic, saying that since Austin couldn't get out of the Sharpshooter and passed out, Owen Hart is the NEW WWE Champion. The fans boo, throwing garbage in to the ring as Owen Hart and Vince Mcmahon celebrate.

I would have given Owen Hart a lengthy reign. It probably would have ended in December, where Mic Foley would have beaten him for it in a triple threat match with Austin being in that match as well. Giving Mic Foley the belt would have been the start for his epic feud with The Rock and it also would have dragged the Owen Hart/Stone feud a little more until the 1999 Royal Rumble PPV where Stone Cold beats Owen Hart to end their feud. Thanks guys for reading and as usual, post your thoughts!

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  1. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    I enjoy seeing a great blog about Owen Hart. He was my favorite wrestler, and always will be. He was as talented in the ring as he was entertaining. It has been stated before that had he not died, the WW(F) would have been his for the taking so to speak. "The Game" gimmick, according to Triple H, was set in place for Owen. When I think about some of the great "what-ifs" throughout sports and entertainment, Owen Hart always tops that list.
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