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Why John Cena is killing the WWE Part 2

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To continue why john cena sucks and why he is killing the wwe, here we go:

9) WWE continues to shove cena down our throats like he is so great
I like watching wwe programming. The parts I hate are with john cena in them. When I do watch them, they just continue to shove him down our throats week after week with supercena 5 moves of doom, same lame promos or the crappy commentary team telling us it is awesome. If it was awesome, you wouldn’t need to tell me. We can think for ourselves. Newsflash: It is not awesome. Regardless of the endless complaints about cena, nothing is done but continues to have him shoven down our throats week in, week out. He is being modeled as the next Hogan, which is ridiculous considering everything about cena screams lame.

10) WWE thinks he is so successful with his music and movies.
Newsflash: all his movies went straight to DVD in a 5$ basket at wal-mart. Nobody outside of wwe knows what the hell even marine is or who he is for that matter. His music? I can see that tanked pretty fast. Pretending to be a black guy, rapping and dressing like a gangster. HIS RAP SUCKED. Even his intro music is pure garbage. He failed as a bodybuilder. He is not this popular guy they make him out to be, yet every week to make it seem like the whole world knows who he is or what he has done.
11) He cannot sell worth anything
Every time they bring someone back as a surprise or a surprise happens for that matter... cena just stands there grinning like a idiot not trying to look surprised. He is making it harder for people to believe it is real. Back in the wwf it had that real feeling, the feeling that they were not a actor. It seems cena does not even give a shit anymore because he gets his cheques regardless. Not even trying to sell any promo at all. He is pretty bad selling moves inside the ring, but it is ok in vince's eyes I guess because he makes up for it by selling merchandise.

12) Killing ratings.
His kid directed gimmick has been killing ratings for years. Funny when there was 6.6 ratings at the end of the AE and PG era cannot even get a 3.5 Ratings are at a decline and has been ever since, and the continuous supercena shoven down our throat is obviously not working yet they continue it. They even try and bring back legends like the rock and brock lesnar to boot ratings and sales but it barely even boosts. why? because the wwe today is ruined by cena, supercena ruins everything and everything these days is tame compared to when they were last in the wwe. Nobody is interested in watching a pathetic version of wwf. The ratings this week for raw were actually lower than the raw after wm28... and brock lesnar was advertised and the lowers still dropped!

13) His entrance music.
Every time I hear that music it makes me want to throw a book at my TV. IT SUCKS. It is almost as annoying as scratching nails on a blackboard.

14) Ruining the wwe belt.
He changed the wwe belt to a spinner belt... moreso a toy to please kids. It was never taken as serious ever again. Even cena admits it needs to be changed. It does not even say champion it says champ.

15) He destroys storyline momentum
Example: nexus. Nexus was one of the best storylines in 2010 regardless if you liked them or not. They drew ratings and it was a great angle. Supercena had to beat them and kill all their momentum, they fought the corre temporarily and new nexus leader fought super orton and the nexus was officially dead.

16) He constantly buries talent
Examples: nexus, zak ryder
Yes zak ryder. Ever since that storyline with ever and cena ryder has been put on the backburner... even losing his US belt because of cena`s own problems. Cena used ryder to advance in his own feud and then buried him, now ryder jobs out weekly. Every talent he faces in a feud is quickly buried by him and they constantly try to piece them back together, hence why nobody is over anymore unlike the attitude era. Nobody can get over when they are being constantly buried by the two top super gimmicks.

17) He is a fake military wanna be
Every time he walks into the arena he gives a salute and wears his father’s dog tags trying to get cheap support from the military crowd and plain crowd because the crowd hates him. HE WAS NEVER IN THE MILITARY.

18) Beating Batista using duct tape, no more needs to be said

19) Claiming to be the hardest working person in the company. What an insult to everyone on the roster, there are countless others who work hard as well if not harder than him... but no recognition for them. Countless others put on better matches than him and he claims he works harder. I guess its hard doing 5 moves and winning.

20) Being a fake ``face of the company``. Just put there because shoving him down fans throat weekly makes him money regardless if he is not the face of the company. He is the fake face of the company and takes credit for what all the other wrestlers do. Example, MITB... nobody is talking about cena, they are all talking about cm punk because he carried the match and the feud. Yet he acts like he was so great in that feud while he was the yes man. Or saying the rock vs cena match was what sold wm28... sorry but that match sucked, the match that stole the show was hhh vs taker... and the reason wm28 sold out was because they overhyped it for a year.

21) Moving wrestling from being about the wrestling to being about entertainment... like for instance... there is barely any good matches anymore... but what there is a lot of is promoting everything to make a dollar. Like guest hosts, bringing in singers for wm28. It is moving away from being about wrestling and just feels like a semi violent soap opera these days. Most of that is due to john cena and his kid directed gimmick, publicizing him, over hyping him. It is just about overselling cena to make the extra money.

22) Cena's superman gimmick
When cena loses they basically do a short bit about it then shove it under the rug, like wm28... he LOST and we don't hear anything about it anymore... if cena won we would be reminded daily that cena won... wwe just doesn't want to admit that superman finally lost cleanly... and even the commentators act like rock just got lucky rather than a clean win. When in the last year on raw has cena lost cleanly? I can't think of any... when has cena lost cleanly in a PPV in past year? only twice, once against cm punk MITB and wm28... Apparently you need to cheat to win against cena because he is supercena. How is anyone supposed to get over when they are constantly being buried by supercena? Oh apparently 10 minutes of beating cena up doesn't mean jack squat when he hits 5 moves and wins... unrealistic, boring and phony wrestling. It is killing the business, nobody's character can develop and anyone who feuds with cena is instantly buried. Go look up cena vs orton I quit match... 20 minutes of cenas ass being kicked and 1 minute of beating up orton and orton says i quit. "same old crap". Enough with this boring garbage.

In conclusion, john cena sucks bad and he is killing this business with all the above reasons plus more. To all you stupid cena marks, congratulations your supporting a marketing propaganda plan of Vinces that is crushing this industry. He is turning wrestling from hardcore to pillow fighting. You people that support cena are part of the reason the wwe has been dying. I will never have respect for this guy and neither should you. People continue to tell me how he grants wishes and junk... news flash... not only does a lot more wrestlers do the same but a lot of celebrities do it as well... and he promotes bullying against woman on air by encouraging kids to call eve a ``hoeski`` and publicly humiliating lilian Garcia off air in front of a live crowd for no real reason besides messing up one 1 thing. Referring her as a horse and cannot do anything right. One more thing, why should what someone does for charity affect how you feel about his in ring personality? It shouldn’t whatsoever. You guys can spin it any way you want but at the end of the day, cena sucks. So stop it with the stupid comments about saying how he is so great when he obviously sucks. John cena is not good & all kids covered in cena gear looks like idiots and you will realize it one day. John cena sucks. On the current path of the wwe, I cannot see a future for the wwe. Bring on the negative cena mark comments because I don`t care. I know what is true; I refuse to fall for marketing propaganda that vince shoves down my throat week after week. I don`t see myself watching wwe much longer, maybe a year with the decline of wwe. Hope you guys understand why I don't like cena. Just tired of having to continue explaining this to clueless kids who don't know the slightest thing about wrestling. Until next time take care guys. I really hope losing to rock sets him back from his supercena crap and I hope brock wrecks him. They need to either change him or get rid of him because the current path of the wwe is leading in the gutter.

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  1. odizzal's Avatar
    Amen brotha!!!
  2. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    Well. I've Read the Part 1 and The Part 2.
    I Must say that you made some good points, and some other you should not even touch it. If You don't like Cena, try to say things that No One already said about Him.
    And I Almost stopped read when you abused of the Grammars Errors. Man, Everyone is Hating Cena today. Everyone is talking a lot about him today. I Think this would make an Awesome Blog, even i don't agreeing with everything. (I Really Like John Cena, But i know the Bad Points of Him. ) But You should be more "Original" and Should make your Word Understood, with a Fine English and your point of View.

    After All, I Don't agree with everything you Wrote on both posts, but i'm not here to say. It's your point of View, so I Respect it. But, try to Fix those things i've said You. You could make your Voice Heard or Your Word Spread.
  3. jai's Avatar
    I know where you're coming from, but dude, about the merchandise crap from the other part of the blog, it would also put more money in McMahons wallet. This blog wasn't exactly great either. Its just some angry dude bitching about Cena. You remind me of The Rock in some of this stuff you said, just what I observed.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    For a man that's reportedly worth 106 Million dollars to the WWE and draws more than anybody on the roster today, I'll say that he earned his spot as the face of the company and even you have to admit that. Also, I think you need to look up what burying actually means because Cena does not bury people. He put over Sheamus, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, and The Miz.
  5. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    Hahahaha!!! Whoaaaaa.

    Don't get me wrong, John Cena the character pisses me off too and I would definitely be happy if he changed in some way......

    But did John Cena the person hit your mother with a car or something?? This seems very personal, lol. Did he steal your girlfriend in High School??
  6. mdrury33's Avatar
    I feel bad that I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this garbage. John Cena loses to everybody, he has been WWE champion 10 times which makes him an 11 time loser. People that hate on Cena are just jelous I wish I made the money he does had the house he does. Also Cena is main stream he was supposed to start the Daytona 500, a guy named Labron James and many football players do the you can't see me thing.
  7. IARD's Avatar
    Terrible. Ya know there is a guy on youtube called GoodMicWork and I would love for him to respond to this. (although I know he won't waste his time) He's the only one I can think of that could perfectly describe what Im trying to say here.

    In your blog you refer to the Cena marks alot, as if they were merely ignorant sheep. Well, when I read your blog, you sound like the typical Cena hater saying the same shit over and over. Cena haters are a dime a dozen, they think alike, talk alike, act alike, and are usually the same age. The "Cena holds people back" line infuriates me. WWE does the booking, not Cena. God forbid we have a top guy that works rediculously hard, never gets injured, is not a drug addict on his 3rd wife, and absorbs all the bullshit he gets with a smile on his face.
    I admit Cena is not for everyone. There are things about his character that annoy me too. But people like you take your hate to such an extreme that you totally lose focus on reality.

    You sir, are not objective. You are simply another Cena hater that was a punk kid during the attitude era. The attidude era is over and done and you fools need to get the fuck over it. The business is different now, priorities are different. WWE has gone PG for business reasons and is trying to calm things down after the extremely intense attitude era in which everything was tried except for booking horses fucking in the ring. The fans were over-stimulated to the point where all they want is attitude, adult content, and blood. They think of the attitude era as the "glory days". Well those "glory days" damn near ruined the business. Competition pushed the business to the extreme and we actually needed this quiet period.

    Also, dont forget about all the horrible deaths and black eyes on the wrestling business. Chris Benoits brain turned into diarrhea because of dozens of concussions and head abuse due to his wrestling style. WWE needed to chill the fuck out for a while in order to restore some respect to the company. So they went PG, minimized violience and targeted a younger audience. Whats wrong with that? I'll tell you whats wrong with that, it doesnt appeal to a mark your age. So you choose to deal with it by blogging saying Cena sucks and the wrestling business is a pile of shit.

    There are so many uninformed young twirps like you out there. If you titled the blog "I hate Cena" I would be fine with that. But titling it "Cena kills WWE" is absurd, immature, smarky, and EXTREMELY ignorant. This is not 1998, things are different now. This is the business, if you dont like it, I reccommend not watching WWE anymore. Because if you can only find good wrestling in a TV-14 environment, then you have no respect at all for the wrestling business.
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