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Why John Cena is Killing the WWE

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Hello, just a blog I want to get off my chest since I am tired of cena marks claiming cena is the greatest when he is not. He is ruining the wwe and it is time I explained it. Cena sucks and is killing the wwe and here is why:
just something before i begin
-I do not hate cena because it is "cool", I hate cena because I hate everything about this guy
(going to be long so be prepared)
part 1
1) He can’t wrestle to save his own life and wwe & fans act like he can.
Back in the day all you could hear from the crowd was “you can’t wrestle” constantly and even came back during the whole cena vs batista feud. What about his wrestling style has changed since then? Nothing. Yet people claim he can wrestle when he clearly cannot and fans have noticed it since not too long after his debut and started the ``you can`t wrestle and same old shit`` chants. What is the difference between the fans of the past and now? More gullible I guess. He is not a good wrestler, he barely has any talent. he does the same ending every time. His entire career can be summed up by this picture.

2) 5 moves of doom
Everyone can say what they want but cena’s matches happen the same 95% of the time. Get beaten up for most of the match and 5 moves on his opponent and apparently 5 moves keeps his opponent down. Seriously? That is the most unrealistic end to a match I’ve seen besides orton vs cena in a I quit match. Seriously look it up, cena gets his ass kicked for about 20 minutes then beats orton for a minute and orton says I quit. Yes most main eventers have something similar but at least it is not the same garbage match after match. It is not the same ending as cenas and they always switch it up or counter. It has just gotten to the point when I see his matches and just sigh because it is so predictable these days. He does the 5 moves of doom and I roll my eyes. His matches are just plain boring now, not entertaining whatsoever. Every match he is in is ruined by his supercena crap. That is boring, especially when you are forced to watch it every raw and every PPV. We feel like ripping our eyes out after those matches. As another back in the day chant would say “same old shit”.

3) WWE treats cena like a constant main eventer.
Even when cena does not have a belt, he is always given the main event spot in a PPV or at least the top 3. Apparently a guy with no belt has a higher priority than divas championship, WHC, tag team belts, US belt, IC belt? Come on, that it just an insult to the entire roster. They complain about rock stealing a spot when cena does it year round. That intro to raw every Monday for over a year and a half(before they finally changed it) had cena holding up the belt at the end... EVEN WHEN HE WAS NOT WWE CHAMPION! The only time they changed that was when cena was storyline fired during nexus and they put wwe champion the miz in that spot... then changed it back once cena was back. What a joke. What a spit in the face to every wwe champion during that time. Oh and guess who ends the video since they changed it(now without the title)? YOU GUESSED IT! This is constantly degrading the prestige and credibility of the wwe title and its holder not to mention how can they possibly build on a character when cena is constantly shoved down our throats as “the guy”? No room to get over with the crowd. Always referring back to cena, It is killing the storylines. No body can become great like the guys of the attitude era because of cena constantly burying talent and being shoven in the spotlight over the current champions. The quality of wwe is just going to continue to decrease because there is no room to flourish, they are being held back by super cena and his garbage. He hogs the spotlight and can’t seem to keep himself out of it to let the wwe flourish to its potential. Rey could not even hold on to the wwe title for more than 1 hour and a half before the belt is slapped back on cena. Especially since cena was the one who lost the belt to cm punk and then cm punk walked out at MITB. They could not wait a bit longer to make a better effect with cm punk vs cena, no they immediately transfer the belt to cena. Cena only missed 1 PPV in 2011(TLC) and for every one he went to, he main evented in top 3 slots regardless of being champion or not. The only time he lost clean at a PPV in 2011 was against cm punk MITB.

4) His promos.
This guy cannot cut promos whatsoever. Seriously go watch rock vs cena raw before wm28. 5 minutes in and I was like “this is the same promo he has cut every since turning face”, moreso it did not seem to even have a point and it was so dull I channel flipped. About being “the guy who works for the company” and he would never change regardless fans liked or hated him. That didn’t stop his character to changing to face did it? This guy is a sell out. Back to my point... His promos are the same, week in and week out. It is not funny, it is childish and just boring. The guys gimmick has been the same thing for YEARS. Being the company guy who works hard blah blah blah. It gets old, every feud it is the same garbage. It is not even entertaining, it is just boring. It seems like the other person in the feud has to carry cena through the promos every time. It is so stale people just cringe whenever they see him. People are sick of it.

5) His outfit.
Every so often this guy releases new t-shirts, wristbands, headbands, hats, pants... I mean I don’t know anyone else in history who is more of a merchandise sell out than john cena. Every time he is on camera they need to zoom in on his shirt, they need to see the back and the front... do some rotating magic to get a full view of his newest merchandise to make him even richer. It seems whenever he is on camera, all they do is concentrate on what he is wearing. And my first thought is... why? Why do you have the need to force so much merchandising crap down the fans throat week in and week out? Do you think everyone is a cena fan that you need to release all your garbage merchandise? This guy makes MILLIONS a year, he owns a mansion, has a hot wife and he is not even satisfied? Then he releases a new set of merchandise to make even more money. Soon they will sign contracts for cena to promote nike shoes or something. He is a sell out. He does not care about putting on a good show like he says he does, as long as his merchandise sells and vince signs his cheques... he couldn`t care less.

6) His fans.
Most cena fans I meet are obnoxious and really annoying and always crying about cena. Yes 90% of them are kids. They always bring up some stupid arguments about how cena is awesome because he works so hard... news flash: there is A LOT of people that work hard, even harder than cena but they do not get the same kind of recognition. Bottom line is they always defend cena even though all we cena haters have reasons that cena sucks that goes on and on and on. They barely have any points why he DOESN’T suck. They bring up points we already prove invalid. Most of them do not even have a slightest clue about wrestling. They were brought up by this horrible “shoving cena down our throats just to further marketing sales” era. They think he is the shit when in reality; he is not “the shit”. All of these young fans are so impressionable and believe anything wwe shoves down their throat because they won’t find out wwe is scripted till they are teens. Without all his child fanbase what is john cena? He is NOTHING. He would have a very small fanbase and all the reaction he would get is “cena sucks”, not the usual lets go cena with high pitch voices that you know belong to either: a) children or b) woman. The fans are so greedy, if cena does not win 100% everything they cry and complain, but we have to sit through this crappy programming. But when our favourite wins against cena, oh no the fruit loop troop is out and crying again. Literally go look up "reactions to cenas loss" there is cena fans literally crying in youtube videos because cena lost to wm28, MITB last year and kid thought he was fired so he cried. Can’t have him losing more than a few matches a year i guess to keep the kids happy. Then I get kids saying "word life" to me... buddy you were 2 years old when cena was saying "word life". you have no idea what it means and he sold out from that gimmick years ago. Without these kids cena would be a low mid card at best. John cena fans like this are pathetic and a disgrace to wrestling itself. They make me embarrassed to be a wwe fan and they make me want to quit watching wrestling. This brings me to my next point

7) Cena’s gimmick is directed towards children.
This is seriously getting really annoying. You bring in cena in as an aggressive next Hogan, then turn him face and direct him towards kids. That in itself is contradictory. But back to my point, directing cena’s gimmick towards kids is really killing the art of wrestling. It has moved from wrestling to entertainment. This is why I know understand why wwf changed to wwe after wcw was bought out and merged. How can you direct a violent, physical sport gimmick toward kids? Kids should not even be watching... This used to be a adult sport, and now you cater to kids and it is killing this business because you are constantly restricted, I don’t see why they schedule cena in at the end of every raw mostly when kids are long gone sleeping. What is the point of directing his gimmick to draw kids when he is put in timeslots when they are sleeping? It is pointless. This is a adult show and it should STAY THAT WAY. Continuation of this kid directed gimmick will only result in wwe being changed from “PG” to “G” and have the wrestlers argue in the ring. Even wrestlers have said this, for instance Batista.

8) Ignorance of vince and cena against the wwe fans.
The land sliding majority of wwe hate cena. Cena knows it, vince knows it and the crowd knows it. They are tired of the same crap from him week in and week out. Tired of the over rated stale gimmick. They continue to express their discontent yet vince or cena do NOTHING to change it. What a insult to the fans. You thrive to deliver entertainment and here we want a stale product changed and all you do is to continue to shove the same crap down our throats week in and week out. WWE acknowledges the problem people have with cena and do nothing about it. For instance, over the past few years people in a feud with cena have always brought up the fact he is the company man and he is boring etc etc and yet the wwe does nothing to actually help the cause. Cena actually admitted he had the 5 moves of doom on air and admitted he should add more moves, guess what? We get the same crap the next week.

part 2 to follow, you can save comments for that one

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