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Suhayl Strikes: Future Superstars.

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Hi Guys, Suhayl here and I just want to share some of my opinions about FCW Talents that should be brought up to either RAW or Smackdown. If my english isn’t great I’m sorry, but it isn’t my first language and I’m going to treat this blog as some kind of exercise.

Well, let kick things off with two guys that already are on Smackdown! By this i mean Ryback and Damien Sandow.

A lot of guys is saying that WWE is trying to make Ryback next Bill Goldberg. I don’t agree, in my opinion they will push him, and then just stop - just like they did with M-Ry and Big Zeke. Well, former Skip Sheffield has charisma, he is pretty nice in the ring for a big guy like him, but destroying more jobbers won’t make him over with the fans. Eventually they will get angry whenever they see ‘jobber destroying, people boring’ Ryback. His moveset... Well, I can’t say very much about it from what we’ve seen, but it seems good. Except finishing manouver. This Suplex/Mucle Buster/Angle Slam thing looks weak, he should go back to Backpack Stunner. Everybody! Get on your twitters and tweet #Rybackpackstunner !

Then there is Damien Sandow. He had his moment in 2006 as Idol Stevens, but was sent back to OVW to improve. Now? He is going to debut as this Actor-like persona, with his great in-ring ability and charisma he is about to win IC Title fast. Very fast, believe me, guys.

Now let’s focus on FCW Stars. At First - FCW Heavyweight Champion, Seth ‘Tyler Black’ Rollins. Great in-ring performer, but kinda sucks on the mic. Very TV-Face, former ROH World Champion (and that means something!) and just wonderfull wrestler with charisma... but can’t talk. Is it time to put him on RAW/SD? I do not think so. If he gets better with the microphone - Hell Yeah, because this is more important than ring-skills.

While you’re all thinking ‘he doesn’t know single thing about wrestling’ I’m changing topic to Dean Ambrose. Guy that can be really big star. I think he should be brought to Smackdown ASAP, maybe to have one or two Pay-Per-View matches with Mick Foley (they’re already feuding on twitter). There are 2 weeks to Extreme Rules, I think they should have a match on this PPV. Damned Soul gimmick for him and it would rock.

Next one. Hm, let’s think... Maybe a Tag-Team. I think WWE should give us The Ascension. They look awesome, their entrance rocks, nice in the ring and in fact they don’t even need the microphone to be convincing Tag-Team Champs. Talk about reviving the TT Division? Not without Cameron & O’Brian!

And last one, my personal favourite. I’m marking out for this guy since NXT 4. Byron Saxton. Former ECW & FCW Announcer, now a really nice Superstar. He’s great with the microphone, he have a lot of charisma, not bad in-ring ability and shitty finisher. REALLY SHITTY FINISHER. I laugh my ass off everytime he does ‘The Reccomendation’. Does not have any impact at all, but it can be changed. Brainbuster, maybe? Anyway, Byron looks like The Rock/Randy Orton mashup, I see future World Heavyweight Champion in this guy.

These are my thoughts. What are yours? Share them in the comments. You can follow me on twitter @SuhaylStar

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Updated 04-12-2012 at 11:08 AM by Suhayl

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