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My Thoughts On This Year In WWE

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Alright. This is the first ever post that i write here in EWrestlingNews. Okay, I've been around, visiting this blog a lot by the past 3 months, and I've learned a lot here. I've Changed my point of view for a lot of aspects in Wrestling, and i have to thank a lot for this website to it.

Now. Why I've came here write this post: This Year in WWE i was expecting a lot of things that i may not see happening. So tonight I've came here, with my low class English (because I'm Brazilian. I Speak Portuguese, and Not English, so Sorry for any mistake i make here. ) to tell everyone my points for what could change in the WWE. Feel Free to comment and share your opinions, because That's why i'm here, to see if i'm being an selfish idiot that understands nothing of Wrestling, or if I make a good Point.

Again, i'ts the first time i write something here, so take it Easy.

I'm Working with some point here, the first of them is:

1. The Tag Team Division.

I'm not much Familiar with the division, and I've spent too much time away from wrestling to know if the WWE had any Tag Team good Enough to bring some honor for the Tag Team belts after the Hardys, Edge and Christian or The Dudley Boys. But Since the Unification of The Titles, i haven't seen any Tag Team Honoring those belts. I Mean, We Had DX In Late 2009, but before this, we had Two Singles Wrestlers Pairing. And That's not What a Tag Team is. I Mean, Take By example The Usos. Today, I Think they're the Ones that should hold the Tag Team Belts. Because, They're not Two singles wrestler that are pairing to bring any attention to their careers, like Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre in 2010, Like Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne in 2011, or Big Show and Chris Jericho in 2009.
If WWE Wants to Boost their Wrestlers careers, put them in Triple Threats or Fatal Four Way Matches with a SINGLES Championship Belt involved.
And For The Tag Team Division, They should hire some REAL Tag Team wrestlers to fight there. Some Team that we see that the Wrestlers are Brothers (Like The Usos) or at least Friends (Like The Hart Dynasty)

I Think I've Missed the point on this part so i'm trying to shorten everything: The WWE Needs to Stop Pairing Singles Wrestlers and Start Finding some REAL Tag Teams.

The Second Point Is:

2. The Divas Division.

I Know That Many of the people that watches WWE, don't care for the Divas Division as a Wrestling Division. They Only want to see the hot and beautiful divas looking hot in their almost naked wrestling Gear.
But The Fact is, for those who Really Cares for the Divas division, i'm writing this: Why The Belts Have Been Unified? I Mean, WWE had a lot more action in the Divas Division while there were Two Championships for them. With those two titles we've saw some great Storylines, like Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool. That Time was entertaining to see Divas in Action. And Now What we see in Divas? One Dominant Diva That Doesn't Defend her title since the Elimination Chamber PPV and Another Diva that is away from wrestling due to Pregnancy (Kharma.) . We See in The Divas Division today, an Dominant Diva that No One even gets closer to match her. No One defeats Beth Phoenix (Okay. Maria Menounos Defeats Her.) But and the Others? I'm Seeing only a couple of Active Divas for in this moment. And None of them Defeats the Glamazon.

This Part of the Post and This Undefeated Streak of the Glamazon are missing the point and Getting Boring.
So To Shorten the things Up, I Say that Kharma should come back soon, so she can Dethrone The Glamazon. But after That we may be seeing an Huge Diva holding the belt for 7 or 8 years.

The Third And Last Point Is:

3. The Pay-Per-Views.

We Saw an Exciting Beggining this Year with Royal Rumble, Then Elimination Chamber, Then Wrestlemania. But My personal Thoughts come to a place:

The Money In The Bank Ladder Match was WAY BETTER in Wrestlemania . This Year it could go as a part of TLC PPV.

The Over The Limit Pay Per View... I Don't Know What Concept it haves. Perhaps they put it into the schedule just because it was the place Where that awesome moment happened, When Batista was sent through the floor/entrance area.

The Bragging Rights PPV Could Have Returned. I Loved the Idea of Pitting Smackdown vs. RAW. They set this PPV to Return this Year, and i was so excited about it. But Then they scrap this PPV, and put in place an GM Battle in Wrestlemania . No. It Haven't Worked. The Bragging Rights Concept was one of the best PPV Ideas In the Last Year, wich Leads to...

The Fatal 4-Way PPV. This Was another Pay Per View that was Scheduled to return this Year, but then they've Scrapped this idea too. But I Only Wanted this PPV if it would be an ALL Fatal 4-Way Event. Fatal 4-Way Divas, an Fatal 4-Way Tag Team, an Fatal 4-Way WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, an Fatal 4-Way Intercontinental AND U.S. Championship. But I Don't Think it would happen, So, it's better take this PPV away for a While.

The Night Of Champions PPV. I Can Only Say That I Want This Year, We see EVERY Championship On The Line.

The King Of The Ring, Could Return as a PPV and Not as a Special RAW in the Week. I Mean, It Could Be Like a Royal Rumble, but for Summerslam. No One Can Deny, That Summerslam is Always an Awesome Pay Per View, with Awesome Matches.

And That's The Bottom Line, 'Cause Stone Cold Say So.

Again, Thanks For Reading, I'm Sure that my Post was a shame, but i Want You to Tell . Please, take it Easy, because it's the first time that i Write a Post. So, Those are My Opinions. Feel Free to Tell Yours in The Comments and Say Anything You Want. Anything But Insulting My Momma.

Thanks For Reading and May The Strength of Brunno Sammartino Be With You.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'm going to start off by agreeing with the rest of the gang, "Great First Blog!!". I usually attempt to read most blogs without criticizing too much, let alone actually FINISHING them. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, hence why blogging can be quite some fun. I can agree with some of the points you've stated, others I won't even touch. Yet, despite all of that, you kept me interested, and for that alone, i thank you. Keep it up bud.
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