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WBC Series #1: WWE And Tag Teams

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What is up everybody! So, like I said last week I was going to be taking WBC into a different direction. The new direction, is an actual blog format, over a top 5 format. Each week, the champ, and whoever the challenge is, will tackle different issues/topics. It might be some hot news or an event that occurred in the WWE, or maybe it'll be on something the WWE is missing or needs to improve on. This week, it is on the tag team division in the WWE. I want to say this. Take the time to read each blog from Renevious and his challenger, decide whose view points you agree with more, and who you think wrote a better blog, and vote for them! Also, I apologize if they seem a little longer, that is simply because it is two blogs into one! Up first, Renevious!


Hey guys, Renevious here again. I'd like to start as usual by thanking all of you who read my blogs. Whether you vote for me in this competition or not, I do appreciate everyone who reads my work. Alright, enough of the sentimental stuff, let’s talk about wrestling…

WWE and the Tag Team Division
Now Bear brought up some points to touch on in this blog, so I’m going to just spell them out and address each one in turn.

Your thoughts on the current state of the tag team division in the E…
Well, I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence here by flat out stating that the tag division in WWE is bad. I’m pretty sure we all already know that. But let’s dive more deeply into what exactly is wrong here. If you’re looking at the product through the eyes of a typical WWE fan, it looks as if the tag team division is there more on an obligatory level than something that is actually promoted. If you look at the way the WWE treats its own tag division, you’d see the lack of enthusiasm. I was doing a little research on some recent Wrestlemanias to see what level they’ve been showcasing the tag titles over the years, and I was truly saddened by the results. For example, this year the tag titles were defended in a dark match. Last year, they were nowhere on the table. The year before that, they actually made it onto the card, and the match was only 3 minutes long. You see where this is going.

Why do you think there is a lack of multiple tags teams compared to the number of teams there were ten years ago?...
This goes back to the first question. If the WWE isn’t going to promote or showcase their tag teams in a genuine quest for the championships, then there aren’t going to be many tag teams out there at all. The superstars aren’t stupid. They know that if we only see one match between two actual tag teams each week (at the most), then it doesn’t make sense for them to be part of one of those teams. These guys want exposure and need to be seen on TV in order to impress the higher ups and get some sort of a push. Today, being part of a tag team only gets you a match once in a while, and you end up sitting on the bench the rest of the time.

If you went to a show ten years ago, you knew you were going to see some great tag team action. Tag team matches didn’t get bumped off the card to make time for Divas crap back then. People wanted to see those teams, so that’s what they got. The more people wanted to see tag team matches, the more teams there needed to be. Like I said before, you don’t really need 8 or 9 good tag teams out there if you’re never going to put them on television.

The prestige of the current tag titles…
One word – Laughable. Allow me to elaborate. As I mentioned in the first section, the WWE doesn’t care about showcasing its tag titles on the major pay per views. If they don’t care enough about it to give us a quality match at a Wrestlemania, how can they expect the fans to give a shit? I know I drink from this well quite a bit, but I’m going back to it again. You guys remember Wrestlemania 17? Of course you do. Remember what stole the show? Of course you do. TLC II was for the tag team championship, and it was the most bad ass match of the most bad ass pay per view of all time. Remember how awesome the tag team championship match was this year at Wrestlemania? Neither do I, because the damn thing wasn’t televised! Even the piece of crap that was Wrestlemania 2000 still had an awesome match for the tag team titles. Let’s go back even further. I often like to reference Summerslam ’90. In case you don’t remember, the Hart Foundation fought Demolition in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the belts. Once again, the show was stolen by a tag team match. I’d like to see the WWE try and generate that type of excitement over the tag belts today. Good Luck.

If new teams were introduced, would it better to have tag titles for both RAW and SD?...
I personally don’t think so. If you’ve read my blog a while back about the two brands, you would know that I am all in favor of completely separating the RAW and Smackdown rosters along with their titles. That is, with the exception of the tag teams champions. I think one set of tag champions is plenty. We only have one set of champions now, and there is practically no prestige to the titles. If we brought back a second set of titles, that would make it even worse. I think having several more teams (who actually get to wrestle on TV consistently) fighting for one set of championship belts would do wonders for making the titles seem more prestigious.

How could they revitalize the tag team division?...
This would definitely take some time, but it can be done. First thing is first, those ugly ass belts have got to go. They look like big pennies. I’d say bring up some guys from developmental and/or repackage some current superstars who seem to be going nowhere, and turn them into genuine teams. There needs to be no more thrown together teams of two main event guys winning the titles for a week, just so one can screw over the other and send the titles back to whoever had them before. I think that’s one of the biggest things killing the division. It just shows us that any two top guys on the roster can tag up and beat the so-called champions whenever they want to.

No, we need guys who are devoted to being tag team wrestlers. We need more teams like Epico & Primo and the Uso’s. These guys are awesome, but they don’t have anyone to go against except each other. Let’s get enough teams to have a tournament. Let those teams battle it out over the course of a few weeks, and the winners can have a shot at the titles. Let that match happen at a pay per view as one of the main events. And finally, let’s pull a Cody Rhodes and bring back the old school belts. The tournament winners and the current champions can fight for the right to wear the brand new old school belts. Then whoever wins will look like real champions. And after all the dust has settled, we’ll have an entire bullpen of teams who will be able to fight each other to work their way up the ladder in order to earn a title shot down the road. And as long as we actually get to see these things happen on TV, I guarantee it will work. The fans will quickly buy into it, and it will be the start of something amazing.

Well everyone, thanks again for reading. Agree with me or not, I hope you enjoyed what I had to say. Until next time, God Bless.


Hi everyone, it's me Deady56. The new Boss Bearkg88 asked me, if I would like to participate in WBC. I gladly accepted. This isn't the normal Top 5 List, but I guess Bearkg88 already explained about it, so I won't lol. I never really talked about the Tag Team Division, because I feel so many have already said all their is to say really, but I guess theirs a first time for everything for everyone

The WWE Tag Team Division

This Division is currently it's worst state it has ever been in WWE which I can recall. The Tag Team Division has been, so bad sometimes many people(including myself)forget who the Tag Team Champions are! It's strange you know about ten years ago. The Tag Team Division was at it's best ever state, but why did it end up the way it is now?One of the reasons are the lack of multiple teams, why do we have lack of multiple teams?That's the Thousand Pound or Dollar question. It is because the WWE treats the Tag Team Division irrelevant in other words I think it's dead. In order for me to think something is dead, it would have to take a long process, and over the years WWE has shown me they don't care too much about the Division by not putting to much effort in it. If WWE show me they don't care about it, then obviously i'm not going to be a really interested in it. When being in the Main Event scene you're considered relevant. Jack Swagger won the World Heavy Weight Championship a couple of years ago, I didn't like the way WWE booked him, but just because I disliked the way Jack Swagger was booked doesn't mean the Main Event scene is considered irrelevant.

The Prestige of the Tag Team Belts are a joke. The worst thing WWE have done with the Belt was to use it for part of a story line for a feud. John Cena and David Otunga. John Cena and Batista. John Cena and Shawn Michael. John Cena and The Miz. What does that tell us about the Tag Team Belts? It tells us, its not very Prestigious at all. The last time we had real Tag Team Champions, that got us really caring about the Division was the DX/Jeri-Show era. I may add Show-Miz. Around this time the Tag Team Division was finally looking up, and WWE got us all interested in it again, but only for a short period of time. These men who I have mentioned(except Miz)where already established stars, so of course they would be over. The most logical thing, that could benefit their short stay in the Tag Team Division at the time was to put over the younger rising teams in WWE. D-Generation x did lose a match to the team of Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase even if they where a part of legacy. Show-Miz also lost a match, but to the Hart Dynasty. This is how WWE tried to carry on making the Tag Division watchable again, but sadly they failed, and now are current Tag Team Champions are Epico, and Primo. The Tag Team Division is yet again uninteresting.

Now I will talk about the art of forming a Team. When having a Team it is beneficial, if they have already in ring chemistry with each other. Their matches will flow better, and they know how to work with each other. What will also be a nice touch is a Tag Team finisher. I know it is not very important, but it could be one of the reasons why you like to watch them have a match. The Team could talk about their finisher in their promos, and threaten to use it to win the gold or use it to take out their opponents, so something like that. It would also benefit the Team, if they come out together with a good them song,matching clothes and a bloody Tag Team name! Now if they do all this people will recognize them better, and actually want to see what their all about. I have to remember even if a Tag Team, has all of these I mention they have to have some sort of personality or gimmick or all of this won't work. The current Champions I mention have all of this, but they don't have a personality or gimmick they are just well..dull, and boring. DX are the funny troublemakers who disrupt the WWE. Jeff and Matt Hardy where the extreme brothers etc.

I am not currently a WWE Writer, but I am going to try and say what would I do to help the Tag Team Division improve. First I just wanted to say the only thing I agree on about what WWE have done to help the Tag Division is how they made only one Tag Team Belt. This is good, so Tag Teams can showcase their skills on Smackdown, and Raw. I would probably let all Teams be able to compete on Smackdown, and Raw even if their not chasing the Championships. They would only be able to have Tag matches, but if they are in a feud they can have one on one matches with their partner at their side. That brings me to feuds, so basically WWE should start having story lines in feuds to make it more entertaining, it shouldn't just be for the Championship Belts, but just for despise hate with other Teams. Since I've chosen Tag Teams could be on both brands the most over with the crowd teams could Main Event Raw or Smackdown a few times. WWE could have the Tag Team go against two men who are currently feuding with each other, and let the already Establish Tag Team win, because it wouldn't harm anyone. WWE tend to do that when two men are feuding, and like I said before they sometimes win the Tag Team Belts which devalues the Tag Team Championships. I would also add a new policy in WWE where the Tag Team Titles have to be defended with in 2 months. The reason for not with in one month is simple, it's because i'm sure the WWE would start running out of ideas, and fresh competitors. The last thing I may add is before I add all this I will let WWE have a huge Tag Team Tournament. The Tournament will be on Smackdown, and Raw. The semi finalists will compete on the following PPV to find out the Tag Team Champion, or better yet maybe have a PPV Tag Team Tournament to show the WWE Universe, that the Tag Team Division is back in action!

Thanks everyone for reading, sorry if it was long, but I just had to get my point across. I hope you enjoyed the read, and vote for me to be the new WBC Champion

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  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Isn't the "WBC" a blatant rip-off of "Blog Wars"? I'm confused.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    Isn't the "WBC" a blatant rip-off of "Blog Wars"? I'm confused.
    its not a rip off when the creator of blog wars is fine with the similar concept to his...
  3. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    Isn't the "WBC" a blatant rip-off of "Blog Wars"? I'm confused.
    think of it as the blog wars champiosnhip or the wbc championship. surely an internet blogging sight can have multiple titles if wwe and tna can
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    Isn't the "WBC" a blatant rip-off of "Blog Wars"? I'm confused.
    When the original concept of WBC was stated, one could argue it was similar to Blog Wars, but there is also similarity between TNA and WWE. They are both wrestling companies, much like WBC and Blog Wars are blogs that put people up against one another. That is why I added a twist, and decided to make it into two separate types of series, a top 5 and a specific topic. If you had taken the second to actually read this blog, you'd see this is nothing like Blog Wars, but its kind of obvious to me you are just going off of the title and maybe gazing at the blog without reading anything.
  5. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    The only problem I had is Mr. Boss never gave me any credit for giving him the idea. That said, another show gives more guys chances and that's what matters.
  6. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I remember when you could team two maineventers against a tag team and it wouldn't be a squash match
  7. RatedATB's Avatar
    Well since no one else decided to pick a winner...I think Reneivous had the better thought out blog
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