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The Next Big Blog: This Week In Pro Wrestling

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So, another week has surpassed in the world of wrestling and we already have two big main events setup for the next PPV Extreme Rules, the first one being John Cena vs Brock Lesnar.

Last Monday these two had one of the best pull apart brawls i have ever seen, this reminded me of the Joe/Angle brawl of Bound For Glory 2006. Lesnar bloodied Cena up with a stiff shot to the lip, i'm sure Cena allowed Lesnar to do this to further the angle.

Lesnar has alligned himself with the heat machine himself Johnny Ace, this is a wise decision, Lesnar is far more entertaining as heel than he was as face, although that is just my opinion and the fans over 12 are going to cheer for him anyway so this doesn't make much difference.

One of the keypoints of talk in the "IWC" last Monday was to do with 3 knuckleheads themselves, the three stooges. I've never seen this much hatred towards an act which quite honestly wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. It raised a few laughs from me and Will Sasso actually took a bump from Kane. Lance Storm recently said "fans are tired of comedy" which is completely false, and to be honest quite a stupid statement.

Smackdown was live this week, Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus was setup for extreme rules. To ensure this will go longer than 18 seconds it was made 2 out of 3 falls. This should be a pretty good match IF it does go over 18 seconds and they allow them the right time needed. Again, i think the Chicago crowd are going to be 100% behind Daniel Bryan in this match & so will i. Yep, i'm a Daniel Bryan mark. Yes Yes Yes.

In other news, probally no one will care about. May 12th ROH will be in Toronto Canada, headlined by Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen for the ROH world title. I think it's too early for Steen to win the belt yet. I honestly see him winning the championship at the Final Battle PPV of this year. I'll be rooting for Steen anyhow on IPPV, #KillsteenKill

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  1. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    don't watch roh, but great analysis on wwe anyway
  2. christianfan's Avatar
    I think steen will win world title at best in the world or at the iPPV in september, i dont know the name xD. Davey vs Steen in May should be a great match

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