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Keith Stone

TNA wrestlers that should go to WWE

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After watching the last two weeks of impact, I've decided that as long as Hogan/Bishoff are in power that impact will always be the Hulk Hogan show. There's too many damn good wrestlers on that roster that are being wasted and pretty much are misused or barely used at all for a small sum or chump change. By the end of these guy's careers, I'm afraid they'll end up broke or turn into just another dead wrestler that died way too young because of drug overdose. I've always rooted for guys to hit the big time. WWE just so happens to be the giant in the industry. The people who want them to stay in the status quo of where they are, don't realize that TNA is like the Arena Football league or AAA baseball, nobody would wish their favorite football/baseball players to stay in those places right? No they would let them strive to go to NFL or MLB. So I have a list of guys that despitely need to go WWE.

AJ Styles: He's a veteran wrestler now that Hogan and Flair still call a boy. He's pretty much been buried after the whole failed World Title reign and put into another heel group as a henchman. Since TNA's arrival to Spike Tv he's always been a henchman to a heel group. Christian Coalition, Angle Alliance,Immortal ,the Fortune crap, and now even worse he's a lackey in Eric Bishoff's Son's group. and after 7 years he's pretty much back to point A. He's stuck in limbo half the time barely gettin any show time while TNA wastes 30 minutes showing Flair pretending he's rich and Hogan making out with Dixie Carter. WWE easily needs some vets that have been around the block to compete with the inexperienced young talent and make the product better.I know he's a loyalist and all but loyality can only last for so long before you realize that you'll never be the man with Sting/Hogan around.

MCMG: this is easy. they need to go the WWE fast. TNA has nothing left for them and they've done all they could do in TNA. Chirs Sabin spent a whole year to recover from a injury and he probabilly gets paid less than a Mcdonald's cook. His injury could of been devestating and maybe it gave him a realization that his years are flashing before him and that this business leaves you behind in the dust. WWE could use a good tag team and it would freshen up the matches and roster a bit. They've had matches with Beer Money so don't say they can't compete with most of the WWE roster. they could be the face tag team air boom could never be.

Bobby Rhode: Now I know that he has an lucrative contract with TNA but his overall title reign feels like a audition for WWE to see that if Rhode can be a top heel and it's working. I won't be suprised if he jumped ship once his contract is done with. TNA still believes he's a rookie despite being a wrestler for a pretty damn while. He's got everything that WWE orginally saw when they were interested in signing him and Storm as Beer Money.

James Storm: He to me is the least likely to ever jump ship to WWE. he's like Tommy Dreamer to ECW. He'll be there til the end. But it's no denying that he would be an obvisious choice to fit the CM Punk/DBryan mold as a vet that can bring depth to the roster

Austin Aries: They need to get all the first generation ROH wrestlers and he's pretty much the best one wrestling wise. He maybe be smaller but he's got the it factor most in the business don't have and I think he could adapt to the wrestling WWE uses

Samoa Joe: With guys like Brodus Clay, A Train, Mark Henry, and Big Show. Why not Joe? He's faster than all of them. a better wrestler than all of them and can wrestle with anybody. He's been in limbo hell ever since he dropped the World title back in 2008 and everybody always says how he's pretty much tired of being on the Hulk Hogan Show

The TNA Knockout Roster (except for the ex wwe divas): I would definitely approve of this. these girls are the least paid employees of TNA. The WWE referees get paid more than Knockouts. There's several talented girls I would want WWE to get becuase simply the divas division is pretty much dead and the fans called the matches piss breaks. maybe with an actual match happening they would change their tone. My favortie is Madison Rayne but there's other I could name that could bring Legitamacy to women's wrestling in the WWE. I wouldn't get the ex wwe divas cuz it's time to get fresh new faces in the ring and having those other girls would only fill up the roster.

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Updated 04-11-2012 at 09:41 AM by Keith Stone

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    good write up but why would Bobby ROODE go to WWE and become a high mid carder at best when he is on the top of the TNA roster...
    but i agree with mcmg, might help rejuvenize the tag chamionship
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good list. However, I think the only two knockouts that would make fantastic Diva's are ODB and Sarita. The only add on that I would put to your list (although it is highly likely that he's never going to) is Sting.
  3. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    why would any of them go to WWE? so they can be screwed around like gail kim, chris harris, or monty brown? the only TNA wrestler that went to WWE that hasn't been completely buried is ron "the truth" killings.
    while i'm not necessarily thrilled with the Bischoff/Hogan team, i'm getting real tired of people complaining about TNA. Roode is doing an excellent job as the top heel, AJ Styles is doing a great job as an upper mid-carder/ main-eventer, Samoa Joe and Magnus are an excellent team, and I can't wait til they have a serious feud with the Motor City Machine Guns. Austin Aries would be a jobber in WWE, just look at how they treated Kid Kash (one of my favorite "cruiserweights" ever).
    i won't even get into the Knockouts, except to say that they would all be stuck in 30 second matches jobbing to Kelly Kelly....
  4. Fan4Now's Avatar
    Try to follow me. I agree, with all of your suggestions, of whio should go to WWE, but I disagree, with a few, you said, shouldn't go. A few former divas, (Mickie, Victoria, Katie Lea), all could & WOULD, do better, than all but 3, of WWE's whole diva roster. They wrestle better, & Mickie's good on the mic. No woman, since Trish or Lita, has ever gotten a bigger pop, than Mickie. I agree, they've been there, but just like, with the men, you've gotta have some vets, for the women too. Sure they've been around, a while, but some of the guys, you mentioned, were around longer, so if they can come in, why not a few old faces? I will NEVER understand why WWE fired Mickie. Not just bc I'm a huge fan, but she was their best, & since she left, the divas, have been shit. When she was there, toward the end, they became piss breaks, but it was the others, not her. But aside from that, I agree with everything else! Good job man!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I agree with nothingmusic42...why would any of them go to WWE? Being that he wants all of TNA's top guys going to WWE, I'm assuming the blogger is not a fan of TNA and is only pro-WWE? I find that ot be a shame.
  6. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    thank you DK. one of the things that bugs me about blogs on who should jump to WWE is that most of them ignore that the wrestlers are loyal to TNA because TNA gave them a chance when WWE wouldn't touch them. look up old matches on youtube; aj styles was jobbing to the hurricane (once again, WWE taking a good wrestler and sticking them in a crappy gimmick) and somoa joe was jobbing to esa rios.
    it was TNA that let guys like styles, joe, christopher daniels, bobby roode, james storm, etc go out, put on 20 minute matches, and blow the fans away with what they can do. after 10 years with the company, i don't see any of these wrestlers leaving to go to a company that will likely screw them over.
    and if you don't think WWE would screw them over, just ask daniel bryan how much he's enjoyed the last two Wrestlemanias...
  7. Keith Stone's Avatar
    I was a fan of TNA before the Hogan/Bishoff thing and now the show is more about them instead of the actual wrestlers. I wrote the blog because I thought it would be cool to see some different talent switch around like when WCW and ECW was still around. WWE took Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Big Show, and Rey Mysterio (a year after WCW closed) and turned them into the stars they deserved to be and Bishoff was too stupid to realize the potential of these guys and kinda left them in limbo. They're already talking about Bobby Rhode dropping the title to Bully Ray!!! it's ridiculous. And one more thing, TNA is also barely paying these guys honestly I wasn't joking about them being paid less than a cook thing seriously. ECW had loyal wrestlers but when the bills come in and you have families and you heard talks of management having trouble paying talent. It sounds like a sinking ship
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