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My critic review on the current TNA product

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I began watching TNA in 2004. After getting home from school, I changed the channels and saw wrestling. Wrestlers such as Konnan, R-Truth, and Road Dogg is what kept me hooked. Seeing Jarrett and other former wrestlers from the past that I never seen for a helluva long time. That along with the other young stars like AJ Styles, Daniels, Team Canada, and so on.

You look at past videos that TNA posts to pump us up for the Lockdown event that is this Sunday. How much the talent roster has changed and how much TNA has changed. Not for the better if you ask me. I loved TNA when Vince Russo was the head writer. Everyone hates on him, but when you look at TNA than to say that was great stuff. This seems mediocre to me than what I was used to seeing.

I don't want to see Garrett Bischoff/Gunner face time and time again. Nor do I want to hear Hogan/Bischoff on the mic. I don't want to hear Sting with his goofy red paint talking about a yellow brick road. I don't want to hear Anderson call himself a donkey more than 10x in a promo. Seeing all WWE guys like Anderson, Jeff Hardy, and so on take TNA guys spots.

TNA used to evolve yearly giving wrestlers their due. Creating talent I guess you could say or giving a different guy the belt which made me love TNA more. Not all the same guys in the same divisions. 2005 X-Division was great led by Joe, Daniels, and AJ. 2006 X-Division Petey Williams, Shark Boy, Elix Skipper, and Chris Sabin. 2007 Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Shelley, and so on. Mixing it up while giving guys their due. 2005 Christian, 2006 Sting, 2007 Kurt Angle, 2008 Joe, 2009 AJ Styles, and in 2010 Jeff Hardy?

It seemed as if TNA was transitioning top TNA guys like AJ, Joe, and so on to carry the company. Instead now, they take a backseat for Jeff Hardy, Kennedy, and so on. I like that Roode and Storm are getting their dues, but AJ and Joe at times are no where to be found on TNA shows. Joe was a jobber for TNA for the longest time til the tag team title picture needed some new faces and teams. Hogan/Bischoffs are stealing the spotlight away from guys who deserve it. TNA isn't even consistant anymore with their talent. RVD/Abyss were the main event talent during 2010 and now they arn't even on the show? Same thing goes for Anderson.

I want Hogan/Sting/Bischoff out of the spotlight and give it to guys like Joe, AJ, Roode, Storm, and so on to be stars. I don't give a crap about what they have to say anymore. I don't think as highly in Sting anymore as I did before he came to TNA. 2009 loss to AJ should have been his last year. Give the mics to the guys who are going to wrestle. Aries, AJ, Joe, Roode, and Storm. Hogan is a terrible GM. He shouldn't have been given the nod. He isn't good on the mic like Flair. Flair with his wooos would have been awesome. No one wants to boo Flair.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TwoTone's Avatar
    Agreed all around
  2. Mutsuu's Avatar
    I totally agree, there was a time when I watched TNA because it just outright had better wrestling than WWE. Bischoff and Hogan came in, and just flushed everything that made TNA great right down the crapper. I don't even watch it anymore. I can't. Without the 6 sided ring, and young talent being pushed, it seems more like watching Velocity or something now.
  3. VoiceOfTheSilentMajority's Avatar
    I agree totally, as do the vast majority of people who have watched the show for years I would say. Simply having the right guys in the right spots on the ladder would cover up lots of TNA's other shortcomings. Unfortunately its Angle, Hardy, Sting and Hogan that shift the most merchandise due to their storied history's outside of TNA and therefore they are the ones that get the most TV time.
  4. B-ri's Avatar
    100% agree! I live in the UK and they use to show TNA on a loop every weekday from 4-6 so I would watch from early 2007 through to 2010 and then over again getting a bit further each time and when you would compare even from 2009 with the Main Event Mafia & the TNA Frontline compared to mid 2010, in a year they managed to destroy that company.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Good blog. I agree with some points but I disagree with other points you made. You say that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are taking a backseat to Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson but all four guys are being booked in feuds out of the TNA World Title picture so I'm really not understanding that part. Also, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are to a point where they need to put over some TNA wrestlers to give them a rub. They don't need to be pushed because they already had their main event push.
  6. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    The whole show on Thursday was spent building up Storm vs Roode. AJ got a lot of time to put on an excellent match with none other than Storm. Aries and Bully Ray were given time to create the most compelling segment of the show, behind the AJ/ Storm match. Anderson gets slightly squashed in lieu of Roode vs Storm. Your logic really doesn't match up.

    Yes, Hogan/Bischoff are taking up much more time than they need, but to give them credit where it's due, this past show saw a LOT of focus on the foundational guys, comparatively.

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