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Richie Allen

Could Wrestlemania 29 be the best ever ?

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I know it's a year away, but watching last night's raw got me thinking. The way things are shaping up, it looks like a few 'attitude' wrestlers will return for 'one more match'. So without waffling on for much longer, here is how I think the WWE will set up WM 29.

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar [WWE CHAMPIONSHIP]
- I feel that this match could be one of the best ever. As I think The Rock was rusty against Cena, but another year will work wonders. Lesnar doesn't need to worry because he's the best wrestler/fighter/athlete in the business. Would be an incredible match with the right booking.

CM Punk vs Stone Cold
- With all the rumors floating around that this match is what WWE want. I can't see it not happening. I feel the whole Straight Edge vs Beer Lover angle could be insane. Both are good fighters, but I feel with Stone Cold's past injuries, it should be a No DQ or Street Fight match so there isn't as much pressure on the wrestling aspect.

Undertaker vs John Cena or Undertaker vs Mankind
- First of all, I don't think Taker will face Mankind, I just think it can't be ruled out, since this should be the last WM we The Undertaker take part in and Mankind was involved in Takers best match. Clearly it looks like Cena vs Taker, which would be a great match. The only worry I have is this : How can Cena convince fans he can beat The Undertaker when he lost to The Rock ? Also, another idea I had was this : Why don't the WWE make Takers last match a tag team or triple threat ? Wrestlers like Kane, Big Show, Jericho, Shaemus etc could be used. Another great idea, would be a HBK vs HHH vs Taker triple threat match.

Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan [World Heavyweight Title]
- I think Orton needs to be treated better than this year. He was just tossed into a match with Kane, but we all forget than Randy is a good wrestler, and with Jericho in the mix, it could be a great match, maybe throw in the Intercontinental Title in there.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger vs Zach Ryder vs The Miz [US Title]
- Could be an entertaining match. Not great, but interesting. There's been very few mid card matches that have worked well in recent years.

Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes [Intercontinental Title]
- I think this match has to happen sooner or later. Both have history, and I think they made a mess of the whole Legacy thing, so I feel these guys are due a match. They could maybe add in Goldust if they wanted to.

Batista vs Triple H or Kane
- There is a lot of talk going around about Batista returning. This match could be very interesting if it was booked well. I feel Triple H or Kane[only if he goes on a warpath destroying everything in his path] would be ideal.

This is my first post, so please go easy ;) Please leave your thoughts and tell me what you'd change. Thanks

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