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Yes Sir, We Promised You A Great Event

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'Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event'

Rumor: WWE Releasing The Bella Twins:I'm still not sure which one was the Divas champion.

They had a good run for what they bring to the table. Although they are very attractive (great stomachs and are shockingly beautiful in their modelling photos), their best feature, being twins got old a long time ago. The surprising thing for me is that the best work they have done has been recent. I enjoyed their campy antics as the arguing sisters representing Teams Teddy and Johnny.

If they are going there are probably a couple of Divas or Divas-in-training that need to step up their game and realize a door just opened for them that may shut very quickly if they can't capitalize on it.

Will Vince Make Yet Another Attempt At Sting?:While I don't think it will happen again, I do think the chances of him thinking about it more seriously increase this year and next. I think past Wrestlemania 30, it's over. Sting is already 53 years old and isn't the wrestler he once was. His character is still great, but his in-ring skills are shot. Some say Flair at 63 is still a better in-ring wrestler than Sting is now. Some have even gone as far as saying if Hogan was healthy, he'd be better to. Maybe this is from the lax schedule and Sting really doesn't have to workout as much as he used to or do the grueling schedule he would have had to do in WCW.

I read, in the book I mentioned, that Sting was giving some serious thought to jumping ship when WCW was killing WWF in the MNW. In his words, Sting was afraid if Bischoff wound up putting Vince out of business, Bischoff would have pulled the plug on WCW, leaving many out of a job. Bischoff's sole purpose for WCW at the time was not making his product better, but was to strictly put Vince and the WWF under.

The Most Stale Personality In WWE Today?:I guess you could say that Teddy Long is stale but I guess he can afford to be because there is very little for him to do except make the odd match. I actually want him to appear even less on my TV screen and maybe do away with this boring angle with Aksana. He isn't someone I notice and so he can be anyone or anything he wants to.

The person who appears a bit stale to me is The Miz. I maintain that Miz got his push in the first place as a result of pure dumb luck because there was pretty much no one ready to push at that point. That's not to say that he hasn't done some good work but the work done in recent times by the likes of Punk, Christian and Henry has been much better than Miz's work from 2009 to 2011 for which he was getting a lot of place. Once guys like Punk, Christian and even Rhodes hit their stride, The Miz got sidelined simply because these guys are more talented.

The Miz needs a change badly. He has two expressions at best, a mocking one and an angry one which makes him look more constipated than anything else. He is doing pretty much nothing in terms of feuds and his promos are boring the hell out of me because he has nothing to say. I get that WWE does not have much for him but still he should try to mix things up a bit. A face turn and a move to Smackdown would be highly recommended at this point.

How would I book a possible Austin/Punk feud?:CM Punk's self-righteous "I'm better than you because I'm straight-edge" gimmick has already been done,and IMO it's played out,and since Punk and Austin have on many occasions talked about how much they like each other's work and admire each other,it wouldn't make sense to go with an angle where they suddenly hate each other. Plus,for Austin to do what Jericho has already done would be repetitive. I wouldn't want Austin disrespecting Punk's beliefs because their feud won't be personal.

If I were to do it,I'd have a special Raw episode where Austin makes a return. Austin comes out near the end of the show and talks about how he misses the energy and the love he gets from the WWE fans. The fans obviously chant "ONE MORE MATCH! ONE MORE MATCH!" and Austin says that his neck's been feeling good for a while now and he thinks he really can do one more match. Then CM Punk's music hits. He comes out and they banter a little before Punk says "Let me get to the point. You're arguably the greatest superstar in WWE history,and I am the best wrestler in the world. How about we give the people what they want? Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania!"

Austin ponders for a bit,then says "If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania,gimme a HELL YEAH!" *crowd goes 'HELL YEAH!'* "OH HELL YEAH! Now,normally I'd hand you a beer so we can have a toast,but considering you're straight edge and all,I'll just shake your hand." The two of them shake hands,Punk leaves the ring and Austin throws back Steveweisers to end Raw. Then in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania,they air videos showing Austin training and getting back into fighting shape,talking about his neck,etc. Meanwhile Punk does his thing,winning matches,doing a couple of promos about how much he respects Austin,but he wants to prove that he is better than Austin in the ring and at WrestleMania,he will. They have a couple of face to face confrontations where they try to verbally one up each other. Punk will say something like "You can train all you want,but the fact is that you haven't been in the ring for so long,and I'm in the best shape of my life. Frankly,I'm afraid you're going to be out of your depth at WrestleMania." Then Austin looks pissed and tries to go for the Stunner but Punk catches his leg and kicks Austin in the head. "Too slow,old man."

On the go home show,Punk is in a match with someone and pulls off the win,but when he turns around,Austin is there and boom,Stunner on Punk. "Looks like the rattlesnake's got some life in him yet!" and that sets the stage for WrestleMania.

A Faction In 2012:I would have like to have seen the faction of John Lauranitis, David Otunga, Mark Henry, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio to have been given the green light to flourish and grow into something big time. I am pretty sure everyone has seen the A-Team parody video they did on them, and calling them the Ace-Team would have been fantastic. With Big Johnny being the GM on both shows it would give them access and purpose to be in both shows at any given time. You could have Henry going after Punk on RAW for the WWE title and ADR going after Sheamus on Smackdown. Have Otunga and Christian team up and go after the Tag Titles or they could go after the US or IC belts. I think this group had tons of potential and could have been awesome.

Vince just doesn't seem to care for factions or stables anymore so I doubt we see anything different with them this year unless something just occurs outta the blue that really catches on and Vince can't ignore the success of it.

WWE's Spring Cleaning:
Evan Bourne - Don't really want him to be fired, but he's got two Wellness Strikes. Also, Bourne had a really prominent spot on the card. Releasing Bourne alone might mean they don't have to fire that many others, much like Edge's forced retirement did last year. Also I think releasing Bourne might be better for wrestling as a whole. He already has a huge indy fanbase, made it to the WWE himself, and now with WWE star power, Matt Sydal (or maybe rename himself "Evan B. Sydal") can return to the indies as a hero, and boost the name value of any indy promotion he wants to work for.

Sin Cara - Injury prone, failed pet project. He's not a "terrible wrestler" but the fact that he doesn't speak English is a huge communication issue in the ring.

The Great Khali - He's a celebrity in India, but he's not very mobile in the ring.

Hornswoggle - I liked him when he was Finlay's sidekick and Finlay used him as a weapon. He's best served as a sidekick, not as a main attraction. Put him with a heel wrestler, and he can be a devilish imp that does anything to help his man win. Put him with a face and he can help get them over, like he did with Titus O'Neil. However, Hornswoggle should always be the sidekick, not the main attraction. If they can't learn how to use him, they should just let him go.

Thanks for reading!Please share your opinions!

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  1. BAhalliday's Avatar
    Hey man, not bad but austin would have to call out punk for not drinking beer. Punk thinks hes a better person than austin because he doesnt beat women and drink beer. ELEPHANT in the room you see.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    The Most Stale Personality In WWE Today-Cena by far.

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