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Who Was Better: Guerrero or Jericho?

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In my last blog the big debate was; who was better: Triple H or Edge? The people spoke and the outcome was…..

DRAW! Both ‘The Game’ and the ‘Rated R Superstar’ gained six votes, while three people couldn’t decide.

Thanks for all the comments, opinions and the votes. I’m trying to get as many people to vote as possible to make for a more interesting comparison.


This ‘Who Was Better’ compares two wrestlers with very similar routes to the WWE. Both crafted their trade travelling around the world on the independents, were members of the ECW roster in the mid-nineties, were underutilised in WCW and eventually wound up in the WWE.

But who was better: Eddie Guerrero from 2004 to 2005 or Chris Jericho from 2008 to 2009?

Eddie Guerrero

Following the Royal Rumble, Chris Benoit defected to Raw to challenge Triple H and the spot to decide who would contest Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship was filled by Eddie Guerrero.

He would win the belt in an emotional match at No Way Out and successfully retain it at WrestleMania 20 against the former Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle.

Guerrero eventually lost the belt to JBL and feuded with Angle before trying once more to regain the belt from Layfield at the end of the year.

The former champ spent most of 2005 teaming and then feuding with Rey Mysterio. In his last PPV, No Mercy, Guerrero failed to defeat Batista for the World Heavyweight Title.


Perhaps nobody in wrestling has had quite the relationship with the fans that Eddie did during this time. He wasn’t the most popular and he didn’t get the loudest cheers; but he was the most loved. Most main eventers will have a number of fans that despise them – the modern generation is a great example – but Eddie was so entertaining that he had very few.

He was also a wonderful talent in the ring. He had a brilliant mix of technical, acrobatic, submission and power moves in his array, which no other wrestler could boast. He was a great all-rounder and it’s very difficult to think of a department where he was lacking.

His feuds with Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio were two that really suited him as it allowed him to perform at his very best, knowing that he didn’t have to carry a more limited opponent to a good match. They were two of the best feuds of 2004 and 2005 because the fans felt an emotional attachment to him and the matches were so good.

His best matches during this period in my opinion were:

  1. Eddie Guerrero V Brock Lesnar – No Way Out 2004
  2. Eddie Guerrero V Kurt Angle – WrestleMania 20
  3. Eddie Guerrero V Rey Mysterio – Summerslam 2005
  4. Eddie Guerrero V Rey Mysterio – WrestleMania 21
  5. Eddie Guerrero V Kurt Angle – Summerslam 2004

Despite his best period being this time frame between his title win and his death – around 21 months – it’s very difficult to identify his very best matches; not because there weren’t any but because he was consistently brilliant. With the talent and natural ability that Eddie had you never felt like you were watching the same moveset twice and he was always exciting to watch, whether it was a big PPV or a weekly SmackDown.

On a personal note - I think that Eddie – along with the likes of Mysterio, Benoit, Angle and Jericho – was a member of a brilliant set of wrestlers who would often have the best match on the card. And if you were lucky enough to see two of them going one-on-one you immediately knew it would be a classic.

Chris Jericho

Following an injury during early 2008, Jericho entered into an intense feud with Shawn Michaels which lasted throughout the summer.

At Unforgiven Y2J won the World Heavyweight Championship, subsequently lost it to Batista at Cyber Sunday, regained it on the next SmackDown and then lost it to John Cena at Survivor Series.

He fought legends at WrestleMania 25 and battled the show-stealer Ricky Steamboat at Backlash. Jericho started to feud with Mysterio.

Along with Big Show he created Jeri-Show and they held the tag team titles for 140 days, until TLC, the last PPV of the year when they lost to DX


Jericho has to rank as one of the best all-rounders in wrestling. He has the ability in the ring, the natural charisma, the promo/mic skills and the talent to get the best out of everyone.

Few wrestlers have ever been as underrated as Chris Jericho. During this period there was no better performer than Y2J and it showed. While Michaels and Mysterio may be exceptional talents, Jericho constantly got the best out of Batista, John Cena and even Big Show as well, carrying them to performances well above expectations.

His best matches during this period in my opinion were:

  1. Chris Jericho V Shawn Michaels – No Mercy 2008
  2. Chris Jericho V Shawn Michaels – Unforgiven 2008
  3. Chris Jericho V Rey Mysterio – The Bash 2009
  4. Chris Jericho V Rey Mysterio – Extreme Rules 2009
  5. Chris Jericho V Ricky Steamboat – Backlash 2009

One of Jericho’s best qualities that make him stand out from the pack is his innovation. He is constantly creating and perfecting new moves that he will use for a few years before using something else. Constantly adapting his moveset is part of the reason he never looks recycled. For instance, the move he used to beat The Rock at No Mercy 2001, the ‘Breakdown’, is now known as ‘Skull Crushing Finale’.

He was also one of the most charismatic wrestlers of the last twenty years. Jericho was the only man who could verbally duel with The Rock back in his heyday and his experience allowed him to be one of the best promo men.

While his promo/mic work/ acting was brilliant and helped intensify his feuds (look at his work with Punk) it wouldn’t be much use if he couldn’t back up his words in the ring. Aside from being one of the most consistent performers, Y2J’s also used a mix of technical, submission and athletic moves to make him among the most entertaining modern wrestlers, which makes it no surprise he has always been compared with Shawn Michaels.

On a personal note – I’ve loved Jericho since he made his initial WWF debut (I didn’t watch much WCW) and he’s always stood out as a charismatic genius. He’s reinvented himself so many times to stay fresh and he’s taken breaks from wrestling to keep it fun. Always underrated, never replicated.


Please leave your comments, opinions and most importantly, your votes.
So who was better: ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero or ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho?

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  1. Seanb93's Avatar
    Jericho..Heel or Face he is a legit threat and gets huge heat/pop. I just dont think Eddie ever got enough heat as a heel to be considered a top guy. I like Eddie in the rin but on the mic he was very one dimensional.

    I take Jericho.
  2. Docdawolf's Avatar
    ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero

    He also had the greatest shirt wish I could get my hands on it with him as Scarface holding the belt. I always wanted that shirt damn

  3. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Jericho!He has amazing in-ring skills combined with brilliant mic work!HELL even his entrance i epic!
  4. Joonny's Avatar
    Jericho all the way!

    You should include some Wwe superstars vs Tna wrestlers!
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Chris Jericho.

    Eddie was fantastic and I loved him...but I always felt Jericho was even a little he belongs among the elite of the elite.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    Carreer wise, Jericho. But 2008-9 Jericho vs. Eddie? It has to go to Eddie

    I vote Eddie.
  7. SkilletBoi's Avatar
    Memorable moments...Eddie.
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