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Stone Cold Rock Bottom

"Down Under Wonder" Face it.......Heel's are just more fun.

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So the 2nd episode of RAW following Wrestlemania has me pondering why on earth anyone would want the role of a face in the current WWE climate. Let's take CM Punk for example. During his SES and New Nexus runs the majority of adult wrestling fans clung to this man as the greatest thing wrestling had seen in nearly a decade. They marveled over his technical prowess in the ring. They cheered his "in your face" Promo's. He was the chosen one. Less than 12 months later, following a successful face change and 2 championship runs it appears as though the same people that anointed him as the new wrestling poster boy are turning on him. Why?

Before we answer that lets look at the evolution of the most hated face of all time.........John Cena. Cena burst onto the scene a decade ago and has given the WWE some its most memorable moments and put a number of today's stars well and truly over. However Cena's Mr. Nice Guy/Superhero persona riles todays wrestling fans. He's been described as a phoney, boring and, most unfairly of all, untalented. Is he untalented? In my opinion certainly not. Is he a phoney? not sure. Maybe. It is possible that he is just a nice fella in real life. How fan's who have absolutley no idea what this guy is really like can call him that amazes me. Is he boring? hell yes. absolutely 100% boring. But why?

Because the WWE creative team has successfully managed to turn todays face brigade into a bunch of choir boys. Refer back to the attitude era. Stone Cold Steve Austin. As a face this man reeked more havoc on RAW than today's heels. If he didn't like someone's actions, he would come to the ring and deal with them. We had the famous Vince McMahon Beer Bath for example. It is no coincidence that this weeks RAW saw the biggest Heel in the business giving the biggest face a beer bath. essentially the WWE have created an environment at the moment where being a Heel is way more fun than being a face.

What made the attitude era great is that the heels were predominately the talkers and the face crew were the action me. Today however the crowd identifies more with the villains than they do with the good guys. When adults attend WWE events they are sick of being preached too. They want violence and consequences for the actions. If the WWE want to put their faces over its really quite simple. Next week on raw have Brock Lesner come to the ring and before he can say a word have Cena run out and smash him with a steel chair a dozen times. The kids would be shocked..............The true wrestling fan would be in rapture. Instead of CM Punk cutting a promo about how he beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania..........Have Punk beat the crap out of Fozzy.............Or smash up his expensive car up. Or ruin his stupid jacket. Anything interesting.

Face it guys...................Heel's have more fun....................and that's why we cheer for them. Yes. Yes. Yes!

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