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WrestleMania 27 Card and Predictions

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TV-14 (Something I will blog about later, which i feel very strongly needs to be brought back)

To start it off i would like to see
1) Kaval(IC champ) vs Daniel Bryan(US Champ)--To Unify the titles
Winner: Daniel Bryan

2)Money In the Bank(Traditional 6-Man)
--John Morrison, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston,Drew Mcyintre, Christian
Winner:John Morrison

3)Lucha Libre Style Match
Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
Winner:Rey Mysterio

4) Tag Titles Match
Miz and Alex Riley(Current Champs) vs The Hart Dynasty(Yes i do think they will be back together)
Winner:Miz and Riley

5)Undertaker vs Kane(Only the 3rd time..)(Undertaker coming back to elimate Kane in the Royal Rumble)

6)World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge(Current Champ) vs Jack Swagger(I know a little high in wrestlemania for him but he deserves a push)

7)Divas Title....who really cares but ill make this match anyway
6 Woman Battle Royal
Maryse(champ), melina, natalya, Michelle, Kelly, and Beth Phoenix

8)John Cena vs Wade Barrett--Hardcore Match(To show John Cena is still the Dr. Of Thugonomics)
Winner:John Cena

9)The Main Event
For the WWE Title
Triple H won the Royal Rumble just letting you know..

Randy Orton(champ) vs Triple H vs Sheamus
Winner:Triple H

i do like feedback, negative or positive, i can take it

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  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    Not a fan of Kane/Taker III
    Nor of having Miz demoted to the dead tag division
    Nor Randy Orton/Triple H XXVI (lol)
    I do DIG Swagger up that high in the card
    AND Morrison winning MITB.
    Mysterio/Del Rio HAS to be over by then I hope, would rather see how he fairs against somebody new
  2. RockBanditPhil's Avatar
    John Morrison HAS to win MITB. That absolutely has to happen.
  3. cubco's Avatar
    I like how you have booked it, I would do it a little bit differernt though:

    WWE Title Match: Sheamus (c) vs HHH
    HHH returns during the royal rumble match and eliminates Sheamus, but doesn't win the match. At Elimination Chamber, Sheamus becomes the new WWE Champion by lastly eliminating HHH.

    World Title Match: Edge (c) vs Christian
    Edge defeats Kane at TLC to become the new World Champion. Christian returns at the rumble and wins, then decides to face Edge at Mania.

    The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett - Nexus banned from ringside

    John Cena vs Randy Orton

    US Title Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs CM Punk - Submission Match
    Anaconda Vice vs Lebell Lock

    The Miz vs John Morrison

    Money in the bank ladder match

    Tag team title match: The Nexus (Slater and Gabriel) (c) vs The Hart Dynasty vs The Usos
    Yes, I do think that the Harts will be back together

    I dont know what else I would have, but Kane, Del Rio, Mysterio and Swagger will defo be on the card
  4. youngshaz's Avatar
    i love these match especially John Morrison winning the Money in the Bank
  5. Don Ricardo Corleone's Avatar
    I only like Morrison winning the MITB and Edge vs Swagger. I don't think that The Undertaker will be in good condition to wrestle at Wrestlemania. I wouldn't like to see The Undertaker in a 5 minute match just for he to keep is invincibility at Wrestlemania! I like the Edge vs Christian.

    My wrestlemania main events would be:

    Team McMahon (The Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena) vs NEXUS (Barret, Slatter and Gabriel). This match would be for the end of the Nexus. This way The Undertaker would have a match so he can keep is streack, and we don't fall a sleep because of is bad fisical condition.

    Divas Championship: Beth Phenix vs Natalya

    MITB: John Morrison wins.

    World Heavywieght Championship Edge vs Christian (winner of the Royal Rumble): Winner Edge

    WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs The Miz (champ): Winner Randy Orton
    So in my opinion would be Randy Orton vs The Miz vs Barret in TLC, winner Miz. Randy Orton vs The Miz on Royal Rumble ending in desqualification because of the interference of Barrett. Miz wins the Elimination Chamber, and Orton wins a Road to Wrestlemania Tournament.

    And the rest...

    I hope my english is not to bad. LOL
  6. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    unifying the I.C. & U.S. titles would KILL the mid-card devision. & Don Ricardo Corleone, You should Never put Cena in the same team/match/breath as the deadman, especially on the grandest stage of them all.
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 6maximum6carnage6
    unifying the I.C. & U.S. titles would KILL the mid-card devision. & Don Ricardo Corleone, You should Never put Cena in the same team/match/breath as the deadman, especially on the grandest stage of them all.
    Totally agreed. WWE can unify their major titles because there isn't really a need for 2, and it would be more prestigious. The 2 minor titles ARE needed to keep each brand unique and serve the huge midcard division.

    Cena vs Taker would be blasphemy! Only someone who can still entertain and whos a top star should be the one to fall to Taker's streak next year.

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